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School of Humanities & Social Sciences


The School of Humanities and Social Sciences plays a crucial role in providing students with an ambience that is helpful in developing an understanding of modern social issues through science, technology and management with an interdisciplinary in approach. SHSS has a unique and unique role of providing a creative educational programme that focuses on creating an overall understanding of complexities of life with an emphasis on Indian cultural values and ethics.

The academic programmes are specially designed in accordance with the reputed global universities. It combines the best practices of teaching and classroom learning and complements them with practical training and experiential learning. The school is equipped with modern facilities for the students and supported by a state-of-the-art central library having large collections of books, journals, audio-visual aids and other learning materials.


After completing this programme, graduates of the program are able to

  • Be familiar with the representation of literary and cultural texts within a significant number of historical, geographical, and cultural contexts.
  • To apply critical and theoretical approaches to the reading and analysis of literary and cultural texts.
  • To ethically gather, understand, evaluate and synthesise information from a variety of written and electronic sources.
  • To identify, analyse, interpret and describe the critical ideas, values, and themes that appear in literary and cultural texts and understand the way these ideas, values, and themes inform and impact culture and society.
  • To write analytically in a variety of formats, including essays, research papers, reflective writing, and critical reviews.
Key Highlights
  • SHSS adopts the interdisciplinary and integrative pedagogical approach to systematically impart training for diverse languages, literature, histories and cultures.
  • SHSS at Sharda University takes the global learning environment to a new level with cultural, creative and academic activities.
  • The school is equipped with a language lab with access to Pearson Global English Software; Wi-Fi enabled spacious classrooms with projectors and other audio-visual aids.
  • SHSS has emerged as the epicentre of cultural, creative and academic activity at Sharda University with students from all over the world creating a multi-cultural environment and a vibrant network of global students.
  • Focus on Nurturing the multilingual skills among the students with an exemplary range of language studies in English, French and German.
  • 74+

    Nationalities on campus

  • 216


  • 45000+

    Alumni Base

  • 1200+



Prof. P. K. Mitra

Dean’s Message

"I study literature because I believe there is power in stories. Literature is both intensely personal as well as a communal experience. I love examining how words, sentences, characters, plot-lines and tropes reveal who we are as humans. Humanity is a complicated thing, and requires an infinite amount of words to describe and analyze. That's the joy of studying literature; there is always a new reality to discover."

Mikaela Warner

When I reflect upon the above quote of Mikaela Warner, I realise the immense assimilatory power of literature which opens our eyes, broadens the horizon of the inner self inspiring us to accept without inhibitions and give without reservations. These capacities need not be inborn. They have to be cultivated which is the primary goal of the School of Languages and Culture. Here through our perseverance and tolerance, we prepare individuals well-versed in the art of humanity.

Involving our students in the four basic processes of reading, discussing, critical thinking, and writing, we stimulate the students creative energies and their potential to perform. Focussing on reading to improve vocabulary, verbal sensitivity and expression, we lead the students to think critically and discuss what has been read. Our teachers encourage an independent thinking. There is no compulsion to follow the teachers point of view. Such an environment that we provide not only sharpens thinking, but also facilitates oral expression skills of the students. When engaged regularly a student develops capabilities for better analysis of difficult texts, and simultaneously verbal skills are improved.

We are also proud to have trained more than 400 non-native speakers from Afghanistan, Nigeria, Vietnam, Bhutan, Congo, China, and Thailand in English Language. We have been able to send them back to their respective countries as proficient speakers of the language. This is the strength of our vision and the reason for which our students are better equipped to read, analyze and comprehend reports, briefs, articles, text, etc. These exercises on a larger level have also helped in increasing awareness of history, sociology, psychology, and many other aspects of human knowledge.

Literature then, in my view, helps in expanding our capacity to sympathize with other human beings by enhancing our ability to see and imagine human complexity. It broadens our intellectual horizons by enlarging our power to experience life vicariously. Literature creates potential to stimulate imagination and offers different perspectives. In this experience, there is a cultivation of deeper form of imagination and empathetic identification with other humans. Literature helps readers value different races, ethnic groups, and cultures thus building a holistic experience.

Besides, there are many professions which align with literature. Some areas which have traditionally attracted English Literature graduates include teaching, TV, Radio, Film, Drama & Music, advertising, marketing and PR work, journalism and other areas of the media, editing and publishing, travel & tourism, arts administration, knowledge and information management, and even in legal profession, some corporate are utilizing services of language graduates.

What’s Happening in School

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    28 Sep 2018

    Sharda University organised North-East Cultural Meet 2018

    Sharda University organized North-East Cultural Meet 2018 on September 28 at ...

Experience @ Sharda

  • image
    Divyanshu Sajwan

    School of Language and Culture is the most unique and creative school amongst the schools at the Sharda University. It has given me and my fellow classmates multiple opportunities, not only to showcase our critical and creative abilities in the field of literature but also in many other co-curricular fields such as art, singing, dancing, painting and many such others. Overall it has been a great experience to learn and grow under the guidance of the most experienced and eminent professors.

    B.A.(Hons.) English, 2015-16

    Placed In : NA

  • image
    Yashila Thakoor

    Being an international student my experience in School of Languages and Culture has been great till now. There has always been a wonderful bonding- be it with teachers or the fellow students. For me, we are like family. SOLC A place called HOME

    B.A.(Hons.) English, 2015-16

    Placed In : NA

  • image
    Kinga Zangmo Wangchuk

    School of Languages and Culture is committed to delivering a high-quality academic experience within a nurturing environment for students from diverse backgrounds. With a well-supported and well engaged environment, I have been able to achieve the best possible outcomes. Overall, I have had a pleasurable and interactive year with the amiable teachers and equally friendly students in Sharda University.

    B.A.(Hons.) English, 2015-16

    Placed In : NA

  • image
    Wesufa Loungchot

    SOLC provides the best base in individual development as well as grooming for becoming an asset to the society.
    It has been a year attending series of grooming session by our respective mentors, I find myself in a new light of knowledge and wisdom. Now, when I pause for a while at this moment and look back upon the very first day I stepped in this department as a larva, I find myself as a pupa. And two years from now, as I peep through the lens of knowledge and wisdom, I see myself as a colourful butterfly

    B.A.(Hons.) English, 2016-17

    Placed In : NA

  • image
    Viktorija Matjuka

    Studying at the Sharda University  brought an added value to my life. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people and learn about different cultures.  The course which I applied for was very interesting and the professors were qualified. Graduating from Sharda University gave me a many avenues to prosper

    B.A.(Hons.) English, 2013- 2014

    Placed In : NA

  • image
    Shikha Gaur

    Being a student of the School of Languages and Cultures, I got a chance to live a new way of life. This department gave me several opportunities to enhance my communication skills and to progress academically. Here I gained a lot of confidence, to which I was oblivious at the beginning. Extracurricular activities which are frequently organized tremendously raised my level of confidence. The faculty members are always supportive and encouraging and I am very grateful to them

    B.A.(Hons.) English, (2014-15)

    Placed In : NA