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About Department

Architects must understand the nature of human interaction within the larger environmental context. This is the core idea on which the Department of Architecture is built upon, where architecture is understood not in the narrow terms of building, but in the larger context of the built environment. The world around us is moving at a pace more rapid than ever before, and the architectural professionals of tomorrow need to be sensitive towards the social responsibilities of environmental intervention that are an inevitable consequence when it comes to the actual practice of architecture. Green Architecture and Sustainability are not just buzzwords, but a vital component of our built environment.

Given that in the ever-changing world, the architect needs to be prepared to adapt to the environment around, the programs at the Department of Architecture recognize the multiplicity and changing nature of future roles open to the architect. The students are afforded the freedom to engage with the discipline at many levels, and through multiple channels where they are allowed to choose their own unique pathways through the course, thereby (re)creating and (re)producing themselves as professionals with multiple expertise.

The school has an interdisciplinary approach that sources from varied fields such as Mass Communication, Design, and Management etc. Architecture students will have the opportunity to tailor their course to their needs, thereby; they could be studying photography, choreography, visual communication or any other elective as a part of the larger architecture course.


  • To be amongst the top institutes in India imparting quality education and professional skills to the students to emerge as architects of global caliber and thus the society in large.


  • To create and sustain a stimulating and responsive academic inclusive
  • environment.
  • To regularly enhance the teaching contents & techniques in keeping with
  • current and future trends.
  • To provide a competitive and career oriented programme.
  • To encourage students to be socially responsive and responsible architects.

Awards & Achievements

  • The School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), Sharda University  hosted  the prestigious  National Level Awards for Excellence in Architectural Thesis B. Arch. & M.Arch Level 
  • 2016 in association with The Council of Architecture (COA) through its academic unit  National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA).SHARDA UNIVERSITY School of Architecture and Planning (SAP) is also hosted the JK AYA Best Architecture Student of the Year Award.

ZONAL NASA at Manav Rachna University, Faridabad, Nov 2016

  • This year the Zonal NASA was held at Manav Rachna University, Faridabad in the month of November. Many eminent architects and more than 2200 students of Architecture were a part of the convention. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year students from SAP participated in various competitions and won accolades
  • Chorus -2016 at Sharda University  , Decoration done by SAP students .
  • ARCHVENTURE design competition at Gateway College Sonipat , March 2015.
  • 20 Students of First Year participated and won 8 prizes in various competitions at Gateway college of Architecture & Spatial design, Sonipath. 

Seminars & Workshops

Industry Lecture:

1. The School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), Sharda University has organized a guest lecture for Architecture Students on Planning and Design of Airport Buildings.By  :Ar. Kalpana Sethi ( Ex. Executive Director, Planning & Design, Airport Authority of India, AAI) 

2. The School of Architecture & Planning, Sharda University has organized a special lecture on LIGHTING by Havells India Ltd.

Topics  covered -Lighting layouts, types of luminaries, Designing Prospectus/Criterion, Calculation of Lux/Lumens, pertaining to NBC/IS codes guidelines.


1) Shreya Bajaj from Havells India

2) Anil Bhasin from Havells India

3) Anshul Nasa from Havells India

Dated:- 26th Sept. 2016

3. School of Architecture and Planning (SAP) has organized special lectures on INTERIOR DESIGN and RESORT DESIGN for Third year students of B.Arch.as a part of their design exercise

Guest Speakers:

-Ar. R.K. Jhingan (Graduate of School of Architecture & Planning  Delhi, is a pioneer and leading Architect in the field of landscape and Resort design, retired as the Director, landscape from Delhi Development Authority  (DDA).

-Ar. Ruchika Mittal (Principal Architect of ASID Consultants, Jasola; Graduated from  TVB School of Habitat Studies Delhi, has almost 21 years of experience. )

Date: 19th Oct 2016 

4. Schools of Architecture and Planning (SAP) Sharda University has organized a Guest Lecture on Buddhist Architecture of Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, for Second Year students of B. Arch to extend their understanding and appreciation of Buddhist Architecture in Southeast Asia.

Guest Speaker: Ar. Vikram Lall (Partner and Principal Architect at Lall and Associates, consultant in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Urban Design, Town Planning, Interior Design, Structural Design, Valuation and Design Management).

Date : 4th Nov 2016

5. School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), SHARDA UNIVERSITY has organized a special lecture on Healthcare Architecture for Fourth-year students of B.Arch.

Healthcare architecture has assumed great importance in recent years

 By : Ar. K.K. Mitra

Dated : 9th Nov.2016

6. School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), Sharda University has organised a guest lecture on Identity and Meaning in Architecture for Third and Fourth Year students of B.Arch. 

The lecture aims at extending students understanding and appreciation of Architecture as a discipline and profession.

Guest Speaker:  Ar. Sudipto Ghosh

Date: 11th Nov.2016 

7. School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), Sharda University organized an interactive lecture on DESIGN AND FRACTAL ARCHITECTURE on 6th Jan. 2017 by Ar. Vandana Shourie (renowned Artist & Architect, S.P.A. Delhi) for First year students of B. Arch.

 The lecture aims at making the students familiar with the architectural design process, sensitizing them to be more observant to their surroundings and promoting it as a basic creative instinct to design.

8. Guest Lecture on Architecture Building Materials by Team of Experts from Mahaphant Fibre-Cement South Asia Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai was organised by School of Architecture and Planning at Sharda University on 6th January 2016


Seminars & Conferences

1. Sharda University  celebrated 85th Birth Anniversary of our 11th President Bharat Ratna Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam as INNOVATION DAY on 15th October, 2016.

