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Virtual National Seminar on “Approach of Judiciary in Implementation of Alternative Dispute Resolution” on 09-10th April, 2021

07 Apr 2021

Sharda University School of Law (SUSOL) is organizing Virtual National Seminar on “Approach of Judiciary in Implementation of Alternative Dispute Resolution” on 09-10th April, 2021


Conflicts and disputes co-exist in the society. We cannot avoid conflicts but what is more important is how we manage or handle such conflicts. Legal recourse is one of the methods of conflict resolution, however is a protracted and costly affair and often unsatisfactory. Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an alternative to the adversarial system of legal proceedings. At present, the Judiciary is clogged with over 3 crore cases pending in various courts all over the country. Covid-19 pandemic has further posed challenges to the court proceedings.  The existing judicial system finds it difficult to cope with the ever-increasing burden of litigation. Such state of affairs calls for ADR to step in where the justice is delayed as the legal maxim goes “Justice delayed is Justice denied


  • To analyze critically the approach of judiciary in implementation of ADR 
  • To identify and understand the key challenges in effective implementation of ADR at various levels.
  • To explore and recognize role of law and society in dispute resolution. 
  • To create awareness about importance of ADR as a part of justice dispensing system.
  • To impart greater awareness about the alternative platform available to a litigant as oppose to conventional form of instituting a suit.
  • To understand Alternative Dispute Resolution in India is an attempt made by the legislators and judiciary alike to achieve the “Constitutional goal” to achieve complete justice in India.
  • To equip the law students and legal professionals with practical aspect of ADR techniques. 
  • To look for futuristic assessment of best practice in the area of ADR. 


  • The present seminar has been conceptualized with the objective of appreciating progress made by India in the sphere of ADR while creating space for discussion on matters pertaining to legal issues concerning implementation of Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism in India at various levels. 
  • In this background there is an incessant call to hold seminars, conferences, workshops, symposia and discussions to elicit valuable inputs from the ground so as to effectively shed light on the usage of the best practices of dispute resolution techniques. 
  • Enhance the understanding of the emerging scenario related to dispute resolution while providing an updated account of law incorporating the recent amendments in the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.
  • Offer an opportunity to experts from various stakeholders comprising of Researchers, Academicians, Law Experts, Negotiators, Diplomats, and students to come together and share their valuable opinions.

Chief Guest in Inaugural Session (Friday, 09th April 2021, 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm)

Honble Shri Justice Dipak Misra, Former Chief Justice of India, New Delhi


  • Honble Shri P.K. Gupta, Chancellor, Sharda University 
  • Honble Shri Y. K. Gupta, Pro- Chancellor, ShardaUniversity
  • Honble Mr. Prashant Gupta, Executive Director


  • Honble Prof. Sibaram Khara, Vice-Chancellor, ShardaUniversity


  • Prof. P.K. Malhotra, Former Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice, Distinguished Professor, School of Law, Sharda University 
  • Prof. Pradeep Kulshrestha, Dean, School of Law, ShardaUniversity


  • Dr. Rupendra Prakash Yadav, Associate Professor, SUSOL, Sharda University
  • Dr. Ritu Gautam, Assistant Professor, SUSOL, Sharda University.


  • Mr. Avinash Kr. Goswami, Research Scholar
  • Ms. Sanghapriya Ray, Research Scholar
  • Ms. Vinita Singh, Research Scholar
  • Mr. Sahil Lal, Research Scholar