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Sharda University encourages the responsible and judicious use of various social media platforms to connect with existing and prospective students, faculty members, employees, alumni, and the rest of the world. The university views social media platforms as excellent venues for mass communication, using tools and platforms to engage with candidates and students, conduct live discussions, and share content related to events, issues, accolades, organizations, and individuals associated with the university. The Social Media Policy of Sharda University defines the rules and procedures governing the law-abiding use of the university's social media accounts. It establishes a code of conduct and procedures aligned with the constitution of India, government rules, regulations, judicial decisions related to IT, cybercrime issues, and, most importantly, the university's ongoing policies.


Sharda University encourages the use of social media to connect with students, employees, alumni, and others. The policy outlines rules and procedures for the use of Official University Social Media Sites to ensure compliance with laws, guidelines, and university policies. The purpose is to govern how Sharda University's social media channels are used and to inform users of their obligations, roles, and responsibilities. The primary goal is to shield the university from any negative effects that might arise from social media use.

Section-2: SCOPE

This policy covers social media use by students, faculty, staff, alumni, consultants, and third-party service providers representing the university. It distinguishes between personal and official use, allowing academic freedom and the exchange of ideas while adhering to applicable laws and policies. The policy also clarifies that protected disclosures or whistleblowing are not covered.

Section-3: POLICY

- 3.1: Official University Social Media Sites must abide by state and federal laws, guidelines, and university policies. Only public information may be shared, and sensitive personal information must be promptly removed.
- 3.2: The University encourages freedom of speech but will not tolerate unlawful, slanderous, or obscene activity on Official University Social Media Sites. The University reserves the right to remove such content and refer cases to appropriate authorities.
- 3.3: All Official University Social Media Sites must respect intellectual property rights and adhere to The Copyright Act, 1957, and University policies.
- 3.4: Employee use of social media must comply with applicable University policies on behavior and the use of electronic resources.
- 3.5: Social media intermediaries must exercise due diligence to identify and address misinformation and content that violates rules and regulations.
- 3.6: Content on Official University Social Media Sites must comply with The Information Technology Act, 2000, ensuring accessibility for people with diverse capabilities.
- 3.7: University Social media sites must adhere to approved University branding standards.
- 3.8: Content posted on Official University Social Media Sites is subject to records retention policies.


Social Media: An internet-based service for communication and information sharing, including platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
Copyright: Protection of intellectual property rights in various fields.

Section-5: Guidelines for all types of engagement on social media on behalf of Sharda University

- Adherence to state and federal laws and university policies.
- Posting only public information.
- Avoiding sensitive and confidential information that may disrupt social harmony.
- No violation of the constitution of India.
- No disclosure of personal information causing harm or loss.
Other best practices include:
- Thinking twice before posting to maintain the university's stature.
- Avoiding controversial content and seeking guidance when unsure.
- Ensuring accuracy, protecting confidential information, and respecting copyright and fair use.

Section-6: Guidelines for departmental use of social media on behalf of Sharda University

In addition to Section-2 guidelines:
- Enhancing the university's reputation through thoughtful and discerning posts.
- Appropriately staffing social media efforts with staff and faculty.
- Moderating comments judiciously and avoiding advertising on inappropriate websites.

Section-7: Social Media Guidelines for the Public

To ensure productive, informative, and lawful exchanges, comments must be on-topic, non-spammy, free of personal attacks, legal, free of offensive language, and avoid sharing private or confidential information.


This policy will be reviewed and amended as needed.


The policy is comprehensive, covering various aspects and grounded in the IT Act 2000. It is not limited to the cited subjects and may include any relevant sections not mentioned