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A conference was organized on 23 November 2022 in collaboration with the Indian Industry Association, Sharda University, and the Ministry of Heavy Industry on "Automation - Tools for Improving Productivity, Quality and Resilience". The program was inaugurated by Professor Parma Nand, Dean Academics of Sharda University and Officer of the Indian Industry Association, Prof. Madhukar M Deshmukh, Director, Industries Integration & Knowledge Exchange Cell of Sharda University, Prof. Bheem Singh, Dean Research and Prof. Bhuvnesh Kumar. While Addressing, the President of the Indian Industry Association, Ashok Aggarwal said that both money and knowledge are important for automation and both these aspects are challenging for our country. Representatives of Ghaziabad, Sikandrabad, Bulandsheher, Noida, and Greater Noida participated in the program. On this occasion National President of Indian Industries Association Ashok Aggarwal, Senior Vice President Neeraj Singhal, Bir Bhati, Visharad Gautam, Chairman - Gem Committee, Z Rehman Chairman Technology, Rajeev Sood CIC Sarabjit Singh Secretary, Rakesh Bansal Treasurer, Amit Sharma, Pramod Gupta, Mukesh Aggarwal, Jami Ji, Shishupam Tyagi, Rakesh Kumar Jagdish Bhati, Pradeep Singhal Chairman Bulandsheher & many were present.

The Excellence in Globalization of Education Award has been given to Sharda University at the 8 th FICCI Higher Education Excellence Awards 2022 international education summit held in New Delhi on 17 November 2022. Sharda received this honor from Bhagwant Karad, Union Minister of State for Finance. Only Sharda University was chosen for this category and received the honor. The chancellor of Sharda University, PK Gupta, stated that Sharda is moving quickly in the areas of education, research, and innovation. The university is in charge of preparing the nation's future as well. The country's future lies with its young students. Being recognized with an award from the FICCI is something to be proud of. The award recognises universitys efforts to offer the programmes as per the changing needs of the global workforce. Sharda University takes pleasure in offering universal education alternatives to our foreign students by giving them a platform where knowledge meets success.

National academy of Medical Sciences recently awarded doctors of Sharda Hospital. The award was given to Dr. Devender Kumar Singh, Senior Pediatrician Dr. RK Thapar, Senior Gynecologist Dr. Ruchi Srivastava, Dr. Archana Mehta, and Dr. Samta Gupta of the Department of Palynology for several academic excellence and professional achievements. Dr. Manisha Jindal, dean of the Sharda School of Medical Science & Research, congratulated everyone on the occasion. Om Birla, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, presented this honor during a national gathering. Dr. Manisha Jindal, while congratulating the award recipients said, it was a source of tremendous pride for all of us and demonstrated our expertise. We feel incredibly privileged to have been given such a significant accolade. Senior presenter Dr. Ruchi Srivastava said it is wonderful to receive such significant acknowledgment for one's efforts.

Sharda University felicitated Dr. William Dar, former Minister of Agriculture, Philippines, and Ex-director, ICRISAT, on receiving the first MS Swaminathan Global Award for Sustainable Development. On the occasion, the former minister also participated in a seminar conducted at Sharda University on the topic of agriculture. Sharda University Chancellor P K Gupta and Vice-Chancellor Sibaram Khara were also present at the event. He participated in the event and delivered a special talk on Improving Science and Innovation to Feed the World. Dr. William said that 16.4% of India's total population lives in poverty. In addition, 828 million people worldwide are estimated to be afflicted by hunger. Production is being impacted by the rise in air and water pollution, but if we want to see significant changes in agriculture, digitization must be adopted, and people's technical skill levels must rise. P K Gupta, Chancellor, of Sharda University, said that the only industry mostly untouched by the pandemic was agriculture. Food works as a base for any country, it is the responsibility of all of us to pay special attention to it.

