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Library Policy

Library Policy

Rules and Regulations

Students and staff of Sharda University are eligible to access and use the library by following library rules and regulations but to checkout library resources one will need to become a library member. Alumni students and staff will be welcome to use the library. Visitors from different academic institutions are also welcomed to use the library with prior permission from the competitive authority.


  1. Library will provide membership to all bona fide Students, Teaching and Non?Teaching staff members of Sharda University.  
  2. At the beginning of each semester students will take no due certificate.
  3. Students will renew membership at the beginning of each semester till the university has its own smart card for the students.
  1. General
  1. Every student must possess his/ her University Identity Card while making use of the Library facility and produce the same to the Library Staff on entering the Library.
  2. All the users shall sign in the gate register at the entrance of the Library.
  3. Silence must be observed in the Library.
  4. Use of Mobile phones in the Library is strictly prohibited.
  5. Personal books, files, lab coat/apron and articles will not be allowed inside the Library restricted area. The students are requested to take care of their belongings. Library will not take responsibility for any kind of loss of personal belongings.
  6. Loud conversation and similar objectionable practices are not allowed in or around the Library and Information Centre premises.
  7. Photocopy facility will be available in each library. 
  8. Each library will put a suggestion box outside the library


  1. Reading Section/ Reference:
  1. Reading section will provide only reading facilities of books, Journals, Magazines and Newspapers etc. to the users within the Library.
  2. Readers should work quietly and be considerate to others using the Reading Room.
  3. The seats are to be used/ occupied on the first come first served basis.
  4. Capturing/reserving seats for friends/future use is strictly prohibited. Other scholars may remove the bags and books if these are left unattended on the tables.
  5. Damaging book (e.g. Tearing, page missing, lose of binding and wet Book etc.) or theft of Library Collections is an offence and those responsible will be prosecuted
  6. Tearing of sheets from Journals, newspapers and other reading materials etc. is strictly prohibited and is punishable offence.
  7. Laptops and mobiles phones charging are not allowed inside the library.
  8. No food or drink (including bottled water) is allowed on the Reading Table.
  9. Napping, drinking tea, water bottle and edibles and behavior which may disturb other Users are strictly prohibited inside the library. However, during night time, students may require a water bottle inside (Reading room is open 24X7). 
  10. Readers leaving the library should allow the library/security staff to examine their personal belongings.
  11. The borrowing facility can be restricted or suspended in case of misbehavior or misuse of the library facilities/ materials

Use of Computers and Internet

  1. Personal Laptop Computers will be allowed inside the library but the users will maintain such an environment which will not disturb the others.
  2. Internet access will be provided for the users having laptops and necessary access permission to net will be available from the IT section.
  3. Computers and Internet will be used only for academic purposes.
  4. User will not use internet and any other equipment for recreational purpose.

School Library Timings:

S. No. School Reading Section Circulation Section Location
1 School of Architecture & Planning 08:35 AM to 04:15 PM 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Block- 2, 8th Floor.

(R. No. 808)

School of Art, Design and Media Studies

2 School of Business Studies

08:35 AM to 08:00 PM

09:00 AM to 04:00 PM Block- 7, Basement.

School of Law

3 School of Humanities & Social Sciences 08:35 AM to 04:15 PM 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM Block- 7, Basement.
4 School of Dental Sciences 08:35 AM to 08:00 PM 08:45 AM to 05:00 PM

Block- 21, 6th Floor.

5 School of Engineering and Technology 08:35 AM to 12:00 Mid Night 09:30 AM to 03:45 PM

Block- 2, 1st Floor

(R. No. 101-103B)

School of Basic Sciences and Research
6 School of Medical Sciences & Research 24x7 Hrs 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM Block- 22, 3-4th Floor.
7 School of Nursing Sciences and Research  08:35 AM to 04:15 PM 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM Block- 4, 3rd Floor.
(R. No. 311)
School of Allied Health Sciences
School of Education
School of Pharmacy


Borrowing policy:

School Student Staff
UG PG Research Scholar Faculty Non Teaching
No. of books Days No. of books Days No. of books Days No. of books Days No. of books Days
SET/ SBSR 3 14 4 14 4 14 5 30 1 14
SBS/ SOL 3 14 3 14 4 14 5 30 1 14
SAP/ SADMS 3 14 3 14 4 14 5 30 1 14
SHSS 3 14 3 14 4 14 5 30 1 14
SDS 2 7 3 14 4 7 3 30 1 7
SMS&R 2 7 2 7 2 7 Professor/ Associate Prof. 3 15 1 7
Assistant Prof. 2 15
SR, JR, Tutor, Demonstrator. 1 15
SNSR 2 7 2 7 1 7 5 90 1 7
SAHS 2 7 2 7 7
SOE 3 7 3 7 7
SOPtd> 3 14 3 14 14

