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School of Architecture & Planning (SAP)

The School of Architecture and Planning at Sharda believes in a world and built environment that is fundamentally cohesive and interconnected. It believes that buildings are much more than mere settings for human actors. It believes that our built environment actively shapes who we are. It believes in producing involved experts who want to assume significant roles in producing environments that are ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable. 

Our learning extends beyond conventional classroom instruction, preparing our students to engage with their fields and the larger world. Great emphasis is laid on rigor and self-reflexivity within the programme curricula. Students are allowed to choose their own unique pathways through the programme, thereby (re)creating and (re)producing themselves as professionals with multiple expertise.

Our faculty comprises of academicians from internationally renowned universities such as Cornell, University of Cincinnati, Ecole Des Beaux Art, Paris, University of Manitoba, Jawaharlal Nehru University, School of Planning & Architecture, National Institute of Design, Delhi College of Art, as well as leading Architectural practitioners and Planning professionals from all over the country. With the campus being in close proximity to Delhi, we have access to the best minds from across the country and the globe. Our committed and energetic faculty, staff and students form a diverse, creative, and collaborative community within Sharda University. 

Dean Message

The education of an architect, at its core, is not about knowhow, but “think-how.” And inculcating this ability fundamentally changes the student. The avant-garde architect is almost always at the vanguard of social change. Thus, the age old issue of a house became a “machine for living” for Le Corbusier in the 30s, typology for Gulio Argan in the 60s, the question of “to dwell” by the followers of Heideggar in the 80s, and a formal purist exercise for the 90s and soon with the new “digital-ready” generation, a physical interface—an analogue of the digital GI.  Thus, at its core, the education of the architect is about questioning; and this is what we focus here at Sharda University. There are, for us, four foundations in the education of an architect: vocational skills, professional skills, liberal thinking and ethical. Vocational skills include not just drafting or model making, but also the 3s—space allocation, structures and services. Professional skills include not only “design thinking,” but also digital and parametric thinking. Third is the ability to question in a systematic and sustained manner. The ethical is obviously self-explanatory. As a School then, we don’t valorise rote-learning, but “thinking by doing.” Architects make things. To paraphrase Marx, we change society. 

Prof. Rupinder Singh  

Our Departments


Architects must understand the nature of the human interaction within the larger environmental context. This is the core idea on which the Department ...

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Our Programmes

M. Arch. (Landscape Architecture)

The Landscape Architecture course is divided into four semesters spa

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Bachelor Of Architecture

The School offers a Council of Architecture approved B. Arch degree.

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Ph.D in Architecture

School of Architecture and Planning (SAP) intends to undertake meani

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Master Of Architecture

The programme aims to develop a broad understanding of planning process with respect to socio-eco

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M. Arch. (Architectural Pedagogy)

The goal of the Masters program in Architectural Pedagogy is to prov

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