Renowned filmmaker Rohit Shetty and actor Sidharth Malhotra shot a few scenes for an upcoming web series “Indian Police Force” on the Sharda University campus recently. Film director, Rohit Shetty, also interacted with the students during the five-day shoot (31st October – 5th November) which helped our students learn a lot about film shooting. Due to Sharda University's world-class infrastructure & facilities and youthful student population, Bollywood is increasingly shooting movies here. Numerous well-known movies, including Atrangi Re, Mummy Nu Pasand, Yuva, Humchar, Google, Hero Motor Corp, Coca-Cola Ad, Engineering Girls web series, etc., were already filmed here before on the campus premises. Over 50 films have been shot on the campus thus far. The University serves as a helpful host during these shoots and sets an excellent example for the students of the Sharda School of Media, Films, and Entertainment. Apart from the fact that foreign students studying here is also a good factor, Sharda is a blend of modernism and traditional ideals that can provide rich experiences. The pro-chancellor of Sharda University, YK Gupta, gave director Rohit Shetty a souvenir and stated that Sharda intends to make its students the finest in all fields on a global scale.

Sharda University celebrated Iron Man Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel's birth anniversary in its campus. On the occassion, the university organized "Run for Unity". Around 800 students and faculty participated in it to spread the message of unity among the public. Every year, 31st of October is celebrated as National Unity Day. Along with students, the cadets of NCC's 31st battalion also participated in the Run for Unity. On the occasion, Sharda University Pro-Chancellor, congratulated students wished a better future for them. Addressing students and faculty members, he advised all to follow the path showed by Sardar Patel.

Malaria and dengue fever are on the rise in the city. The number of patients with symptoms similar to these diseases are rising on daily basis in the Hospital. In light of this, Sharda Hospital designated a special ward for the patients. Dr. A.K Gadpayle, the Sharda Hospital's Medical Superintendent, reported that dengue and malaria infections are currently on the rise among patients. The hospital has admitted more than 50 individuals with dengue symptoms, several of whom have decreased platelets. Numerous patients reports of dengue were confirmed as positive. The patients have been placed in a special ward with 240 beds that have been established recently for Dengue patients. Dr. Gadpayle claimed that dengue decreases the number of blood platelets which not only increases the risk of numerous blood-related illnesses but also makes internal blood flow more likely to result in blood clots. There is a specialized medical team of professionals for its treatment.

Sharda Hospital started its first Multi Drug Resistance Ward. Sharda Group's founder and chairman P K Gupta inaugurated the center. Patients will be allowed to register themselves under government's DOTS scheme to avail free treatment. On the occassion, P K Gupta said that the MDR ward has been started with the objective to provide treatment at subsidized rate to the patients. Dr. Vipin Tiwari of Sharda Hospital stated that this is the first of its kind ward in the greater Noida Hospital. Currently, the MDR ward has the facility of only four beds that later will extended up to 10 beds. The ward has a team of 2 professors, six senior doctors and six para-medical staff.

The 6th Convocation Ceremony was organized at Sharda University in which 3159 students of the batch of 2021-2022 were awarded degrees. The event was sparkling beautiful with a distinguished list of Guests of Honours, including Shri Brajesh Pathak (the Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh), Shri Yogendra Upadhyay (the Minister of Higher Education of Uttar Pradesh), Shri Kamlesh Neelkanth Vyas(Chairman- Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India), and Dr. Krishna M. Ella (Chairman & M.D. – Bharat Biotech International Ltd.).

Students of Sharda University organized Mata ki Chowki and Dandiya Night on October 3, 2022 for the faculty, staffs and students. The event was organised under the supervision of Cultural Society of Sharda University and the Department of Students welfare. For everyone, Mata ki chowki was quite joyful. Every student thoroughly appreciated the Dandiya Night that also served as a stress reliever. It gave everyone great joy to witness how well-coordinated and cooperative all of our students were in fostering a magnificently multicultural environment at Sharda University.

Sharda University organized inter college sports tournament recently. 15 teams competed in the inaugural squash match. Students from the Sharda School of Medical Sciences & Research and the Sharda School of Dental Sciences competed in the Semi-Finals of this event. Nitin, a Sharda School of Dental Sciences student, scored 11 points to win the match. Puneet Kumar, the Sharda University's sports officer, oversaw the game. A chess match was conducted between the Sharda School of Engineering & Technology and the Sharda School of Medical Sciences & Research. Himanshu, a Sharda School of Engineering & Technology student won the match.