Circulation Rules

  1. Students must carry their College Identity Card with them at all times in a Library. Show their cards if a member of staff requests them to do so and it is compulsory to shown at the time of Issue/ Return of books.
  2. In case of misprint/ fade of photograph on your Identity Card, you have to show another photo ID proof (PAN Card, DL, Voter ID Card, Aadhaar Card and Passport etc.) to prove your identity. 
  3. Demanded books will be not re-issued and not interchanged. 
  4. Users can get books issued from any School Library (Except: SMSR & SDS).
  5. Members are responsible for all books borrowed against their Library cum ID Card.
  6. Books having same title will not be issued simultaneously.
  7. Reservation of books: Books will be reserved for two days only. In case, the student does not collect the reserve book within two days, then it will be issued to next student or will be transferred to general section.
  8. Borrower should bring the material physically to the Library for renewal.
  9. Borrower ID Cards are not transferable.
  10. All the students who want to return the books issued on their names are advised to wait until the books are shown as cancelled against their names.
  11. Broken ID Cards are not accepted in the library for issuing the books.  
  12. Damaged, marked, misplaced pages etc. of the book should be brought in the notice of Library         In-Charge at the time of issuing otherwise person who get it issued last time will be responsible.
  13. Books can be recalled any time in case of an urgent demand for the same, by the other users.
  14. Faculty and Staff members are requested to return or renew the overdue books within specified time limit.
  15. Students are also requested to clear their over-due books before commencing your End Term Examinations, other-wise Library will forward your dues to your concerned School for further actions. 

Overdue Charges:

  1. An overdue charge @Rs.5/- per day will be levied after the expiry of due date
  2. Maximum over-due charges would be three times the latest cost of issued book.
  3. Library will not provide any exemption on overdue charges during examinations, vacations and holidays etc.


  1. Visitor or guest member from other academic or research institute are allowed to use the library only for a short period with the prior permission from the Librarian. Guest member is required to produce proof of identification.
  2. Borrowing facility is not available to visitors.

Lost / Damaged Library Documents:

  1. Loss of Library cum ID cards and books should be reported to Librarian immediately in written.
  2. For lost or damaged book (e.g. Torned, page missing, lose of binding and wet book etc.), patron has to pay two times cost of the book along with overdue and other charges as applicable.
  3. Entire volume cost is recovered for the document which is a part of multi volumes/ issue set.


Library Procurement:


  1. Faculties are requested visit the Library after the allocation of subjects to check the availability of their required books. If desired books are not available in the Library than they are required to submit book recommendation form (Annexure: I) to the Library (Approved by the respective HODs) as earliest. 
  2. Students also recommend the books of their required subjects to Library on prescribed format (Annexure: II), Library will forward the same to concerned department for further actions.
  3. Faculties are requested to avoid local publication book’s for maintaining the Library standard.  
  4. Faculties are requested to give their required book quantity as per library policy “One Copy per Six Students”. If maximum syllabus is covered.
  5. Faculties are requested to prefer low price edition books for fulfilling the requirements of your concerned subjects. If your required book price is more than Rs. 5000/- Library will purchase only single copy.
  6. Medical, Bio-Tech & other costly books are purchased as per the basis councils requirements, there is not any price restrictions.   
  7. To fulfilling the requirement of council schools library books, the same will be purchase according to council; number of books and title.  
  8. Faculties are also requested to not to announce any particular author’s books for your concerned subject (Due to limited copies in Library), also suggest them alternate author’s book to students.
  9. The Library will prepare the final list (After cross checking the duplicacy) of books and obtain approval from the concerned authority within a week & forward the same to Procurement Department.
  • Journals & Magazines/ e-Journals:
  1. The department wise list of print and e-Journals (Annexure: IV) are complied and forwarded to the respective HODs before placing them in the Library committee meeting.
  2. New required Journals/ Magazines/ e-Journals will be subscribed by calendar year wise. 
  3. For renewal of previously subscribed Journals/e-Journals, review their usage statistic for continue or discontinue them. 
  4. Previous year Journals/ Magazines/ standards/ Acts issues etc. will be purchase as and when required.