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About Department

The Department of Computer Science & Application stands as a pioneer in higher education, research, and innovation within key realms of computer science and application. The mission of the department is to foster excellence in the realm of computer science and application through the impartation of higher education and cutting-edge research. The department boasts an accomplished faculty with a stellar academic track record and proficiency in cutting-edge technologies. The faculty members bring diverse specializations to the fore, ensuring the fulfilment of teaching and research needs. The entire faculty of the department is associated with esteemed universities, institutions, and government departments.

The commitment is to install a spirit of ingenuity, innovativeness, and technical competence in our students through rigorous competition and consistent guidance. Additionally, the department caters to regional needs by organizing programs for teaching and research communities. The curriculum is designed to provide a robust theoretical foundation complemented by high-quality teaching and extensive practical training. Beyond the regular curriculum, the department hosts workshops, technical seminars, faculty development programs (FDP), short-term training programs (STTP), and conferences, exposing students to real-world problems aligning with industrial and societal needs.

A testament to the success of the department is the fact that many of the alumni are now thriving in esteemed companies such as IBM, American Express Bank, Wipro, Infosys, Samsung, Microsoft, GlobalLogic, CISCO, and HCL, both in India and abroad. Prominent alumni also consist of entrepreneurs and scholars who have made significant contributions to prestigious academic institutions.


To be a pioneer in academic excellence and research in computer science and applications by fostering innovation & entrepreneurship, developing cutting edge technologies for the betterment of society


  • To empower the students with the latest technological knowledge, skills & human values to excel in the ever-evolving field of technology.
  • To conduct multidisciplinary research contributing to the development of innovative solutions to real-world challenges.
  • To collaborate with industry and start-ups to incubate ideas, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit amongst students and faculty.
  • To leverage the unrealized potential of emerging trends & technologies in tackling forefront issues like healthcare, sustainability, and quality education.



Awards & Achievements


Seminars & Workshops

  • ICAAAIML-2022 International Conference on Advances and Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

School of Engineering and Technology, Sharda University, Greater Noida, India, one of the pioneer institutions in the field of Engineering, Research and Technology organized Two Days “ICAAAIML-2022 International Conference on Advances and Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning” on 16th – 17th September, 2022. Conference is technically co-sponsored by Springer India Limited. The Inaugural function of the conference was held at 11:00 AM on 16th September, 2022 at APJ Abdul Kalam Auditorium (005 - B3), Sharda University in auspicious presence of Prof. (Dr) Ankit Agrawal, Research Professor, Northwestern University, USA as a Chief Guest. Two Days “ICAAAIML-2022 International Conference on Advances and Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning” on 16th – 17th September, 2022 started on 16 September 2022. Addressing the curtain raiser, General Chair and Dean of School of Engineering and Technology Dr. Parma Nand said that this is the third annual academic conference help the society to explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning could be effectively utilized in teaching, learning, educational administration, and various other fields of practical importance. Dr. Parma Nand also conveyed his thanks to the members of organizing committee – Dr. Ankur Choudhary, Dr. Arun Prakash Agrawal, Dr. Gaurav Raj and Mr. Abhishek Singh Verma.

The objective of this conference was to bring the scholars, scientists, industrialists from all over the world in the IT industry to a common platform to present the on-going researches in the field and hence to foster research relations between the Universities and the industry and exposing the audience to the need for more development and research in the field and with it the growing need for IT security. This was the third one of the series of annual academic conferences exploring how artificial intelligence and machine learning could be effectively utilized in teaching, learning, educational administration, and various other fields of practical importance. The Conference adopts a timely theme “Advances and Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Computer vision and Blockchain”. Artificial Intelligence has penetrated into virtually all the areas of our day-to-day life. To effectively benefit from technology applications, it is essential that education professionals set themselves ready for transforming their practices and keep identifying effective ways for transformations in their contexts. In inaugural session, one keynote talk was presented by the conference Chief Guest Prof. (Dr.) Ankit Agrawal, Research Professor, Northwestern University, USA on the topic of Deep Learning and Deeper Learning. Vote of Thanks is given by Prof. (Dr.) Arun Prakash Agrawal, Convener, ICAAAIML-2022.


  • Organized a tech event Techfusion: A Code-A-Thon on 19th October 2023.
  • Organised an event BrainWave: The Ideathon Competition on 6th September 2023 for budding talents to present their most innovative and technology-based ideas.
  • Organised a tech talk Talkathon on 15th September 2023 to provide a platform for students to showcase their technical prowess and innovation.