The Sharda School of Business Studies along with the Moni Ami Foundation, and the Sharda University Yunus Social Business Center organized an exhibition to promote women craftsmen. 25 women artisans from the villages of Hoshiarpur, Prithla, and Harola took part in this exhibition. The artisans showed objects created from moonj grass, such as laundry bags, fruit baskets, handle baskets, pickup baskets, etc., in the exhibition as examples of their work. Dr. Jayanti Ranjan, Dean of the Sharda School of Business Studies, congratulated the program's organizers and stated that as part of the ongoing Memorandum of Understanding between Sharda and the Moni Aami Foundation, Sharda offers free skill development training to women in Noida and other parts of North India. More than 200 women received training in causal development via this programme, and they are informed about handicrafts as well as computers, the internet, and social media. Dr. Mridul Dharwal, the project's mentor, claimed that Sharda University consistently tries for women empowerment.

World Patient Safety Day was celebrated on the theme of Medication Safety at Sharda University. Inauguration of the function was done by Dr. Rimple Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, AIIms New Delhi, Dr. Kumkum Ghosh - College of Nursing, Faridabad Principal, Dr. Shobha Mukherjee, Associate Professor, Sharda University Pharmacology, School of Medical Science & Research, and Deepak Sethi, Associate Professor, Sharda School of Nursing Science. Dr. Rimple Sharma said that it is observed the wrong medication or medical negligence leads to different types of ailments. World Patient Day aims to raise public awareness of and encourage action on the harm brought on by inappropriate and hazardous medications worldwide. During the time of COVID, about 98000 people died as a result of wrong medication. The issues faced by firms across the globe regarding patients safety are also highlighted by the WHO. Pharmacology and patient safety were topics covered by Dr. Shobha Mukherjee. She asserted that the doctor's primary duty is to ensure the patients safety and that anytime a patient is given a prescription for medication, the appropriate medication must always be considered. Patient safety is also significantly influenced by nursing personnel.

Two Days “ICAAAIML-2022 International Conference on Advances and Applications of Artificial Intelligence& Machine Learning” on 16th – 17th September, 2022 started on 16 September 2022. Addressing the curtain raiser, General Chair and Dean of School of Engineering and Technology Dr. Parma Nand said that this is the third annual academic conference help the society to explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning could be effectively utilized in teaching, learning, educational administration, and various other fields of practical importance. Dr. Parma Nand also conveyed his thanks to the members of organizing committee – Dr. Ankur Choudhary, Dr. Arun Prakash Agrawal, Dr. Gaurav Raj and Mr. Abhishek Singh Verma.

For the new session students, Sharda University conducted an orientation programme for the students of the new academic session on September 13th.Around 10,000 candidates with their parents attended the orientation programme. In this session so far, around 4,000 students have enrolled in different programmes. The event got off to a good start with Dr. Sanjeev Varshney, Chairman of the International Cooperation Division of the Department of Science and Technology, CISF Senior Commando Hari Om Gandhi, Greater Noida, Chancellor Pak Gupta, Pro-Chancellor YK Gupta, and Vice Chancellor Sibaram Khara. In order to understand how knowledge may be applied in human society, Dr. Sanjeev Varshney stated that the primary goal of higher education is to develop knowledge. Bookish knowledge will always be available, but curiosity and past experiences in life teach a lot, thus every experience should be used as inspiration. An orientation programme is important for every student to attend, said P.K. Gupta, Chancellor, Sharda University.

On World Electric Vehicle Day, Sudhanshu Sharma, Pranjal Kumar, and Ashutosh Singh created an integrated BMS and Motor Controller module for electric vehicles with help of Dr. Parma Nand, the Dean of Sharda School of Engineering & Technology. By fusing the two systems, this invention does away with the requirement for separate BMS and motor controller models. Additionally, the students have been given an Internet of Things (IoT) interface, which will provide access to cloud services facilitating data transmission and communication between mobile and electric vehicles. The Techno Creators team from Sharda University, which includes students Saurabh Asthit, Ankit Sharma, Kevalya Vinod, Nikhil Raj, and Sujeev Gyavali, presented yet another remarkable invention that has addressed the issue of battery disposal for on-road electronic vehicles. Students strive to recycle between 50 and 60 percent of used battery cells. These salvaged batteries will be transformed into Smart Grid Inverters with an IoT interface.

