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About Department

The Department boasts of state of the art treatment facilities. Currently, it is running an undergraduate and a post-graduate program. Each program are trained by means of lectures with ICT, demonstrations, tutorials, preclinical, laboratory, and clinical work. The training program is supervised by eminent faculty. The students are encouraged to attend continuing dental education programs/ workshops/ summits/ conferences etc. They are also motivated and guided for scientific presentations at specialty conferences and scientific publications in reputed journals. Here Under Graduate students on posting are being taught about the subject through clinical discussions and demonstration and are made to work on patients reporting to the department.

 The postgraduate section has adequate dental chairs with all modern amenities. The post-graduate program prepares qualified dentists to manage the full range of Dentofacial discrepancies which fall within the responsibility of the Orthodontics.  Department has the latest dolphin system and scanner and the latest model of Biostar machine.

Department is committed to excellence. Our aim is three-fold: imparting quality education, encouraging research work in the field of orthodontics and providing quality patient care at an affordable cost. We believe that doing our job with the highest standard of professionalism and ethics will go a long way in contributing in building the nation.

Awards & Achievements

Dr Dinesh Kumar Bagga (Professor& Head)

Course faculty in “National Integrated Typodont Workshop” organized by Indian Orthodontic Society at Institute Of Dental Sciences & Technology, Modi Nagar, Ghaziabad for 3 days from 28/08/2015-30/08/15.

Scientific paper presentation on “Need of Reporting Effect Size Measures in Quantitative Research in Dentistry Beyond P Value” in “29th Indian Society of Dental Research Conference 2016” at KGMU Lucknow, on 9th, 10th & 11th December 2016

Scientific paper presentation on “Determining clinical significance beyond statistical significance for clinical decision making in evidence based practice”  in “30th Indian Society of Dental Research Conference 2017”  at Centre for Dental Education and Research, All India Institute of Medical Sciences & Hotel Hyatt Regency, New Delhi on 30th September, 1st & 2nd October 2017

Guest lecture deliberation on “Determining the significance of the research results beyond p value” in Third International Craniofacial & Dental Summit 2018 at Tashi Namgay resort, Paro, Bhutan organized by Craniofacial research foundation on 4th, 5th & 6th March 2018

Participated as a panelist in a group discussion on “7th insight into orthodontic post graduate examination” organized by faculty of dentistry, Jamia Millia Islamia at Jamia Millia Islamia- A Central University, New Delhi on 25th march 2018.

Guest lecture deliberation on “Interpreting diagnostic tests beyond sensitivity and specificity” in Fourth International Craniofacial & Dental Summit 2018 at Mahaweli Reach resort, Kandy, Sri Lanka organized by Craniofacial research foundation dated 11th-15th December 2018

Participated as a panelist in a group discussion on “8th insight into orthodontic post graduate examination” organized by faculty of dentistry, Jamia Millia Islamia at Jamia Millia Islamia- A Central University, New Delhi on 25th January 2019

Guest lecture deliberation on “Errors & power in biostatistics” in 23rd IOS PG Students Convention 2019 at ITS Dental College, Hospital & Research Centre, Greater Noida (UP) on 21st - 24th February 2019

Dr. Poonam Agrawal (Professor)

Appointed as peer reviewer in European Journal of Orthodontics.

Dr. Hiten Kalra (Professor)

Contributor to the book “Viva-voce for final year students-Kriti Gupta” by Jaypee Publications.

Dr. Astitva Agrawal ( Postgraduate student Batch 2012-2015):-

Awarded 1st Prize for clinical case presentation (in CDE Program-“enigma of Class III malocclusion – different treatment modalities” ORTHOPGTECH 2014, held by Swami Devi Dyal Hospital and Dental College at Westen Court, Chandigarh, 13th April 2014)

Dr. Khyati Seth (Postgraduate student Batch 2012-2015):-

Awarded 1st Prize for poster presentation (poster titled “Digital forgery in Orthodontic records” at 17th IOS PG convention at TMA Pai Convention center, Mangalore, 28/02/13 to 03/03/13).

Awarded 1st Prize for poster presentation (poster titled “Digital forgery in dental records” at Delhi Dental Show, Pragati Maidan, 19/07/13 to 21/07/13).

Dr Sonam Chaudhary (Postgraduate student Batch 2017-2020)

Awarded 3rd Prize for paper presentation 4th International Dental Students’ Conclave CONNEXON 2019 at School of Dental Sciences, Sharda University, Greater Noida (UP) on 12th -14th April 2019

Seminars & Workshops

  • Clear Path-Orthodontics” on 30/08/2012.
  • K Line Aligner Course” on 16/09/2016
  • Know your lab equipment: “Biostar”, the pressure moulding machine on 04/10/2017


  • Clinical lab
  • Dolphin imaging system with scanner
  • Biostar machine

Research & Publications

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