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Dr. Stuti Gupta

Dr. Stuti Gupta

Assistant Professor, Dental Sciences


Dr. Stuti Gupta has completed her BDS from Sudha Rustagi Dental College, Faridabad in 2014 and MDS from ITS Dental College, Greater Noida in 2018. She has attended various conferences and workshops. She has publications in various national and international journals. She is a reviewer of various scientific national and international journals 

  • 4.5+ Year
  • MDS
  • BDS
Award & Recognition

  • Reviewer in :
    • 1.International Journal Of Research And Analytical Reviews-Member ID 115275.
    • 2.International Healthcare Research Journal.
    • 3.Journal of International Oral Health.
  • Guided thesis work for “Comparative study of job satisfaction of government and private hospital employees in Greater Noida” July 2019, Mr Pradeep Bansal, MBA (Hospital and healthcare Management).
  • Has been a consistent academic performer at Pt. B.D.Sharma University Of  Health Sciences (Rohtak) for four years in BDS (2009-14). University rank-5th,4th,3rd,4th respectively.
  • Got second position in E-poster presentation on Topic- DENTIN HYPERSENSITIVITY in colgate workshop in 2014.


Ongoing research project titled

  •  ” Efficacy of subgingival sodium cromoglycate fibre local drug delivery as an adjunct to scaling and root planing and its effects on matrix metalloproteinase -8 levels in gingival crevicular fluid among the patients of chronic periodontitis: A clinical and biochemical study”


19 publications

  • Gupta S,Chhina S,Arora S.A systematic review of biomarkers of gingival crevicular fluid: Their predictive role in diagnosis of periodontal disease status. JOBCR, Feb 2018,8;98–104
  • Chhina S, Gakkhar A, Gupta S,Sinha S,Sharma E.Assessment of Clinical Outcomes and Patient Response to Gingival Depigmentation by Scalpel Surgical Stripping and Diode Laser: A Randomized Split-Mouth Study. JOAOR Feb 2019,10(1);13-18
  • Tanwar D, Gupta S, Singh G.Clinico-radiological assessment of alveolar socket preservation using autogenous and alloplastic bone graft. IJSRR Apr-June2019,8(3);592-602
  • Sinha S,Gupta S,Tanwar D.Bone Morphogenic Proteins-A Healing Iota. International Journal Of Research And Analytical Reviews June 2019,6 (2);769-779
  • Tanwar D, Gupta S, Singh G, Agarwal A. An insight into various sinus lift techniques:A systematic review.  PIJR July 2019,8 (7);1-4
  • Sharma E, Gupta S,Sinha S,Tanwar D. Comparative analysis of low level laser therapy and iontophoresis in management of dentinal hypersensitivity:A randomized clinical trial. IJAR Aug 2019,9 (8);1-3
  • Sinha S,Sharma E, Gupta S. Role of Human Viruses In Periodontal Diseases. Paripex Aug  2019,8(8);1-3
  • Agarwal A,Gupta S,Tanwar D,Choudhary A. A Breadth Of View for lasers in Oral Surgery. GJRA Aug 2019,8 (8);1-3
  • Gupta S,Sharma E,Sinha S,Tanwar D,Mathur A. Periodontal Link With Obesity:Does it exist ? International Journal Of Dental and Health Sciences Aug 2019,6(3);1-6
  • Kumar R, Kalsi R, Gupta S, Gupta N. A Systematic Review on Sleep Related Disorders and Periodontal Disease. International Healthcare Research Journal  November 2019;3(8):250-259.
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, Management and Recent Advancements. Saudi Journal Of Oral and Dental Research Jan 2020,5(1):48-55
  • Antibiotics, Overuse and Prevention. International Journal Of Applied Dental Sciences. Jan 2020;6 (1):9-12
  • Siddharth.M,Sharma H,Gupta S The Possible Link Between Periodontitis and Oro-digestive cancer:An Overview.             Indian Journal Of Dental Sciences Apr-May 2020;12(2):109-112
  • Velegu GR,Gupta S.Role of Regenerative dentistry in the management of Endodontic amnd Periodontal Lesions. Journal Of Critical Reviews.May 2020;7(10):1240-1244
  • Srivastava S,Tandon P,Sharma H,Gupta S Comparative evaluation of Gingival Response following the placement of Light-Cured Dressing and Noneugenol Dressing after Periodontal Flap Surgery:A Clinical Study.Indian Journal Of Dental Sciences Oct 2020;12(4):204-208
  • Kaur S,Siddharth M,Gupta R,Gupta S.The    Effect Of Low- Level Diode (GaAlAs) Laser Therapy As An Adjunct To Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment In Subjects With Chronic Periodontitis – A Clinical Study.European Journal Of Molecular And Clinical Medicine.Feb 2021;8(2):958-973.
  • Gupta N,Verma S,Sharma S,Gill JS,Khurana A,Gupta S.Effectiveness Of 1.2% Simvastatin Gel as an Adjunct to Non-Surgical Therapy in The Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis: A Split Mouth Randomized Controlled Trial.International Healthcare Research Journal 2021;4(12):OR1-OR6
  • Gupta S,Sinha S,Sharma E,Sharma H,Srivastava S,Gupta R.Effect of Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy on Salivary Ph in Periodontal Disease: A Randomized Clinical Trial.Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International.2021;33(21B):12-17.
  • Gupta S,Chhina S,Sharma E,Sinha S,Mathur A,Gupta R.Comparative evaluation of Laser Biostimulation as an adjunct to NSPT and its effects on AST levels in the Management of  Chronic Periodontitis:A Randomized Controlled Trial.Journal Of International Oral Health.J Int Oral Health 2021;13:227-33.