On the auspicious occassion of Teacher's Day, Sharda University is organizing a 5-day programme. On September 5, the programme was inaugurated by Director of Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) Dr. S S Prasad Rao. On the first day, a seminar was organised that witnessed the participation of more than 200 students. They performed various activities such as dancing, singing, street play, etc. during the seminar. Speaking on the occassion Dr. Rao said that the first teacher of children is their mother but after that it is the responsibility of schools and colleges to inculcate good values in their students and help them proceed on a progressive path.

Sharda University's Centre of Excellence for Solar Cell & Renewable energy converted plastic waste into graphene from waste plastic and then further developed super capacitors and super cells. It is cheaper than the lithium ion battery. The council of Science and Technology, Uttar Pradesh, granted Rs 12 lakh for the research. Two international level research papers have been published in "Nature Scientific Report and Materials and Manufacturing". Researchers said that up to 35% Graphene can be extracted from plastic waste. Super cell, fuel cell and battery manufactured with this material are 10% cheaper than the Lithium Ion batteries.

Sharda University will provide scholarships of 11 crores to the students this year. This was announced on 1st September 2022, that is on Thursday by the Chancellor of Sharda University P K Gupta & Pro Chancellor Y K Gupta during a tribute meeting on the occasion of the third PuniaTithi of their mother Sharda Devi Ji. Hospitals Vice President Rishabh Gupta, Group CEO Prashant Gupta, University Vice Chancellor D.rSibaramKhara, RegistrarVivek Gupta, and others were present.

Plastic waste is becoming a big problem for the whole world. Every effort is being made to control it. Single plastic has also been banned, but a question remains how will the plastic waste be controlled so that it does not reach the environment and can also be used in other taxes. One such solution has been found by our Professor Pramod Kumar Singh and his team. The plastic waste has been converted into graphite by the team. Graphene is a nanostructure of carbon. It is one of the strongest elements. It is used in electronic equipment, motors, batteries, etc. Council of Science & Technology, Uttar Pradesh, Department of Science & Technology, Uttar Pradesh, has given Rs 12 lakh to the team to start the project. The Center of Excellence for Solar Cell & Renewable Energy has been established at Sharda University. It is operated by Professor Pramod Kumar Singh.

To foster academic collaboration, Queensland University and Sharda University, Greater Noida, signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Prof. Rongy Li, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Queensland; ThoaHarring, Manager, Strategy & Partnership; DhrubaJyotiMalkhand, Senior Country Adviser, University of Queensland, were present at Sharda University to sign the MoU. The MoU was signed for undergraduate business, economics, and commerce courses that will give Sharda University students the chance to travel to Queensland University. As part of this, both universities will exchange information via webinars, seminars, workshops, and other events that will be done online.

On the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, 31 babies were delivered in different hospitals of Greater Noida. Out of these deliveries, five are cesarean and the rest are normal. The Director of Sharda Hospital said that a total of five babies were delivered on Janmashtami of which two were cesarean. The date for cesarean delivery was decided as per the demands of the parents.

To encourage research, A H Siddique Centre for Advanced Research in Allied Mathematics & Physics has been Inaugurated in Sharda University by Chancellor P K Gupta and Vice Chancellor DrSibaramKhara. The objective of the centre to promote research in Allied Mathematics and also develop a strong foundation for innovation. On this achievement, Chancellor P K Gupta said that it is a proud moment for Sharda University. Research is useless if it is not helpful for the society, he added.

Students of Sharda University celebrated Rakshabandhan on Wednesday. Nations and international students participated on this occasion to know more about the Indian culture and exchanged gifts as well. Speaking on the occasion, chancellor P K Gupta said that the university imparts cultural knowledge along with higher education. Along with Indian festivals, Sharda University also organizes international ones that help students to know about the cultures across the globe.

Sharda University welcomed Sadhguru in June 2022 after he travelled over 30 thousand kilometers across the globe promoting “Save Soil” movement. Describing about the campaign, Sadhguru told the students, professors, and others that the objective of the campaign is to create awareness about the calamitous soil condition across the globe. District Magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar, Suhas LY also joined the event and said that soil is a boon for humans, animals, the environment, and this entire universe, we have to save it. More than 3 thousand students along with Sharda University Chancellor, Mr. PK Gupta, Vice-Chancellor Sibaram Khara, Registrar Vivek Gupta, and Professors were present at the event.

