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Dr. Priti Verma

Assistant Professor, Management



Dr. Priti Verma is an M. A., Ph.D. – English Literature, from Kanpur University and MBA(Marketing) from Symbiosis. She has successfully completed various certificate courses from foreign universities Pennsylvania, Wharton, Amsterdam, Irvin and the University of Oregon. She has over 17 years of teaching and research experience. She has two published books and various published research papers and case studies to her credit and has participated in several national and International conferences and has won awards there. Her area of specialization is Applied  Business  Communication. 

  • 16 years
  • Ph.D
Award & Recognition

Certificate courses from

  1. Pennsylvania State Univ., USA
  2. Amsterdam University , USA
  3. Wharton University, USA


Case studies & Papers Published

  • “Corporate Social Responsibility and Profitability A Positive Approach”. Dr. Priti Verma. International Research Journal of Business Management. IRJBM. 2013.ISSN 2322 – 083X, Indexed .Impact Factor 1.26
  • “Maruti Violence What Went Wrong ? A case Study” , Case Studies in Management, Ed Mr Nitin Nayak, Bharti Publications, Delhi, 2014 .ISBN No. ISBN No. 978-93-81212-67-7
  • “Relationship between Organisational Communication Flow and Communication Climate”. Dr Priti Verma. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Business Management.Vol.1. Issue. 1. September- 2013, pg. 63-71 ISSN 2310-6913indexed. Impact Factor 0.498,
  • “ From Non – Performance to Excellent Performance A Case Study of Leadership Approach and Communication Gap”, Dr Prti Verma & Ms Santhi Narayanan, The International Journal of Business and Management, Vol 2 Issue 12 December, 2014. ISSN 2321 – 8916.
  • “Fight Greed and Corruption with the tool of the Upanishads”.Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development, ed.by Dr Saurabh Gupta & Dr Anu Gupta, (Enriched Publication New Delhi,2013), ISBN 9781627766012.
  • Female Self-Alienation and Assertion Quest for Identity in Tony Morrisons “SULA”. Dr.Fatim Ashna, Dr Dipti Shukla, Dr Priti Verma. Insight.Vol.3,2012. ISSN 0976-2299.
  • “Parallels of the Upanishadic Philosophy in Nissim Ezekiels Poetry”. Dr Priti Verma. The Indo-American Review .Vol.17.2013.ISSN 0974-0481.
  • The above mentioned article also published in a book - New Dimensions in Contemporary Literature, ed. By R. K. Dhawan and Shahram R. Sistani, (Prestige Books International New Delhi, 2013). ISBN978-93-82186-19-9.2013.
  • Sisterhood A Remedy to the ages old problem of Violence against Women, suggested by Alice Walker with Special reference to The Color Purple.The Indian Review of World Literature in English. ISSN 0974 – 097X . www.worldlitonline.net.
  • Crisis & Redemption Therapeutic Canvas of Nissim Ezekiels Poetry. Dr Priti Verma. Pub. In The Indian Journal of English Studies, Volume XLIV, 2007.
  • Eternity in a Grain of Sand Charu Sheels Terracotta Flames. Pub .in The Triple Path vol. 1. ed. By Krishna Banerjee , (New Delhi Adhyayan Publishers & Distributers , 2007 )
  • Sign to Symbol A study of the Mystical Manifold in Nissim Ezekiels “Philosophy”, Pub. in Dialogue, June 2005, Volume 1, Number 1.
  • Metrics for Self – Transformation Upnishads & two poems of Nissim Ezekiel, Pub. In Readings, October 2005, Volume 3, No. 2.



Area of Interest

Business Communication  Integrated Marketing Communication  leadership communication, team communication, Organizational communication ,communication gap & effective communication