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Subrata Sahana

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)


Mr. Subrata Sahana received his M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering form B.I.T.University, Mesra in 2010 and B.Tech degree in Computer Science & Engineering from WestBengal University of Technology in 2007.He was a Lecturer of Computer Science &Engineering department in RVSCET, Jamshedpur from 2007-08, in V.I.T. University as Asst. Professor from 2010-2012 and Galgotias University as Asst. Professor from 2012-2019. He is currently working as Assistant Professor at School ofComputing Sciences and Engineering, Sharda University and pursuing Ph.D from School of Computer and Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His research areais Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks, Pattern Matching, Bio-informatics and AlgorithmDesign. Mr. Subrata Sahana has published numerous papers in International journals andconferences including IEEE and Springer. He worked as organising team in various international conference, Faculty development Program and Workshop as well. He has experience in ABET, NAAC and NBA process as well.


  • 10.5 Years
  • PhD (P)
Award & Recognition

  • Guest Faculty in Institute of Accountancy - Arusha, Tanzania


  1. Chiranjib Chakraborty, George Priya Doss, Ritu Sharma, Subrata Sahana, Thumpi S. Nair, “Does Computational Biology Help us to Understand the Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution of Cluster of Differentiation (CD) Proteins?,” Springer Link, The Protein Journal ,February 2013, Volume 32, Issue 2, pp 143-154
  2. Subrata Sahana, Saurabh Mittal and Sarthak Jauhari,  “Pattern Mining in e-Learning” , CiiT International Journal of CiiT International Journal of Data Mining Knowledge Engineering Print: ISSN 0974 – 9683 & Online: ISSN 0974 – 9578, Issue : June 2011 , DOI: DMKE062011003
  3. Dibyendu Bhaumik and Subrata Sahana, “Motif Discovery Using Genetic Algorithm,” CiiT International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics, Print: ISSN 0974 – 9675 & Online: ISSN 0974 – 956X Issue : March 2010 , DOI: BB032010006. 
  4. Kishore Kumar SenapatiSubrata Sahana, and Gadadhar Sahoo, “An Efficient Pattern Matching Algorithm for Biological Sequences.” IPCV, page 755-759. CSREA Press, (2010).
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  6. Subrata Sahana, Sanjoy Das and Bimal Kumar Sarkar, “Principal Component based method for whole genome phylogenetic analysis without alignment: Application to HEV genotype.” International Conference on Computing, Communication & Automation (ICCCA), 2015 , Page(s): 984 - 989,DOI: 10.1109/CCAA.2015.7148518
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  9. Akash Vaibhav, Dilendra Shukla, Sanjoy Das, Subrata Sahana, Prashant Johri, “Security Challenge, Authentication, Application and Trust Models for Vehicular Ad hoc Network- A Survey” in International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies (IJWMT), ISSN: 2076-1449(Print), ISSN: 2076-9539(Online),DOI: 10.5815/ijwmt.2017.03.04 Article
  10. “To Enhance the Reliability and energy efficiency of WSN using new clustering Approach”, Vivek Kumar Singh, Rajesh Kumar, Subrata Sahana,ICCCA-2017, Page(s): 946 - 950,DOI: 10.1109/CCAA.2016.7813780
  11. “ARCHITECHTURE, APPLICATIONS AND SECURITY FOR IOV: A SURVEY”, Lata Yadav, Sudhanshu Kumar, Anil Kumar Sagar and Subrata Sahana, Presented in ICACCCN 2018
  12. “Energy Efficient Area Coverage Mechanisms for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks”, Sanjoy Das, Subrata Sahana, Indrani Das, Ram Shringar Raw, Swapnil  Singh, July 2019, Volume 107, Issue 2, pp 973–986 (SCI)
  13. “ Cluster Based Localization Scheme with Backup Node in Underwater Wireless Sensor Network”, Subrata Sahana, Karan Singh-DOI: 10.1007/s11277-019-06807-y (SCI)
  14.  Subrata Sahana, and Karan Singh. "Underwater Wireless Sensor Monitoring and Tracking Framework: Dolphin Preserving in the Ganges." International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 13.12 (2018): 10855-10860.
  15. Subrata Sahana and Karan Singh “Fuzzy Based Energy Efficient Underwater Routing Protocol”, Accepted and presented in International conference Netcrypt-2019 (SCOPUS)



Area of Interest

  • Data Structure and Algorithm Design
  • Computer Networks
  • Pattern Matching