Sharda University's NCC girl cadets along with environment club took out a rally in nearby areas to make women aware about menstruation. Around 80 girl students participated in the rally and make women inform about the menstruation caused diseases through slogans and posters. Students also distributed 500 sanitary pads to women in nearby areas. Sharda University's NCC Supervisor Yashodhara Raj, Student Welfare Department Dean Dr Nirupama Gupta and other eminent dignitaries were present during the event.

Students of Sharda University's school of Dental Science organised walkathon and plantation drive on World No-Tobacco Day. More than 250 students participated in street shows and poster making competition to encourage people to quit Tobacco. The school also organised a free dental check-up camp on the occasion. Describing about the harmful effects of Tobacco, the dean of the school, M Siddhartha said, "Around 30% of our youth are consuming Tobacco and it is the major cause of growing cases of cancer."

Sharda University in associaltion with Greater Noida Press Club celebrated Hindi Journalism Day on May 30, 2022. The event witnessed the presence of eminent dignitaries including Network 18 group's Managing Editor Anand Narasimhan, Panchjanya Editor Hitesh Shankar, Sharda University Pro Chancellor Mr. Y K Gupta, Chancellor Mr. Sibaram Khara and President of Greater Noida Press Club Dhrmendra Chandel. Addressing the audience, Narsimhan said, “Hindi is one of the many identities of our country and we must be proud of it.” All the dignitaries celebrated the Hindi Journalism Day with students of Sharda University and tell them the importance of the language in our society.

Hon'ble MP Dr. Mahesh Sharma distributed tablets to 400 students at Sharda University under a scheme of the educational portal "Digi?????" The activity is supposed to realise the vision of UP's Honourable Chief Minister Mr. Yogi Adityanath. Speaking at the event, Dr. Sharma said that the smartphone and tablets will provide students free access to digital content. Sharda University Chancellor P K Gupta, Sharda School of Dental Science Dean Dr. M. Siddhartha, School of Medical Science Research Dean Manisha Jindal and Dr. A K Gadpayle were also present at the event.

Hypertension causes many health related problems such as heart diseases, stroke, thyroid, etc. It acts like a silent killer becomes fatal at older age. Hypertension may be risky for vital organs such as heart, Kidney and Brain if not diagnosed or treated timely. All these help suggestions were given by Dr. BhumeshTyagi, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicines, Sharda Hospital, on the occassion of World Hypertension Day. he also suggested that the blood pressure can be controlled by making slight changes in lifestyle and eating habits.

Sharda University's IshikaKarnani won 2 gold medals at Haryana's Open Shooting Championship. Organised at Aryan Gateway Shooting Range,Ishika bagged gold medal at 10-meter and 25-meter air pistol competition. She is the student of Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Sharda University. Ishika belongs to Ranchi and she complete her Class 12 from Dehradun. She also bagged silver medal in National Womens Shooting Championship organised at Dehradun in 2019. Other than that, she has also won several medal in national as well as international shooting competitions.

International Nurses Day was celebrated in Sharda University with “Invest in Nursing and Respect the Rights to Protect Global Health” as the theme. Around 300 nurses and nursing students participated in various programmes such as Rangoli making, Mehndi competition, Polymorph dress and Talent search etc. conducted on the occasion., Sharda Hospitals Medical Superintendent Dr. AK Gadpayle said that the role of nurses in the health sector is like a backbone. At the time of Corona, the nurses worked day and night to save the lives of the people, without caring about their lives, she added.

Sharda University conducted Mental Awareness Campaign from 9 to 15 May, 2022. The campaign was conducted by the Counselling Cell of the University. The campaign is meant to highlight the importance of sound mental health for a happy life. Chief psychological counsellor at the University, Dr. RuchiGautam said that nowadays, majority of youths are facing mental health problems. She also said that we must encourage them to discuss about any such problem.

There is an article published in Ujala Newspaper stating about the priceless advice & suggestions of Dr. A.K. Gadpayle related to the adverse effect of changing weather conditions on health. He was letting everybody know about the allergies, indigestion, or diarrhea happening due to contaminated water & food. As per Dr. Gadpayles statement, 200-300 patients are reporting the issue of allergens, upset stomach, and diarrhea in Sharda Hospitals OPD daily. To avoid these kinds of problems during the summer season, Dr. A.K. Gadpayle advised drinking plenty of water and having seasonal fruits, and vegetables. He also suggested havinga balanced diet andavoiding fried & junk food will be the perfect solution to avoid such problems in the summer season.

