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About Department

The department of Public Health Dentistry at School of Dental Sciences, Sharda University, Greater Noida was established in the year 2006 to provide affordable and accessible oral health care to people of Greater Noida & neighboring districts since its inception. It is committed to train and calibrate the undergraduate students in Public Health Dentistry by providing dental health education, screening and treatment camps on oral diseases for the outreach population tailored specifically on the basis of research on needs of the community. 
These community based dental public health programmes provide a first-hand exposure to the students on the rural as well as urban settings of the country and methods to treat them via motivation and proving dental services at their doorsteps through a centrally air-conditioned mobile dental van with two fully equipped dental chairs having all attachments & adequate sitting space for 15-20 people. 
The department maintains rural satellite centres at Community Health Centre (CHC) Bisrakh, Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC) at Panchayattan Village and Urban Health Training Centre (UHTC) Centre at Bhangel. In terms of patient health care, emergency, first aid and basic oral health services are provided at camp site while referring patients requiring specialty services to the dental college hospital for further management.


  • To serve the society by being a global centre in pursuit of academic and professional excellence in the field of dentistry.


  • Creating a stimulating and flexible learning environment amongst the faculty and students
  • Strongly promoting research, innovation, clinical excellence
  • Promote and inculcate ethical values and continued betterment in the dental profession and in all facets of life.


  • Epidemiological research
  • Clinical Research
  • Oral Health Promotion
  • Comprehensive treatment in the department, satellite centers, rural and urban settings


  • Massive outreach programmes covering more than 10,000 patients annually.
  • Corporate consultancies and on site paid dental treatment camps are also an eminent feature of the department. 
  • Mobile dental clinic
  • Training undergraduate students on current global standards by recording patient data according to the World Health Organization (WHO) oral health proforma. 
  •  Well-developed oral health museum and  counseling room that is visited by the public to create awareness among them about the most common causes of oral diseases and simple self care practices to prevent them.
  • The faculty has been actively conducting research and participating in various national and international conferences on regular intervals which aids them in keeping abreast with the latest advancements (disease promotion, prevention and clinical trends) in the dental public health scenario. 
  • Comprehensive clinical exposure to UG students with treatment modalities ranging from extractions to composite restorations.
  • Exposure of undergraduate students to various research projects.

  • Training the students to,  deal with  complexities and perplexities in providing the oral health services to rural as well as urban population, building a personal as well as professional rapport with the local population and simultaneously get on-site training by treating the population through newer dental procedures, making them career ready in the future.

  • Enormous emphasis is taken up by the department by organizing mass health awareness campaigns such as World Health Day, Would No Tobacco Day, World Environment Day, World AIDS Day, Universal Children’s Day, National Girl Child Day etc. where the students and faculty actively participate in motivating the general public to adopt healthy life style practices.
  • The use of newer, fun based teaching approaches and aids like crosswords puzzles, sudoku, cartwheel game etc leads to maintain an interest of the students in the subject


  • District Tobacco Cessation Control Centre
  • Various humanitarian organizations like NSS, Rotary and Lions club and NGO: Being Social.


  • Epidemiology
  • Disaster management
  • Organizations like WHO, PHFI, NRHM, ICMR, etc
  • Social service and commitment through government welfare schemes, PHC, CHC, NGOs and various other organizations  
  • Companies offering jobs like medical assistance and clinical research
  • Their own clinical setup 

Awards & Achievements

Special achievements :

  • Collaborations with District Tobacco Cessation Control Centre and various humanitarian organizations like NSS, Rotary and Lions club and NGO: Being Social.
  • Opening of new satellite centre at CHC, Bisrakh from 04th February, 2019
  • Consultancies for various MNCs of Greater Noida and Noida
  • Five Adoption of three villages: Girdharpur, Chirsi and Dulhera 
  • Adoption of Dhruv Public School, Talra Village, Greater Noida on the occasion of universal children’s day celebrated on 20th November, 2018 (Date Check Required) 

Achievements- Faculty:

  • Dr. Swati Sharma -24 publications in national and international journals, Author of 3 Books and 2 filed and 3 published patents.; attended & Presented  research paper at various scientific conferences. Has also been invited as a guest speaker in various conferences and educational institutes. 
  • Dr.Alankrita Chaudhary- 18 Publications, Author of 1 book and has 3 published patents. 
  • Dr. KuldeepDhanker- 18 Publications, Author of 1 book and has 3 published patents.
  • Dr. Sahil Thakar–Editor for International health  care research journal. Have 34 publications with 90 citations, author for 1 book and 2 filed and 3 published patents.

Seminars & Workshops

  • CDE-Statistical Analysis and Design of Medical Studies.
  • Panel Discussion on the occasion of World Cancer Day in Collaboration with Jagriti Leela Foundation
  • Seminar on Viral Hepatitis in Dentistry in collaboration with Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences.


Infrastructure Of The Department:

  • Type: Undergraduate        
  • Location: SDS Building, 3rd Floor, Room No. 403
  • Area:Sq.Metr:573.45

Parts of the Department:


Research & Publications

  • Patents: 5
  • Published patents: 3
  • Total No: Of Publications: 62
  • Scopus/Pubmed: 19
  • UGC: 12
  • Others: 31
  • Books: 5