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Aakash Tyagi

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering (ME)


 I have done my from DIT Dehradun in Industrial and Production engineering and after this in 2015, I joined IIT Kanpur for my MS degree in mechanical engineering. I am currently working as an assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering department of Sharda University. I have a keen interest in the field of advanced manufacturing processes and micromachining.


July/2018 to till date

  • MS by Research
Award & Recognition

  • Qualified GATE 2014 and 2015 in Mechanical Engineering


  • Tyagi, A., Sharma, V., Jain, V. K., & Ramkumar, J. (2018). Investigations into side gap in wire electrochemical micromachining (wire-ECMM). The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 94(9-12), 4469-4478. (Impact Factor = 2.61)
  • Sharma, V., Patel, D. S., Jain, V. K., Ramkumar, J., & Tyagi, A. (2018). Wire Electrochemical Threading A Technique for Fabricating Macro/Micro Thread Profiles. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 165(9), E397-E405. (Impact Factor = 3.6)
  • Sharma, V., Srivastava, I., Tyagi, A., Jain, V. K., & Ramkumar, J. (2018). Theoretical and Experimental Investigations into Wire Electrochemical Turning (Wire-ECTrg) Process Using Finite Element Method. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 165(14), E773-E783.  (Impact Factor = 3.6)
  • Journal Paper “Experimental and analytical investigations into wire electrochemical micro turning” in Journal of Micromanufacturing (accepted and under publication).
  • Conference Paper “Simulation and modeling of Wire-electrochemical turning process” in International Conference on Precision Engineering (COPEN) 2017, 636-641.

Area of Interest

  • Machining Science
  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  • Micro-machining