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Admissions in Sharda

Study In India Sharda University

What is Study in India programme?

India is known to be the second largest educational hub in the world with multiple Universities & Colleges providing over 2600+ distinctive courses. The educational system has been designed to reach global standard learning. The outcome of this is evident through worldwide leaders who lead company giants such as Microsoft, Alphabet (formerly Google), Adobe, Starbucks, etc. This success led to the birth of 'Study in India'—an initiative by the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India in April 2018 to incorporate International students to study at the finest institutes of India. Through this programme, international students can avail 100% scholarship in Indian institutes. One can apply for admission to one of the top-notch Universities such as Sharda University which stands amongst the top 5% of Higher Education Institutes that were granted NAAC A+ Accreditation. Study in India Sharda University is the No. 1 University in India with the highest number of International students from 95+ countries.

Why Study in India?

India is an amalgamation of cultural diversity, innovation, and leadership. According to World Economy Ranking, India has attained the 5th largest economy in 2022. Some of the most prominent scientists, businessmen and CEOs are from India. This is because of the holistic education system here that balances theory and practical learning, thus elevating the student to the global standard. India has the largest democracy that embraces people across all countries and ethnicities.

Some of the reasons why you should study in India:

1. One of the largest education systems with top-ranking Universities. One of them is Sharda University that is been credited with NAAC A+. Only 5% of Higher Education Institutes in India have achieved that.

2. Multidimensional Education system with a perfect blend of theoretical & practical learning that includes innovative classes, industrial visits, seminars and alumni meets to keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

3. India is the second largest English-speaking country in the world enabling worldwide communication.

4. Courses are offered in every field including engineering, business management, medicine, arts, commerce, law, humanities and many more. You can find all these courses at Sharda University.

5. A land where diversity meets culture, cuisine, festivals, exotic locations, languages and people from different backgrounds. Sharda University is known to celebrate not only Indian festivals and Independence days but International ones as well.

6. Affordable cost of living. The cost of education in India is lower compared to other countries such as US, Australia, and UK.

7. Various historical inventions have been discovered and practiced in India. From the invention of zero, fiber optics, and architecture to games such as Chess. It also has the second-largest number of engineers and scientists working globally. Sharda University has been home to many innovative talents as well.

8. Yoga, which is one the most widely accepted practices in the world originated in India.

Fee Waiver & Scholarship Under Study In India Programme::

Fee Waiver is the reduction of tuition fees offered by the Indian Institutes registered under the Study in India scheme. In other words, scholarship. International students can avail 100% Scholarship/Fee Waiver of this facility based on the grades obtained in the Entrance exam. Keep in mind that the waiver offered through this scheme will only cover the tuition fees. It will not include costs such as hostel, food and additional expenses. Today, over 164 Indian institutes are offering more than 90,000 fee waivers, although the fee waivers differ from institute to institute. 

How to Study in India in 5 steps?

1. Register through the link below:

2. Set up a budget that is easy in your pocket.

3. Submit your Application. This includes personal details, academic information & choice of institutes.

4. Check your Outcome. Students are requested to wait and check their dashboards for the final result.

5. Fly to India for an enriching study experience

Avail Free Online classes to prepare you for the Study in India exam:

Sharda University is offering free online classes for International students to attend the entrance exam for the ‘Study in India Scholarship Programme’ and study at one of the premium Universities such as Sharda University. Situated in Delhi NCR, the University has been selected by the Study in India run by the Government of India.

Move one step closer to avail a 100% scholarship at a prestigious Indian University