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School of Basic Sciences and Research (SBSR)

Basic Science and Research are recognized as the single most important tool in creating a pool of thinkers and world leaders in Science and Technology. Science and Technology driven economy in the world has sustained an edge in developmental goals in the world. In India, basic science and research has gained popularity and relevance in higher education through various governmental initiatives like KVPY, NTSE, and setting up of institutions like IISER.

This year, IIT Kanpur and Sharda University are starting 4 year BS program in Science, an initiative which is in line with the global perspective in Science education. Students of science are being recruited in large numbers in Industry because of their intellect, their problem-solving skills and their understanding of basic concepts. Through a 4 year degree, such students of science would also receive due recognition in developed countries like USA and Canada.

The Sharda University is now opening its portals to students seeking a career in Basic Sciences by introducing a Five-years integrated Bachelor of Science/Master of Science (BS/MS) Programme in Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/Biological Sciences. The programme is designed as a blend of core science and interdisciplinary topics that will serve as a launching pad for attractive career opportunities in academia and industry.

The novelty of this programme lies in its interdisciplinary approach, strong flavour of engineering, exposure to disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, and a year-long research project. The students, after successful completion of four years, will have the option to exit with BS degree or continue for the MS degree with a specialization in a particular discipline. Students specializing in a particular discipline will be encouraged to take courses in other disciplines, thus maintaining the strong interdisciplinary flavour of the programme.

This programme is embedded in a mature and highly sophisticated research culture. The University has grown in an open and free academic environment where dedicated teaching, state-of-the-art laboratories, fast information networks and well-stocked libraries have come into being, aided by a flexible and enabling mode of administrative functioning. We believe that this unique academic environment is well positioned to impart high-quality training to inquisitive young minds.

Dean Message

Louis Pasteur rightly said that science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Fundamental science produces knowledge source for applied science to develop technology or techniques for practical human purpose. At School of Basic Sciences & Research we aim to develop Science education to serve two human purposes – to know and to do.
The school offers B.Sc.(Hons) in Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science & Technology and M.Sc. in Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Microbiology and Biotechnology. The curriculum provides comprehensive core courses of the programs in all areas of basic sciences - chemical, physical, mathematical environmental and biological sciences. The undergraduate and postgraduate courses are designed to develop the problem-finding and problem-solving abilities of students. Post graduate courses are tailor made to engage students in dissertations in gaining authentic experience in the third and fourth semesters. School holds regular conferences, seminars and symposia in research areas as well as workshops aimed at addressing fundamental issues in science education.
Our school is truly the place where imagination and research are bridged. Research infrastructure currently available at SBSR includes instrumentation facility, material research laboratory(MRL) and a modern library with access to many research journals and on-line databases. Our funding agencies include DST, MSME, MoES etc. With the extensive student support system, graduate and post graduate students aspiring to be researchers can focus their attention on their research activities.
The faculty and staff of SBSR are well recognized scholars, innovative researchers and award-winning teachers, and they are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and ideas with students. Through academic experimentation, faculty members with the necessary experience and students work closely together, making a strong bond that persists long after the course completion.
We look forward to welcoming many motivated individuals.

Prof. Bhaskar Bhattacharya  

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