  • Gingival Crevicular Fluid-An Eos Of Biomarkers Notion Press Publication-9781649194602.
  • Stem Cells and Periodontal Regenerative Therapy
  • Lambert Academic Publishing-978-6203024715.
  • Inflammatory Biomarkers In Periodontal Disease
  • Lambert Academic Publishing-9786203410167.
  • Periodontal Vaccines for the Management of Periodontal Diseases.
  • Lambert Academic Publishing-9786204190457


  • 27.09.15: Mesmerize With Composites: Dr. Madhav Murthy, Noida
  • 30.10.15: What Is Aggressive And Chronic Periodontitis, Hyderabad
  • 30.10.15-01.11.15: 40th ISP National Conference, Hyderabad
  • 20.11.15-22.11.15: 28th ISDR, Muradnagar, Ghaziabad
  • 19.02.16-21.02.16: 69th Indian Dental Conference, Delhi
  • 12.03.16-13.03.16: 15th ISP National PG Convention, Bhubneshwar
  • 27.09.16: Dentium Seminar, Faridabad
  • 21.10.16-23.10.16: 41st ISP National Conference, Nagpur
  • 08.11.16: CBCT: Revealing The Hidden Dimensions & 3-D Printing: Sculpting The Way It Is!!!, Greater Noida
  • 12.12.16: PCR, Muradnagar, Ghaziabad
  • 24.02.17-25.02.17, SOLA, Muradnagar, Ghaziabad
  • 24.03.17-26.03.17: 16th ISP National PG Convention, Manali
  • 31.01.2019: How To Plan, Write And Submit Project Proposals” , Research And Technology Development Center And School Of Basic Sciences And Research, Sharda University, Greater Noida
  • 5th-6th April 2019: Prp-And Its Applications” Organized As A Part Of 9th Annual Up-Uk Appicon 2019, By Dept. Of Physiology And Pharmacology, School Of Medical Sciences And Research, Sharda University, Greater Noida
  • 12th -14th April 2019: 4th International Dental Students Congress-Connexon 2019, School Of Dental Sciences, Sharda University, Greater Noida
  • 21st July 2019: Implantology Course :Immediate Implant Placement and Loading in Aesthetic Zone Alpha Bio Simplantology, Le Meridian, Delhi
  • 27th July 2019: Youthcon 2019- Adolescent & Menstrual Hygiene, SMSR , Sharda University, Greater Noida 
  • 3rd-4th Aug 2019: Integrate-2019 – Newer Perspectives In Lasers And Implantology, ISP Study Group – Delhi NCR, Radisson Blu, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi
  • 19th Nov 2019: Advance PRF Workshop, ISP Study Group-Delhi NCR, School Of Dental Sciences, Sharda University, Greater Noida
  • 4th Dec 2019: Symposium On Dental Implants, School Of Dental Sciences, Sharda University, Greater Noida
  • 11th Feb 2019:Viral Hepatitis In Dentistry, School Of Medical Sciences, Sharda University, Greater Noida

Area of Interest

  • Efficacy of subgingival sodium cromoglycate fibre local drug delivery as an adjunct to scaling and root planing and its effects on matrix metalloproteinase -8 levels in gingival crevicular fluid among the patients of chronic periodontitis: A clinical and biochemical study
  • Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of photodynamic therapy using 1% bioavailable curcumin gel and methylene blue in the non-surgical management of patients with Chronic Periodontitis-A case series of 5 cases.
  • Periodontal Medicine
  • Regenerative Periodontal therapy
  • Soft Tissue Lasers
  • Advances in Periodontal Diagnosis
  • Dental Implants