Roza- all day long fast is very important in Islam culture. People enjoy keeping it and then having “Iftiari” at night to open their all-day long fast with food. But, in some cases- keeping a whole day fast without eating & drinking even a drop of water leads to health deterioration. In the concern of this matter, the Medical Superintendent of our Sharda Hospital Dr. A.K. Gadpayle has a piece of advice! He stated that to maintain calories in the body, people should have carbohydrate-rich food in iftiaris. Bread, Potato &Rice are the best for this. Also, he said that it is imperative to include a high amount of protein in the diet at the time of opening the fast, as it will help you to keep your fast in the upcoming days without feeling hungry in between. He added, that to avoid dehydration, the fasting person should leave the house only when it is necessary.

Sharda School of law organized a Seminar on Gender Ratio Inequality in collaboration with National Commission for Women. The program was presided over by the chief guest, Professor Alka Chawla, Campus of Law, University of Delhi. On this occasion, she said that women are in no way less than men. Today, if we look at any field, women have proved their success everywhere. Eminent professors participated in the seminar organized in the AnandSwaroop Seminar Hall of Sharda University. On this occasion, Dean of Law School, Professor Pradeep Kulshrestha shared the views of Sharda Universitys Chancellor Mr. P K Gupta, in which he asked not to discriminate against women on campus and in private life. Dr. Navpreet Kaur, Ritbhara, etc. were also present in the program.

An honorable moment for the University as the School of Medical Sciences & Research started the 13th Batch of MBBS at the School of Medical Sciences & Research. On the occasion, the Director General of Medical Education Dr. N.C.Prajapati was the Chief Guest. He, while addressing the students said that every patient should be the same for you. Do not discriminate against any patient at any level. Dr. N.C. Prajapati shared the experience of the beginning of his career with the students. He said that the decisions that you take to become a doctor follow them you with loyalty throughout your life. If your behavior is right towards the patient, then you will never face any problems in your profession.

A special lecture on the production of packaged fodder was organized on 16th March 2022 at the School of Agricultural Sciences, Sharda University. The chief guest of the program was Ashok Wadhwan, Founder and CEO,Win-Win Solutions Gurgaon. Dean of the School of Agricultural Sciences, Professor H.S. Gaur welcomed the chief guest. Mr. Wadhwan highlighted the importance of connecting cooperatives and machine manufacturers in the food supply chain. He underlined the possibilities of using crop residues in the preparation of mixed rations and also emphasized on the coordination and employment generation among various stakeholders to establish a chain of production and distribution of fodder and fodder products in the country and abroad. Almost 150 students and 15 faculty members participated in the event.

On the auspicious occasion of International Womens Day, Sharda Hospital organized Free Checkups for women. In this Checkup drive, more than 700 women participated. During the checkup, general medicine, eye, gynecology, and dental diseases were examined. As the results of this Checkup drive, it was found that 30% of women have anemia. Along with this, CBC, chest X-ray, ECG, blood sugar, etc. were performed for more than 500 women for free. It was all organized with the motive to make women aware of their health conditions & to make them comfortable to come forward & care for their health.

One of our renowned dermatologists, Dr. KshitijGoyalexplained why young people have grey hair problems so early. He said it is a general concern among new-age fellows these days. He stated that greying of hair is common nowadays. Poor lifestyle, lack of nutrients, and stress can lead to graying of hair. He added, it is also due to excessive alcohol, smoking, and consumption of junk food. Further, he mentioned that hair greying can be cured with home remedies, but sometimes it is advisable to check with the doctor given the internal shortcomings.

Sharda Hospital made women aware about Cervical Cancer. Cancer specialists said that women of 25 years or older must have regular screening of the diseases. More than 200 women participated in the programme. Sharda Hospital's medical superintendent said that a team has been constituted to make people aware about the Cervical Cancer in schools, colleges and other organisations. Sharda University also supposed to organize awareness campaign every month from next week onwards.

