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Prof. Srinivasan

Professor, Biotechnology


I received myM. Sc and PhD. degrees in Biochemistry from the Banaras Hindu University, India. I am a recipient of BHU Gold Medal for my performance during M.Sc. After successfully competing in the Agricultural Research Service examination of 1977, I joined the Indian Agricultural Research Institute as a Scientist in 1977. Since then, Ihadheld several positions including Professor of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and Project Director of NRC on Plant Biotechnology.After superannuation in 2015, I served at NRCPB as an Emeritus Scientist. I had my post-doctoral training at University of Washington, Seattle and The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA. My research encompasses a unique combination of plant biochemistry, enzymology, molecular biology, transgenic and genomics.

I have regularly offered courses on Enzymology, Plant Molecular Biology, Eukaryotic Molecular Biology and Plant Genetic Engineering to PG students of IARI. I have already guided more than 20 Ph.D. and 5 M.Sc. students.

  • 41 years
  • Ph.D
Award & Recognition

  • BHU Medal, Professor G.V. Joshi Memorial Award by Indian Society Plant Physiology in 2017


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  • Pratibha, P., Singh, SK., Srinivasan, R.,Bhat, SR. and Sreenivasulu, Y. (2017) Gametophyte development needs mitochondrial Coproporphyrinogen III oxidase function in Arabidopsis, Plant Physiology, 174, 258–275.
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  • Kumar, P.,Vasupalli,  N., Srinivasan, R. and Bhat, S R. (2012) An evolutionarily conserved mitochondrial orf108 is associated with cytoplasmic male sterility in different alloplasmic lines of Brassica juncea and induces male sterility in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana. J. Expt. Botany, 63, 2921–2932.
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  • Ramarao, C.S., Srinivasan and Naik, M.S. (1981) Origin of reductant for reduction of nitrate and nitrite in rice and wheat leaves in vivo. New Phytologist 87, 517-525. 

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