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About Department

The Department of General Management at Sharda University is aimed to develop students' strategic vision and update their knowledge about the latest trends in business management. The programmes offered under general management maximize students' leadership skills which help them in successfully dealing with their professional challenges.

SBS's Department of General Management houses a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced faculty who are widely recognized as educators and groundbreaking researchers. Through their memberships, consulting, and field-based research, they address students' every concern and encourage them to achieve success.

The Department's vision is to be an effective resource for students aspiring to build successful careers in general management and to stay abreast of future opportunities.


  • To be centre of excellence of global repute in business education to foster, learning attitude, professional prudence, creativity, entrepreneurship, and leadership accountable to the society.


  • M1: Creating a stimulating learning environment
  • M2: Consolidating professional skills and attitude
  • M3: Growing our research acumen, teaching, and industry linkages
  • M4: Delivering leading-edge knowledge in management, business development, leadership and global economy for society.


Awards & Achievements

  • The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) has awarded 7th IETE-BV Baliga Memorial Award for distinguished contribution in the field of electronics and telecommunications with an emphasis on R&D and industrial development during the past ten years.  The award carried a Gold Medal, Citation and Cash Prize.
  • Research award from UKIERI on Management Education 

Seminars & Workshops

  • Seminar on Future of Marketing - Social Media: A Virtual storm brewing On August 23rd2013  by Prof. Luiz Moutinho (Guest of Honour), Cardiff Business School, University of Wales College of Cardiff, Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA and Founding Editor of the Journal of Modeling in Management (JM2)
  • Seminar on Enterenpernship Development & Power of Ideas on October 9th, 2015, Sharda University
  • International Conference on “Maximum Governance with Minimum Government for Economic Rejuvenation". August 22, 2014
  • Seminar for management students for Entrepreneurship by Dr. Marko Saravanja, South Africa 


  • Business Model Tools: Students will learn to look at a business and come up with the elements of the business model and develop insight into the process of value creation and delivery
  • Build your Business Simulation: Students of Build Your Business (BYB) experience the thrill of leading a company from the front and taking tough decisions in a safe learning environment
  • Benchmarking: A tool to improve the effectiveness of Monitoring and Evaluation in the policy cycle
  • GE-McKinsey Nine-Box Matrix: This is a strategic tool that offers a systematic approach for the multi-business corporation to prioritize its investments among its various business units
  • Case Methods for efficient an effective resource allocation for enhanced ROI

Research & Publications