The government hasreserved 1960 beds in the 9 hospitals of Greater Noida for COVID-19 patients. These include L-3, L-2 category hospitals and medical colleges. The maximum number of beds have been reserved in Sharda Hospital and Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS). Due to the increasing cases of corona, precautionary steps were taken by the government. According to the government list, 800 beds in Sharda Hospital, 450 in GIMS, 240 in Noida COVID Hospital, 150 in Child PGI, 200 in ESIC Hospital, 30 in Community Center Bhangel, 30 in Bisrakh Community Center, 30 in Dadri Community Center and 30 beds in Jewarhave been reserved for patients in the community centre. Sharda Hospital has L-3 category facility. Along with Covid, patients suffering from other serious diseases are also treated here.

World Hindi Day was celebrated on January 10 at Sharda University to mark the anniversary of the first World Hindi Conference held at Nagpur, Maharashtra, in 1975. On the occassion, various events were held at Sharda University by reading out popular songs, poems and introducing new Hindi words to the audience.Sharda University pro-chancellor Mr. Y K Gupta was the chief guest of the programme. Along with him Vice Chancellor DrSibraramKhara and Sharda School of Business Studies Dean DrJayantiRanjanalso graced the event with their presence. The Motive behind this day is to promote Hindi language on a large scale and promote it in different parts of the world and familiar people too in science and technology area.

Sharda University established Sharda University Yunus Social Business Centre as Centre of Excellence to promote the concept of social Business. The centre will offer various academic programmesin the field of social business, organise local/global social business design labs, seminars, workshops, and competitions for students, business communities, policy makers, NGO and philanthropic organizations. Sharda University Yunus Social Business Centre will also conduct professional conferences, exchange visits and tour of social business. Along with Md. Yunus, Sharda University Vice Chancellor SibaramKhara, Prof. Aarti Sharma and Dr. JunaidAalam were also present at the inauguration ceremony.

"In the times of e-commerce and online shopping, consumers must be aware about their rights," said Supreme Court's retired judge and president of National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission R K Agarwal. He was addressing an online webinar conducted by the Sharda University on the Occassion of National Consumer Day. He also said that nowadays, consumer is the king and brings business to these. It is why they must be respected. Dean of Sharda School of Law also told to attendees that how the Consumer Act 2019 empowered the consumers.

Sharda University signed an MoU with Microsoft to skill its students in Cyber Security. This is for the first time; Microsoft has signed a contract with an Indian University to establish its Centre of Excellence. Microsoft signed the MoU based on the infrastructural excellence and capabilities of students of the University. Executive Director of Microsoft India Navtez Bal, Sharda University Chancellor P K Gupta, Sharda University Vice Chancellor Dr. SibaramKhara and School of Engineering & Technology Dean Parmanand signed the MoU. Mr. Gupta said that the Centre of Excellence will play an important role in the field of Cyber Security.

Sharda university organised 5-day online workshop with focus on New Education Policy. Many renowned universities from India as well as faculty and scholars from Nigerian and Srilankan universities also participated in the workshop. Sharda School of Education Dean AartiKaulKachroo said that the university is emphasizing more on employment oriented subjects. The University is also focussing on research work as per the guidelines in the New Education Policy.

Sharda University's student welfare department organised an online event on the occasion of Armed Forces Flag Day. Major General Sanjay Soi (Retd.) was the guest of honour at the event. The programme was inaugurated by Sharda University's Vice Chancellor Dr SibaramKhara. He said that the people interested in helping the soldiers can visit the official website of "KendriyaSainik Board". The programme witnessed the participation of more than 200 students and university staff.

District administration officials said that the INOX plant in Greater Noida, which provides oxygen to hospitals, assured that Sharda Hospital had a tank of 13,000 KL. Sharda Hospital requested the district administration for an additional oxygen tank of 14,000 KL. Out of all the COVID patients in the hospital, 60 % are on Oxygen support. The hospital currently has a 3,000 KL tank and is filled twice a day because the daily need of the facility is 6,000 KL. The hospital currently has 132 COVID patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have brought many fluctuations to how you live your life, and with it, at times, uncertainty, reformed daily routines, financial pressures, and social remoteness. Dr.Kunal Kumar, Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Sharda Hospital, said that covid is having a bad effect on mental health. People who have recovered from covid are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, stress, anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He told that 10 to 15 such patients are coming for treatment in a week. Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include the inability to concentrate, nightmares, irritability, and agitation.