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Jain Study Center

Jain Study Center at Sharda University

On April 14, 2023, Sharda University inaugurated the first Jain Study Center in the Delhi NCR region. The event also marked the opening of the Sharda Health City Superspeciality Hospital. The inauguration was led by the revered Jain spiritual leader, Punjab Kesari Acharya Shrimad Vijay Nityanand Surishwarji Maharaj, who delivered spiritual discourses and motivated the Sharda University community, including staff, faculty, and students. The event saw the participation of over 1500 individuals from across India.

Significance of the Jain Study Center

The Jain Study Center aims to educate students about Jainism, promoting understanding of its principles and culture. This initiative aligns with Sharda University's historic association with Jain values and ethics.

The center is expected to foster an idealistic and ethical mindset among students. Additionally, the center will offer a supplementary course in Jain studies, which can benefit students academically and personally.

Inauguration Highlights

Spiritual Guidance: Acharya Shrimad Vijay Nityanand Surishwarji Maharaj's presence and discourses provided spiritual upliftment and inspiration to the attendees

Community Engagement: The event strengthened community ties and showcased Sharda University's commitment to holistic education that includes spiritual and ethical dimensions

Educational Opportunities: The center will offer courses on Jainism, providing students with opportunities to learn and engage with Jain philosophy and practices.

Benefits to the Community

Healthcare Services: The newly inaugurated Sharda Health City Superspeciality Hospital will offer a range of free services to the local community, enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality.

Future Expansion: Plans were announced to expand Sharda Medical College by adding 1200 beds, further increasing the capacity to serve the community.


During the event, Sharda University announced a 25% scholarship for meritorious Jain students, encouraging academic excellence within the Jain community.

Media Coverage

The event received extensive media coverage, highlighting the significance of the Jain Study Center and the new hospital facilities. Notable coverage includes:

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The inauguration of the Jain Study Center at Sharda University marks a significant milestone in promoting Jain education and healthcare services in the region. With spiritual guidance, educational opportunities, and healthcare expansion, Sharda University continues to uphold its commitment to holistic development and community service.