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About Department

The department deals with prevention, diagnosis & treatment of diseases related to gums and structures around teeth. Here patients are being treated for bleeding gums, bad breath, mobile teeth, receding gums, swollen or enlarged gums, periodontal abscess, periodontitis etc. The Department offers routine procedures for the prevention and treatment of various periodontal diseases and specialized procedures such as Dental Implants

Awards & Achievements

  • Total Number of Patients treated since 2012 – Around 1,50,000
  • 60 Publications in peer-reviewed national and International journals
  • BDS Degree recognized by Dental Council of India
  • MDS Degree recognized by Dental Council of India with 3 seats
  • NAAC Accredited
  • Faculty invited as Guest Speaker and Panelist in various National and International Conferences
  • Faculty as reviewer in various scientific national and international journals
  • Faculty as member of editorial board in various national and international journals

Seminars & Workshops

  • CDE conducted- Diode Laser- A Magic Wand in 2012
  • CDE conducted - Implementing Dental implants in general practice- in 2015
  • Oral Hygiene Day Celebrated in August 2017
  • Oral Hygiene Day Celebrated in collaboration with Indian Society of Periodontology in August 2018
  • Oral Hygiene Day Celebrated in August 2019
  • Workshop on Advance Platelet Rich Fibrin In Collaboration With ISP Study Group-Delhi NCR Chapter in November 2019


The department has a total area 407.38 square meters and has an undergraduate & postgraduate section with 46 dental chairs. Undergraduate section has 34 dental chairs and Postgraduate section has 12 dental chairs.

Department has complete and latest diagnostic & surgical set of instruments for carrying out day to day OPD along with the state-of-the-art technology such as Soft Tissue Diode Laser, Piezosurgical unit, Centrifuge, RVG Sensor (for recording radiographs) for the treatment of patients. Apart from this it has fully equipped 2 sterilization rooms, Minor OT for surgical procedures and Implant surgeries. The department also provides facilities like patient Counseling Room, Discussion Room, Department Library, Seminar Room, Staff Rooms and Post - Graduate Room.

Research & Publications

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