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Master of Dental Surgery (Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge)

Master of Dental Surgery (Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge)

School of Dental Sciences (SDS)

  • Programme Code


  • Level

    Post Graduate

  • Duration

    3 Years

About the Programme

MDS- Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge is a three-year post-graduate programme dedicated to providing in-depth knowledge of restoration, implants and prosthesis procedures. The programme focuses on equipping students with the understanding of diagnosis and treatment of Maxillofacial Prosthodontics, manage orofacial defects, understand occlusal rehabilitation, treat craniofacial defects, and practice dental, oral & facial esthetics.

In addition, it introduces aspirants with the prevalence and prevention of craniomandibular system diseases related to Prosthetic dentistry. The coursework of the programme adopts ethical principles in all Prosthodontic practices, professional honesty and integrity. It fosters a sense of commitment in the students to provide treatment irrespective of social status, caste, creed or religion of the patient.The branch specializes in extensive clinical skills that focusses on basic, advanced and complex rehabilitations

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • PEO1: Training programme in Prosthetic dentistry including Crown & Bridge & Implantology is structured to achieve knowledge and skill in theoretical and clinical laboratory, attitude, communicative skills and ability to research with understanding of social, cultural, educational and environmental background of the society.
  • PEO2: To have acquired adequate knowledge and understanding of applied basic and systemic medical science, knowledge in general and particularly of head and neck.
  • PEO3: The postgraduates will be able to provide Prosthodontic therapy for patients with competence and working knowledge with understanding of applied medical, behavioral and clinical science, that are beyond the treatment skills of the general BDS graduate and MDS graduate of other specialties, to demonstrate evaluative and judgment skills in making appropriate decisions regarding prevention, treatment, after care and referral to deliver comprehensive care to patients.

  Program Outcomes (PO’s)

  • PO1:  Knowledge: Ability to diagnose and planned treatment for patients requiring a Prosthodontic therapy like tooth and tooth surface restorations, Complete denture Prosthodontics, removable partial denture Prosthodontics, fixed prosthodontics and maxillofacial and Craniofacial Prosthodontics, implants and implant supported Prosthodontics, T.M.J. and occlusion, craniofacial esthetic, and biomaterials, craniofacial disorders, problems of psychogenic origin.
  • PO2: Skills: Understand the prevalence and prevention of diseases of craniomandibular  system related to Prosthetic dentistry and the candidate should be able to restore lost functions of stomatognathic system namely mastication, speech, appearance and psychological comforts. By understanding biological, biomedical, bioengineering principles and systemic condition of the patient to provide a quality health care of the craniofacial region.
  • PO3: Attitude: Adopt ethical principles in all Prosthodontic practice. Professional honesty and integrity are to be fostered. Treatment to be delivered irrespective of social status, caste, creed or religion of the patient.
  • PO4: Communications: Should be able to communicate in simple understandable language with the patient and explain the principles of Prosthodontics to the patient. He should be able to guide and counsel the patient with regard to various treatment modalities available. Develop the ability to communicate with professional colleagues through various media like the Internet, e-mail, videoconference, and etc. to render the best possible treatment.
  • PO5: Lab Equipments and Materials : Laboratory technique management based on skills and knowledge of Dental Materials and dental equipment and instrument management. Perform clinical  and Laboratory procedures with an understanding of biomaterials, tissue conditions related to the prosthesis and have competent dexterity and skill for performing clinical  and laboratory procedures in fixed, removable, implant, maxillofacial, TMJ and esthetics Prosthodontics.


  • PSO1: Train the student to know the proper diagnosis and plan the treatment of various prosthodontics conditions
  • PSO2: Should able to offer the Prosthodontic line of treatment complete denture cases, partial denture cases fixed partial denture cases Maxillofacialcases and all types of implant treatment
  • PSO3:  Should able to select the specific dental materials based on their properties, manipulation and of Prosthodontic conditions
  • PSO4:  To encourage and promote innovation, research and publication and also to promote collaboration with various other universities and disciplines

This course is for individuals who...

can cope with the repugnant smell and sight during physical examination. It is for candidates who possess a strong mind and are compassionate towards others.

Students who are looking for...

obtaining a fulfilling career dedicated to patient care including restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance of teeth must opt for this programme.

Course Fee
For National Students
1st Year 769400
For International Students
Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
Eligibility Criteria
For National Students
  • As per DCI guidelines Must be NEET Qualified and allotted through UPDGME Uttar Pradesh Lucknow.
For International Students The eligibility criterion for all programs for international applicants is minimum 50% in the qualifying examination and having studied the pre-requisite subjects for admission in to the desired program.

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