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About Department

Department of Design in Sharda University, run the most comprehensive professional Design program of the contemporary period in India.  Professional Skill development, technicalities, methodology, theory with vocabulary, critical judgment and historical perspective, these are the most important concern of this Department.

Bachelors in Design

  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Digital and communication
  • Industrial and Product Design

Awards & Achievements

Seminars & Workshops

  • An Indo-Chinese Workshop on paper cutting craft and Chinese rice paper painting by Ningxia University, China was held on 13th of October, 2014(All Design students) 
  • Seminar, Exhibition and Workshop(SEW) on Materials held on 4th and 5th of April,2014 (All Architecture & Design Students) 
  • The following trips were undertaken with guidance from their subject teachers who have strong industrial/market experience which are as mentioned below: 
    • Nehru Place for fabric sourcing (Fashion Design)
    • Craft Museum for understanding the Indian craft and textile techniques (Fashion Design and Communication Design)
    • Designer House like Nalli to understand Walk-in customer requirements (Fashion Design)
    • Exclusive designer Store for Furniture and Interior to incorporate latest technologies in their design assignments (Habitat Design )
    • Basic Material research and collection in Delhi & NCR to build a material library and in hand feel & touch experience for students (Habitat Design )
    • Visit to NIFT, Hauz Khas for making the students understand the approach of students and their designs of other established institutes
    • Visit to Surajkund Mela to understand the crafts of different Indian States.(All Design Students).
  • Students visited dedicated technique workshops for learning and interaction with skilled workers as well understanding current manufacturing/fabrication processes. The following visits were undertaken as mentioned below: 
    • Thermoforming process factory(Industrial and Product Design)
    • Computer aided Design factory (Fashion Design)
    • Hand guided Embroidery factory (Fashion Design)
    • Visit to painting and polishing workshop in Noida. (Industrial and Product Design)
  • A poster design competition themed AAKAR for All Design students was held as an initiative to a proposed design Exhibition of the same name which showcases the philosophy that SAP stands for as well as a promotional brochure for the Design department. 
  • Students visited Trade Fairs, Book fairs, Auto Expo, Gift Fare, Ace Tech etc in Delhi & NCR and the students are highly encouraged by the faculties to have a visual experience of such National and International level fairs for their design aptitude development. 
  • Students regularly undertake case studies before designing in their class assignments to understand the existing concepts, functionalities, sustainability as well as critically analyze the designs as well as improving their own inter-personal skills. The following case studies were undertaken by the design studies as mentioned below: 
    • Study of studio apartments in Delhi and NCR.(Habitat Design)
    • Study of Design classroom in different Institute.(Habitat Design)
    • Study of Library, canteen, hospital reception of Sharda University.(Habitat Design)
    • Study of Satya Pauls studio to understand brand identity of a designer.( Fashion Design)
  • Fashion students visited Sanskriti foundation ,New Delhi
  • Educational Trip to Surajkund Mela,Faridabad
  • Visit to Shahi Export Faridabad by all fashion Design students
  • Wacom workshop in design department
  • Educational visit at Modern Art Gallary & Craft Museum
  • Educational Trip to Dastkar  Exhibition of Craft
  • One day Exhibition on 23rd November ,2016
  • Educational tour to Janpath Haat by all fashion design students


  • Fashion Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Material Workshop
  • Habitat Workshop
  • Foundation Lab
  • Product Design Lab
  • Departmental Library & Lecture Room
  • Laser Cutting Lab
  • Carpentry Workshop & Garment Construction Lab

Research & Publications