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Ar. Bhupesh Garg

Assistant Professor, Architecture



Bhupesh Garg is an energetic Architect who utilizes a very interactive approach to teach the art of Sustainable Architecture and Green Buildings. He holds peculiar proficiency in Architectural, Green Buildings, and Interior departments. He has recently worked on a project i.e Thermal comfort for Informal Housing sector in shindevasti, Pune. He aims to bring Architecture education & Practice manifested sustainably through the research he works upon and would endeavor that all students he teach will urge to manifest their great Architect model within them.

  • 4 Years
  • B.Arch
  • PGD in Urban Planning & Development
  • M.Arch in Sustainable Architecture

  • Analytical Study of Micro Climate of Gwalior Integrating Bioclimatic Chart, Radiation Square, Wind Rose, and Sun Path Diagram to Evaluate Passive Design Strategies.
  • Influence of Socio-cultural factors on the evolution of traditional platform: The case of Pune region, India.
  • Jaali Screen: An aesthetic passive design technique (Study of its origin, purposes and behaviour)


  • IGBC Accredited Professional
  • Gem Certified Professional

Area of Interest

  • Sustainable Development, Green Buildings, Passive Architecture, Traditional Built form, Social Worker