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About Department

The Department of Computer Science and Applications strives to equip faculty and students with all the computing resources needed to address a wide range of scientific, technological, and socially complex problems. The department imparts technical education for designing quirky technological applications and innovations. The department grails to become a center of excellence and impart knowledge to intellectual professionals so as to equip them with the requisite skills as per Industry standards. The department aims to foster an innovative research environment by providing a supportive, amiable, and challenge-based learning culture. The department utilizes high-performance computing equipment and facilities to impart state-of-the-art technical knowledge to students and instill a desire to pursue lifelong learning. To emerge as a world-class department, we focus on innovative research and quality learning in computer science applications that prepares entrepreneurs and professionals to lead the social, economic, and technical development of society. The department enjoys the full patronage of the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, and the director of the School of Engineering (SET) where it is housed presently.


  • To emerge as a world-class department and be recognized as the Centre of Excellence for equipping intellectual professionals with the requisite skills as per Industry standards.


  • To promote a technical education for designing technological applications and innovative ideas that contributes to the sustainable development of societies.
  • To foster the culture of entrepreneurship and prepare students for productive careers in industry and academia.
  • To facilitate industry-academia collaboration in order to solve interdisciplinary societal problems.
  • To inculcate transformative, holistic and value-based immersive learning experiences to solve complex technological problems of modern society.

Awards & Achievements


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Research & Publications

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