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Center of excellence

Center of excellence for  cyber security and cryptology- (Visit Website)

Centre aim at the promotion of interdisciplinary research as well as training and development in Cyber Security and Cryptology, which is supposed to act as a hub for all cyber security requirements, cutting-edge research activities to furtherance of knowledge for present and future requirements to fulfill the growing demand in the national and international arena. The aim is to provide a good blend of theory and industrial practice; necessary theoretical background, insight into general and technical aspects of Cyber Security, analytical methods, management practices and policy issues. The Centre focuses on research and teaching in all theoretical and applied aspects of Cyber Security and Cryptology as well as interdisciplinary interactions with Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and communication. The goal of this Centre is primarily to foster fundamental as well as demand-driven "research and applications in Cyber Security and Cryptology.

 The center also aims at providing a good blend of professionals having insight into general and technical aspects of Cyber Security. Such professionals are required in large numbers for managing and addressing safety issues in the broadband networks, the wireless signals around us and local networks of our educational system, health services, business networks, the massive grids that power our nation, the classified military and intelligence networks that keep us safe, and the World Wide Web that has made us more interconnected than at any time in human history.

Centre of Excellence for artificial intelligence in medicine, imaging & forensics

As the world is starting to see the exponentially increasing impact of the Artificial Intelligence revolution on all aspects of our lives, this centre with state of the art computing facilities and infrastructure  envisions to be a leading engine of rapid growth in research and applications of AI with combined strength of thousands of  students and faculty members from all the  fourteen  schools of the university in a single campus, thus providing a unique multidisciplinary advantage and opportunity.

The AI centre plans to utilize the multidisciplinary advantage of the University, especially the medical data available from the School of Medical Sciences & Research, School of Dental Sciences and School of Allied Health Sciences in generating path breaking research and applications of AI in medicine and healthcare.  The AI centre will also act as an artificial intelligence training hub for professionals and general public besides catering to the needs of Sharda community.  The centre is in vogue to develop collaborations with the industry and academia with both national and international partners.

Centre of Excellence for Solar Cell and Renewable Energy

The purpose of the center is to make worthwhile use of plastic in the energy sector.  With the ongoing work, the center will not be used for higher education purpose only but also for environment protection as this center in its initial stage of research has developed high efficient solar cell and super capacitor by converting waste plastic into graphene. The center  is taking long strides for Manufacturing Processes  using same waste plastic derived graphene carbon nanomaterial.

He further advised for some innovative ideas to uplift the center for futuristic research beneficial to society and the country at large.

Centre of Excellence- Sharda University Yunus Social Business Centre

Sharda University has set up a Centre of Excellence – Sharda University Yunus Social Business Centre as a Centre of Excellence that seeks to promote the concept of Social Business. This may be achieved by undertaking academic programmes, such as social business courses and degrees, undertaking action-research and research activities, organizing local/global social business design labs, seminars, workshops and competitions for students, business communities, policy makers, NGOs, and philanthropic organizations.

The Sharda University Yunus Social Business Centre can also arrange for participation in professional conferences, exchange visits and tours of social business, promoting documentation and publication of gathered experiences, using social media to make the experiences available globally. Networking with other YSBCs and social business entrepreneurs can also be available as part of the initiative.