UG, PG Medical & Dental | 2022
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Sr No. Program Name Program Code Feedback Analysis Feedback ATR
1 Master of Science (Clinical Research) SAH0101
2 Bachelor of Physiotherapy SAH0103
3 Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) SAH0104
4 Bachelor of Science (Nutrition & Dietetics) SAH0105
5 Bachelor of Science in Radiological Imaging Techniques SAH0107
6 Bachelor of Science (Cardio Vascular Technology) SAH0108
7 Master of Physiotherapy SAH0112
8 Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science) SAH0120
9 Bachelor of Optometry SAH0121
10 BSc Pharmaceutical Science SAH0127
11 Bachelor of Science (Dialysis Technology) SAH0130
12 Master of Science ( Pharmaceutical Science- Pharmacology / Pharmacovigilance & Pharmacoepidemiology / Drug Design & Development) SAH0116
13 MSc (Nutrition & Dietetics) (Clinical Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition, Food Science & Nutrition) SAH0129
14 Master of Architecture SAP0101
15 Bachelor of Architecture SAP0102
16 Bachelor of Design SDM0201
17 Bachelor of Visual Arts SDM0203
18 Master of Design SDM0214
19 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Agriculture SBR0501
20 MBA (Integrated) SBS0102
21 B.A. (Hons.) Applied Economics SBS0104
22 B.Com (Hons.) SBS0112
23 Bachelor of Business Administration SBS0134
24 MBA SBS0135
25 M.Com SBS0140
26 M.A. Applied Economics SBS0141
27 Master of Science (Chemistry) SBR0101
28 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Chemistry SBR0102
29 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Bio Chemistry SBR0103
30 Master of Science (Water Resources and Environmental Management / Environmental Science) SBR0701
31 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biotechnology SBR0404
32 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Food Science & Technology SBR0411
33 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Microbiology SBR0412
34 Master of Science (Biotechnology, Microbiology, Food Science & Technology) SBR0413
35 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Life Sciences SBR0415
36 Master of Science (Mathematics) SBR0301
37 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Mathematics SBR0302
38 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Data Science & Analytics SBR0308
39 Master of Science (Physics) SBR0201
40 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Physics SBR0203
41 Bachelor of Dental Surgery SDS0101
42 Master of Dental Surgery (Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge) SDS0102
43 Master of Dental Surgery (Conservative Dentistry & Endodontic) SDS0103
44 Master of Dental Surgery (Oral Pathology & Microbiology) SDS0104
45 Master of Dental Surgery (Periodontology) SDS0105
46 Master of Dental Surgery (Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics) SDS0106
47 Master of Dental Surgery (Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry) SDS0107
48 Master of Dental Surgery (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) SDS0108
49 Bachelor of Technology (Biotechnology) SET0201
50 Master of Technology (Biotechnology) SET0203
51 Master of Science (Genetic Engineering) SET0206
52 Bachelor of Technology Civil Engineering SET0301
53 Master of Technology Civil Engineering SET0310
54 Bachelor of Technology Computer Science & Engineering SET0101
55 Bachelor of Technology Information Technology SET0102
56 Bachelor of Computer Application SET0103
57 Master of Computer Application SET0105
58 Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Computer Science) SET0125
59 Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Information Technology) SET0126
60 Master of Science (Computer Science) SET0127
61 Master of Science (Information Technology) SET0128
62 Master of Technology Computer Science & Engineering SET0130
63 Bachelor of Technology Electrical and Electronics Engineering SET0404
64 Master of Technology Electrical & Electronics Engineering SET0407
65 Bachelor of Technology Electronics & Communication Engineering SET0501
66 Master of Technology Electronics & Communication Engineering SET0502
67 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Electronics with Specialization in Robotics and Application SET0509
68 Bachelor of Technology Mechanical Engineering SET0601
69 Master of Technology Mechanical Engineering SET0616
70 BA (Hons) Geography SHS0115
71 M.A Modern History SHS0116
72 MA Sociology SHS0117
73 MA Political Science SHS0118
74 MA Applied Psychology SHS0119
75 MA English SLC0102
76 BA (Hons) - History SLC0104
77 BA (Hons) - Political Science SLC0106
78 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English SLC0112
79 B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) SDM0101
80 M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) SDM0105
81 M.A. (Advertising, Public Relations and Corporate Communication) SDM0110
82 B.A. – Film & Television Production SDM0113
83 B.Sc.( Animation and VFX) SDM0202
84 Bachelor of Science (Gaming) SDM0210
85 Integrated BA-MA (Journalism & Mass Communication) SMF0112
86 Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) SMS0101
87 MD-Physiology SMS0201
88 Master of Science (Medical Physiology) SMS0202
89 MS-Anatomy SMS0301
90 Master of Science (Medical Anatomy) SMS0302
91 MD-Bio Chemistry SMS0401
92 Master of Science (Medical Bio Chemistry) SMS0402
93 MD-Microbiology SMS0501
94 Master of Science (Medical Microbiology) SMS0502
95 MD-Pathology SMS0601
96 MD-Pharmacology SMS0701
97 Master of Science (Medical Pharmacology) SMS0702
98 MD-Community Medicine SMS0801
99 MD-Anaesthesia SMS0901
100 MS-ENT SMS1001
101 MD-TB & Chest SMS1101
102 MD-Psychiatry SMS1201
103 MD-Dermatology SMS1301
104 MD-Radiodiagnosis SMS1401
105 MD-Paediatrics SMS1501
106 MD-General Medicine SMS1601
107 MS-Ophthalmology SMS1701
108 MS-Orthopedic SMS1801
109 MS-General Surgery SMS1901
110 MS Obstetrics and Gynaecology SMS2102
111 Bachelor of Science Nursing SNS0101
112 Bachelor of Science (Post Basic Nursing) SNS0102
113 M.Sc. Nursing (Community Health Nursing / Obstretrics & Gynaecology / Child Health Pediatrics / Medical Surgical Nursing) SNS0105
114 Bachelor of Education SOE0101
115 Integrated Bachelor of Science – Bachelor of Education SOE0102
116 Integrated Bachelor Arts - Bachelor of Education SOE0103
117 Master of Arts (Education) SOE0104
118 Integrated Bachelor of Business Administration – Bachelor of Law (Hons.) SOL0101
119 Integrated Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Law B.A. LLB (Hons.) SOL0102
120 LLM SOL0112
121 (Bachelor of Pharmacy) SOP0101
122 Ph.D (Docorate of Philosophy PHD0101 NA NA
123 BA (Hons) - Sociology SLC0107
124 BA (Hons) - Psychology SLC0108
125 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Medical Laboratory Technology (Techniques) SAH0107H
126 Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) SAH0104H