Research & Publications

  • Salwan, D., & Kant, S. (2022). Comparison of benchmarking algorithms in Prosthesis. International Journal of Health Sciences, 6(S3), 1731–1741.
  • Kumari, S., Singh, S., Singh, R. K., Pandey, V. K., Singh, D. K., Singh, S. P., & Lakshmanan, M. (2023). Performance Investigation of Molecular Nano Communication Over Channels Under Dynamic Scenarios. Wireless Personal Communications, 1-18.
  • Arora, M. K., Singh, J., & Singh, A. (2024). Development of intelligent system based on synthesis of affective signals and deep neural networks to foster mental health of the Indian virtual community. Social Network Analysis and Mining, 14(1), 20. 
  • Drishti, D., & Singh, J. (2024). Novel Algorithm for Pulmonary Nodule Classification using CNN on CT scans. International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering, 12(2), 144-152.
  • Bhushan, B., Kumar, A., Agarwal, A. K., Kumar, A., Bhattacharya, P., & Kumar, A. (2023). Towards a Secure and Sustainable Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): Requirements, Design Challenges, Security Techniques, and Future Trends. Sustainability, 15(7), 6177.
  • Rani, B., & Kant, S. (2023). Cluster Analysis as a Decision-Making Tool. In Encyclopedia of Data Science and Machine Learning (pp. 382-409). IGI Global.
  • Deepali Salwan and Shri Kant, Nanomaterials in Machine Learning Based Prosthesis, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 141, pp 353-371, 2023.
  • Salwan, D., Kant, S., Pareek, H., & Sharma, R. (2022). Challenges with reinforcement learning in prosthesis. Materials Today: Proceedings, 49, 3133-3136.
  • Musti, A. S., Kant, S., & Khanna, T. (2022, April). DegChain: Development of Blockchain Framework for Generation and Verification of Educational Certificates. In 2022 IEEE 7th International conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT) (pp. 1-7). IEEE.
  • Jain, B., Yadav, D., Singh, R. K., Ranjan, R., & Singh, S. P. (2023, March). Secrecy Outage Probability of NOMA Network under Amplify and Forward Scheme. In 2023 International Conference on Device Intelligence, Computing and Communication Technologies,(DICCT) (pp. 192-196). IEEE.
  • Tiwari, A., Kumar, S., Mehrotra, T., & Singh, R. K. (2023, May). Deep Neural Networks for Comprehensive Multimodal Emotion Recognition. In 2023 International Conference on Disruptive Technologies (ICDT) (pp. 462-466). IEEE.
  • Madaan, L., Jindal, D., Kumar, A., Kumar, S., & Naruka, M. S. (2022). Secure and enhanced crowdfunding solution using blockchain technology. In Transforming management with AI, big-data, and IoT (pp. 293-310). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
  • Ali, S. A., Ansari, M., Alam, M., & Rakshit, S. (2024). Federated Learning for Business Intelligence: Predictive Maintenance in Industry 4.0. In AI-Based Data Analytics (pp. 125-140). Auerbach Publications.
  • Singh, A., Sharma, R., Pandey, M. S., Asthana, S., Gitanjali, & Vishwakarma, A. (2023, June). Facial Expression Based Music Recommendation System Using Deep Learning. In International Conference on Data Science and Network Engineering (pp. 31-40). Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.
  • Ansari, M., Ali, S. A., Alam, M., Chaudhary, K., & Rakshit, S. (2023). Unlocking the Power of Explainable AI to Improve Customer Experiences in E-Commerce. In AI-Based Data Analytics (pp. 31-48). Auerbach Publications.
  • Sharma, A., Rastogi, D., Manwal, M., Tyagi, A., & Sharma, P. K. (2023, November). Assessing the Effectiveness of Predictive Maintenance for Internet of Things (IoT) Networks Using Reinforcement Learning. In 2023 3rd International Conference on Technological Advancements in Computational Sciences (ICTACS) (pp. 746-754). IEEE.

Facilities and Resources

The Department of Computer Science & Applications boasts a robust infrastructure tailored to facilitate both teaching and research endeavours for both students and faculty. Here's a breakdown of our facilities:

  • Laboratories: With 7 cutting-edge labs furnished with state-of-the-art computers, software, and networking gear, students gain invaluable hands-on experience across various domains like Programming, Database Management, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Smart Boards: Across our classrooms and labs, 19 interactive smart boards foster real-time collaboration and dynamic presentations, enhancing the learning environment.
  • Classrooms with Lecture Capture: Equipped with lecture capture capabilities, four classrooms feature cameras and microphones, allowing instructors to record lectures for later viewing by students.
  • Library: Our dedicated library houses an extensive collection of books, journals, and resources pertinent to computer science, offering students and faculty ample support for their research and learning pursuits.
  • Boardroom: Furnished with computers and software, our boardroom provides a conducive environment for collaborative meetings and discussions.
  • Operating Systems & Software: We offer a range of operating systems including Windows 10, Ubuntu, and MAC OS, along with requisite software such as Oracle, Microsoft Visual Studio, MATLAB, Python, and more.
  • Servers: Our array of servers includes Mail server, DNS server, DHCP server, File server, Proxy server, Network monitoring server, and Application server for Exams, ensuring smooth operations and support for various functions.
  • Printers & Scanner: High-quality printers including HP-Color LaserJet series and a scanner like HP-Scanjet series meet printing and scanning needs efficiently.
  • LCD Projectors: For multimedia presentations, LCD projectors are readily available, enhancing visual aids during lectures and presentations.
  • Wireless LAN: IEEE 802.11 b based Cisco Aironet Access Points and CISCO Wireless Adaptor PCI/PCMCIA ensure seamless wireless connectivity, catering to the demands of a modern, connected learning environment.

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