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Dr. Nitin Rakesh

Professor & Head of the Department, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)



Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Rakesh is an experienced professional in the field of Computer Science. He is PhD in Computer Science & Engineering with Network Coding as his specialization. Dr. Nitin is Master of Technology Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from and received Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology. Currently four students have successfully completed doctorate under his supervision and six others are under progress.

Dr. Nitin is a recipient of IBM Drona Award and Top 10 State Award Winner. He is senior member of IEEE, Life Member of CSI,ASM,SIAM(USA) and other professional societies. He is reviewer of several prestigious Journals/Transactions like IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, The Computer Journal, Oxford Press, many SPRINGER/other Scopus indexed International Journals. His research outlines emphasis on Network Coding, Interconnection Networks & Architecture and Online Phantom Transactions. Dr. Nitin has accorded several other awards for Best Paper Published, Session Chairs, Highest Cited author, Best Students Thesis Guided, and many others.

Dr. Nitin has been instrumental in various Industrial Interfacing for Academic and Research at his previous assignments at various organizations (Amity University, Jaypee University, Galgotias others).  He is having 100+ publication in Scopus Indexed/SCI/High impact Journals and International Conferences. Dr. Nitin is guiding eight PhD students of various Universities and Industries. He has successfully guided several M.Tech and B.Tech students. Dr. Nitin was contributory in various prestigious Accreditations like NAAC, NBA, QAA, WASC, UGC, IAU, IET and others.

Currently, Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Rakesh is Head of Computer Science & Engineering Department for B.Tech/M.Tech (CSE/IT), B.Tech CSE-IBM Specializations, B.Tech CSE-I Nurture, BCA/MCA, BSc/MSc-CS. He has initiated an IoT & Network lab at Sharda University which will be a new technology initiative for Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral students. He is working for various other department enhancement, research & academic initiatives, industrial interfacing and other major developments. 

  • Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Rakesh is experienced in Academics and Industry Relations & Interactions.  He is having 7+ years of Post Research Experience. He is almost having 12+ years of industrial relationing and academizations experience. He is handling 10+ years with various Leadership positions.
  • Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in the field of Network Coding.
  • M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering in the area of Network on Chip
  • B.Tech in Information Technology
Award & Recognition

  • Best Paper Award at 6th IEEE international conference on Parallel Distributed and Grid Computing (PDGC), IEEE USA, JUIT waknaghet.
  • Best Paper Award at 1st International Conference on Smart Systems, Innovations and Computing, Springer, Manipal University, 14th-16th April 2017, Jaipur.
  • Invited as Distinguished Guest Speaker and Session Chair for several International Conferences and Events in India and Abroad.
  • Drona Award by IBM 2009.
  • IBM-Top 10 State Award (Received Apple iPod as an appreciation from IBM).
  • Research Chair/Head/Chief Member of Department level research groups of Faculty and Scholars at previous organizations.      
  • Designed and developed various courses for PhD, M.Tech and B.Tech many universities as per Outcome Based Education.
  • Represented and Won several prizes for distinct events at various levels.  


  • Geetanjali Rathee and Nitin Rakesh, “Resilient Packet Transmission (RPT) for the Buffer Based Routing (BBR) Protocol”, Journal of Information Process System, Vol.12, No.1, pp.57-72, March 2016. Link http//jips.jatsxml.org/upload/pdf/jips-12-1-57.pdf
  • Ankit Mundra, Nitin Rakesh, Vipin Tyagi, “Query centric Cyber-Physical System (QCPS) Approach for multiple Heterogeneous Systems” International Journal of Computer Science and Technology (IJCST)) Volume 4, Special Issue 2, Pages 23-27, April 2013. Link http//arxiv-web3.library.cornell.edu/ftp/arxiv/papers/1306/1306.6397.pdf.  http//ijcst.com/?page_id=4250
  • Ankit Mundra, Bhagavan K. Gupta, Geetanjali Rathee, Meenu Chawla, Nitin Rakesh, Vipin Tyagi, “Validated Real-Time Middle Ware for Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems using HMM” International Journal of Distributed and Parallel Systems (IJDPS) Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 23-33, March 2013. DOI 10.5121/ijdps.2013.4204. Link http//airccse.org/journal/ijdps/papers/4213ijdps03.pdf
  • Ankit Mundra, Geetanjali Rathee, Meenu Chawla, Nitin Rakesh, Ashutosh Soni, “Transport Information System using Query Centric Cyber-Physical Systems (QCPS)”, International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 85, Issue 3, Pages 12-16, January 2014. Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA. DOI 10.5120/14820-3050. Link http//www.ijcaonline.org/archives/volume85/number3/14820-3050.
  • Nitin Rakesh and Vipin Tyagi, “Parallel Architecture Coding Link Failure-Recovery Mechanism (PAC LF-RM)”, International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Management, © The Society for Reliability Engineering, Quality and Operations Management (SREQOM), The Division of Operation and Maintenance, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden, SPRINGER, August 2012. DOI 10.1007/s13198-012-0119-4,  Link http//link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs13198-012-0119-4#.

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Area of Interest

  • Network Coding Broadcasting and multicasting problems with network coding, Network Resiliency, Triangular Network Coding.
  • Data Communication Underwater Sensor Network, Wireless Interfaces for Resiliency, Resilient Network Analysis. 
  • Multimedia Systems/Communication Multimedia Communication, Multimedia based Application, Compression Techniques, Video Coding.
  • Fraud Detection in Online Transactions Web enabled applications and fraud detection in online phantom transactions.
  • Parallel Architectures Parallel Algorithms, Parallel Computing, Optimizing parallel network problems.