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Overview DSW  Download Annual Report of DSW 2018-19

In between intensive hustle for completing back logged assignments and preparing for topping the examinations. A student often forgets the basic understanding of life, being a balance between academics and co-curricular activities. Unknowing that they should go hand in hand.

The diverse and multicultural environment of Sharda University not just focusses on giving the best education and educational platforms for a student’s academic excellence but also gives space for one’s paracmes to be their reality.

With our vivid sports and cultural clubs. We try to give a student it’s stage to excel.

With proper trials and procedures and interviews which any student can apply for, student’s talent is identified and welcomed to get brushed up, with both arms open

The Dean- Student welfare is the umbrella department that takes care of all be it sports, culture NCC or nss in all aspects all every level from university to national level

Dean student welfare organises two national level fests to promote culture and sports with their mega celebration of CHORUS AND OJASVAT respectively

Dean student’s welfare is currently headed by Dr. Nirupma Gupta and it functions in each and every school of the university very smoothly and effectively by the help of efficient and encouraging teachers. / Professors and student Spock which are brilliantly connected with DSW

We not just take care but organise celebration of various days. Like republic day, Independence Day.

We encourage maximum participation, be it in sports clubs like cricket, football table tennis etc or exciting cultural clubs like literary, music dance and many more.


Dr.Nirupma Gupta

Dean, Students Welfare

Dr. Mohit Sahni

Associate Dean, Students Welfare