Dr. Sweta Srivastav

Assistant Professor, Education



A young researcher with many publication . She did her Ph.D. in very short span . she has 7yrs of experience and taught many  under-graduate and  graduate fields of mathematics including mathematical software.


7 Years

  • Ph.D
Award & Recognition

  • Reviewer of British journal of mathematics and Computer Science and International journal of Engineering Research.
  • Board member & Reviewer of International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Modern Education (IJMRME)
  • Board member and reviewer of International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology.
  • Board member and revieweAr of International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology.


  1. 3-Equitable Prime Cordial Labeling of Some Graphs, Dr. Sweta Srivastav , Dr. Sangeeta Gupta, International Journal of Engineering Research Volume No.4, Issue No.3, pp 115 – 117 . ( Indexed , Impact factor 0.421).
  2. An Inventory Replenishment Policy under Condition of Permissible Delay in Payments with Limited Storage Capacity. Sangeeta Gupta, Sweta Srivastav, R.K. Srivastava, International Journal of Research in Management, Issue 5, Vol. 2 (March 2015) , 79-89. ( Indexed , Impact factor 2.14).
  3. A Study of Inventory System with Ramp Type Demand Rate and Shortage in The Light of Inflation-II, Sangeeta Gupta, Sweta Srivastav, R.K. Srivastava ,Volume 5 , Issue 6 ,June 2015 , International journal of Applied Research, 553-558, (Indexed , Impact Factor 3.6241).
  4. Cordial labeling for cycle with one chord and its related graphs, IJMMS June 2008, Vol. 1.
  5. Some new cordial graphs, International Journal of Scientific Computing.
  6. Cordial and 3-equitable labeling of cycle with twin chords, Proceedings ICETAETS (International conference of emerging technology), 1(2008), 905-907.
  7. Cordial labeling for two cycle related graphs. The Mathematics Students. 76(2007); 273-282
  8. Gracefulness of union of two path graphs with grid graph and complete bipartite graph, Proceedings ICETAETS, 1(2008) 616-619.
  9. Cordial and 3-equitable labeling of star of a cycle, Mathematics Today, 2(2008); 54-64.
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  11. Some classes of disconnected graceful graphs. Proceedings ICETAETS , 1(2008), 1050-1056.
  12. Some cycle related cordial graphs in the context of vertex switching,14(2010) AKCE journal( international) .


1. Received three edx online Certificate course on “ Linear Algebra- Foundation to Frontier”, “Discover Pre-calculus” , “Differential Equation”.

Area of Intrest

  • Graph Theory
  • Linear Algebra