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Sharda University Analytical Center

Sharda University at its Greater Noida Campus is managing the Analytical Center and the Instrumentation teaching labs. In this advanced facility, the center supports the measurement needs of researchers, working with the university and pursuing multidisciplinary research and the most effective way of teaching analytical techniques to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Analytical Center: Operation

The SUAC provides a unique and rewarding opportunity for both the students and the faculty that “transforms” scientific knowledge into practice while rendering analytical services to the industry through technical consultancy and third-party certification of materials.

The state-of-the-art facilities available with the Analytical Center are offered for research & testing services to the industry.

In line with the analytical strength and capability, the Materials Testing is provided in the fields of Food & Construction Materials for:

  • Food Adulterant Testing: This includes testing for all sorts of adulterants, including artificial colouring agents, bulk-forming agents, texture-altering agents, additives, preservatives etc.
  • Chemical Contaminant Testing: These include a variety of substances, including organic contaminants like fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and animal tissues; and inorganic contaminants like antimony, arsenic, asbestos, barium, and cadmium.
  • Microbial Testing: Foodborne illnesses are caused by pathogens, which include naturally occurring bacteria, viruses, parasites, and toxins (mycotoxins and seafood toxins). For bacteria, which are the only pathogens routinely tested for in food samples, the testing is done for specific types of bacteria, using a variety of methods, including bacterial culture, gene probes, manual assays, as well as automated assays.
  • Drug Residue Testing: Drugs, especially antibiotics are given to poultry and other animals for disease prevention and production of better-quality meat. The residues of these drugs can still remain in the meat and enter the human food chain. Therefore, there is a need to test the levels of these drug residues to check whether the levels are within the safe recommended levels.
  • Construction Material Testing:
    • Soil Testing
    • Cement & Concrete Testing
    • Compressive Strength Testing
    • Aggregate Testing
    • Bitumen Testing
    • General Laboratory Testing
Material Research Center: Operation

The consultancy services are provided at the center for technical assistance to industry in designing collaborative R&D plans of their immediate interest.

Contact Details

Name: Prof.(Dr.) Ajay Kumar Tyagi(Head CIF)
Email: ajay.kumar9@sharda.ac.in
Phone No.: 9891955044

Facilities  Requisition Form   Circular CIF Charges
S. No. Insturment/Equipment Make/Model
1. Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) Agilent, 240FS AA Spectrometer, VGA-77, a continuous flow vapor generation system, GTA 120 features
2. FTIR Spectrometer Agilent, Cary 630 FTIR-ATR including choice of KBr or ZnSe engine
3. UV spectrophotometer Shimadzu, UV 1800
4. Gamma-ray Spectrometer BARC, pla GRS201
5. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Waters Breeze QS Systems with Photodiode Array Detector
6. Simulation Work Station HP Z8
7. LCR Meter Benchtop, HIOKI 3532-50 LCR HiTester
8. Gas Chromatography NuChrome Series 6800
9. Spectrophotometer MICROSIL
10. Fermenter BIO-AGE
11. Universal testing machine, capacity: 40 tone AMT-10
12. Universal testing machine, capacity: 100 tone FIE/UTE 100
13. Compression digital testing machine Accro-tech/AT-118-6, model-0967
14. Vicker/brinell hardness testing machine Engineering Models & Equipmet/model-BV-50
15. Rockwell hardness test machine RHT-01
16. Torsion testing machine Accro-tech/AT-250
17. Aggregate impact test machine Accro-tech/AT-199
18. Impact testing machine (charpy test) Accro-tech/AT-249
19. Impact testing machine (izod test) Accro-tech/AT-249
20. Fatigue testing machine Engineering Models & Equipmet
21. AT-168 Soundness Testing Apparatus Indigenous
22. Electrical Microscope CH-20i Indigenous
23. >LCD Digital Rotary Evaporator Indigenous
24. Bomb Calorimeter Beekma LT-10
25. Flash Point Pensky
26. pH Meter Labtronics
27. Melting Point Ri
28. Turbidity Meter NTU
29. Digital Conductometer Ri-215-R
30. Digital Potentiometer Ri
31. Cloud & Pour Point P saw India
32. Polorimeter Par Life Science
33. Digital Conductivity Meter Labtronics LT-16
34. Digital Colorimeter SI
35. Water Distillation Plant Steel
36. Ultra Freezer -80 Degree Indigenous
37. Milling Machine Indigenous
38. CO2 Incubator Chamber Indigenous
39. Shaking Incubator Inside SSl Shaking Tray - Nsw-159 Indigenous
40. Hot Air Oven (Sterilization) Indigenous
41. RO-DI System-20ltr PH Indigenous
42. Autoclave Machine Indigenous
43. Laminar Flow Horizontal Indigenous
44. Laminar air flow Vertical TNCO
45. Accelerated Curing Tank BS 1881-111 Indigenous
46. Microprocessor Micro Centrifuge Max speed : 16000 RPM Max RCF : 16600 'G' Indigenous
47. Trinocular Microscope with Camera & Immunoflorescence, Phase Indigenous
48. Refractometer Indigenous
49. Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder/Liquid Indigenous
50. Standard Sieves with Shaker 10 Seives Indigenous Indigenous
51. Dissolution Rate Test Equipment Indigenous
52. Colony Cell Counter Indigenous
53. Pfizer Type Hardness Tester Indigenous
54. Digital Soil Moisture Meter Indigenous
55. Monsantos Hardness Tester Indigenous
56. Elisa plate reader NSW
57. Agarose gel Electrophoresis Unit with PowerPack Orange
58. Bio-safety Cabinet Lab Star
59. Deep Refrigerator(-20°C) Celfrost
60. BOD Incubator Lab star
61. Digital TDS meter Indigenous
62. Digital DO meter Indigenous
63. T -100 PCR Bio rad
64. Surface roughness Tester Indigenous