Benefitting to the Character of this great Scientist it was planned to remember Dr. Kalam through an Exhibition on InnovationSpecial Lecture by Sh. Rajesh Kumar and Prof. S.M. Akhtar, A Film and a Quiz on him, 

2. School of Architecture and planning, Sharda University has  organized  a Series of seminars for Thesis students of B. Arch. on Concept Formulation, Development and Presentation technique. on 12th Feb2016

A series of Seminar was organised for IVth year Thesis Students. Each session was addressed by two Eminent Speakers from the academics and practice.The first session  scheduled on 12th February, 2016 from 10:00 am onwards.


1. Prof. Vandana Shourie, Architect, Painter, Art Critic, VF in SPAD,
2. Ar. Vikas Jain, Practicing Architect, VF in SPAD.


  • Concept Formulation
  • Development
  • Presentation Technique

3. Origami Workshop, Nov 2016

School of Architecture and Planning organized ORIGAMI WORKSHOP on 5th Nov 16 for the students of B. Arch. to enhance their visualization and form development skills.

Origami workshop aimed at helping student unleash their inner creative potential through having fun with the medium of paper craft making.

The workshop was conducted by Ms. Amandeep Kaur (Vice President, Origami Oritai) and Ms. Indrani Pal (Treasurer, Origami Oritai).

4. Hands-On-Training Model Making Workshop,  Feb 2016

SAP organized Architectural Model Making Hands-on-Training Workshop at Sharda University on Feb 16,2016 Conducted by: Ar. Sumit Ghosh and his model making team with hands on session for students in February and March.  

5. Bricks And Metal Workshop, March 2016

School of Architecture and Planning, Sharda University has organized a two days workshop on BRICKS AND METAL SCULPTURES at Sharda University on 8th and 9th of March 2016.for Ist and IInd year B.Arch students .The workshop was conducted by Experts Mr. Rinku Chouhan and Mr Phaneendra Nath.

6. AAKRITI Workshops, Feb 2015

Seven workshops were organized for all SAP students at Sharda University with experts from industry making sculptures, paintings and models live from different materials. To teach them the properties and working techniques of various materials

  • Bamboo by Mr. Raja Deori
  • Metal Sculpture by Mr. Ravinder Verma
  • Collage & Graffiti by Mr. Dattatraya Apte
  • Tensile Structure by Mr. Kharbanda
  • Photography by Ms. CP Rashmi
  • Graphic Designer by Mr. Satvinder Walia
  • Short Film making by Mr. Dev Mehra respectively.
  • Convener Ar. Richa Malik

7. PANEL DISCUSSION Zonal Nasa at SAP, SU, Sep 2015

As a part of ZONASA, panel discussions on the following topics were organized by SAP, Sharda

  • What is Smart about Smart Cities by Eminent speakers Ar. H.B.Singh, Ar. Ashish Gupta, Ar. Shilpa Jain, Ar. Vibhor Mukul Singh
  • Defining Indian Architecture, is it possible by Eminent speakers Ar. Sanjay Kanvinde, Ar. Arunabha Das Gupta, Ar. Tapan Chakraborty, Ar.Sudhar Nath Segal followed by a students debate. 


1. Computer Lab (2 no)

  • 60 Computers
  • LAN connection
  • Wi-Fi, printer
  • Plotter
  • Scanner
  • Projector
  • Display boards

2. Software

  • Autodesk (Autocad, Revit, 3D Max)
  • Adobe creative suite
  • Google sketchup pro
  •  Microsoft office

3. Material  Workshop: carpentry and model making

4. Museum: display of materials related to building construction

5. Exhibition Room: display of student studio works and models.

6. Library

Research & Publications

  • Richa Malik published a paper "INTELLIGENT BUILDING FACADES" in .International Journal of Civil Engineering & Technology (IJCIET) - Scopus Indexed.Volume:8,Issue:5,Pages:1340-1346.2017
  • Richa Malik published  a Paper entitled  "Building envelope : it's energy performance in different climatic zone" in "International Journal of Habitat Design and Environment" at  Maharaja Agrasen University, Distt. Solan, H.P.-2017.
  • Richa MalikPresented a Paper entitled Intelligent Building Facedes in Neo-International Conference" NICHE-IPM2016 .happened at Lovely School of Architecture and Design ,Jalandhar, G.T. Road, Punjab.  on 13th Nov. 2016, sharing a platform with international and national eminent architects
  •  Richa Malik Presented a paper entitled Fire Safety and Protection in hospital at Jamia Millia Islamia -2013




  • Paper Integrated Approach to Storm Water Management in Indian Cities by Ms. Chitra Chidambaram, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Planning, Sharda University
  • Evaluating the level of Government participation in Public Private Partnerships for urban poor Housing, BY Parashar, D., & Sloanki, A. In B. Surinder & J. Aradhana. Proceedings of the National Conference on rediscovering Cities at Ambala, Punjab. 10th -11th of April 2015.
  • Housing for the Urban poor: What is the right tenure choice? BY Parashar, Dipti- Technical papers of the 63rd National Town and Country Planning Congress at Chennai, Tamil Nadu on 9th -11th of January, 2015.By: Dipti Prasher , In B.Surinder & S. Atul. Proceedings of the Neo-International Conference on Habitable Environments. Paper presented at NICHE Conference: Urbanism as a way of life, Chandigarh-Punjab: Indian Institute of Architects.- 2014
  • The Governments Role in private Partnerships for Urban Poor Housing in India.By: Dipti Prasher, International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, Emerald Journals - 2014