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Prof. Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain

Prof. Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain

Distinguished Professor, Life Science


Professor Seyed E. Hasnain is an active scientist, administrator, institution builder, and policy maker. He has been the First Director of CDFD, Hyderabad, Vice Chancellor of University of Hyderabad and Jamia Hamdard University. In his research career as an independent investigator, he has generated a very large number of citations (>11862) of his publications and has ‘H-index of 60, i-10 index of 202. Also ~20 of his papers have become citation classics (i.e. cited >100 times). An established investigator who has received a number of National/International Grants over the years.

  • 43 years
  • Ph.D,  D.Med.Sc., D.Sc. (h.c.)
Award & Recognition

National Science Chair  2021 Science And Engineering Research Board, India 
Fellow, AAM  2014 American Academy of Microbiology, USA 
Award of the Order of Merit of Federal Republic of Germany, Class 1  2014 Federal Republic of Germany, Germany 
ICMR Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Centenary Award  2011 ICMR, New Delhi 
FICCI Award  2010 FICCI, New Delhi, Given by the Prime Minister of India
Robert Koch Fellow  2009 Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany 
Humboldt Research Prize, Alexander  2008 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany 
Padma Shri  2006 National Civilian Award given by the President of India 
J.C. Bose Fellowship  2006 Department of Science & Technology, M/o S&T, GoI 
Dr.NityaAnand Endowment Lecture  2005 INSA 
Goyal Award  2004 Kurukshetra University 
Shri Om PrakashBhasin Award  2004 Shri Om PrakashBhasin Foundation for Science & Technology 
G D Birla Award For Scientific Research  2001 KK Birla Foundation 
Platinum Jubilee Lecture Award  1999 Indian Science Congress Association 
Ranbaxy Research Award  1997 Ranbaxy Research Foundation 
Golden Jubilee Biotechnology Fellowship Award  1997 Department of Biotechnology, Government of India 
Shanti SwarupBhatnagar Prize In Biological Sciences-  1995 CSIR, Govt. of India 


Selected Publications:

  • Quadir N, Shariq M, Sheikh JA, Singh J, Sharma N, Hasnain SE, Ehtesham NZ. Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein MoxR1 enhances virulence by inhibiting host cell death pathways and disrupting cellular bioenergetics. Virulence. 2023 Feb 14(1):2180230.
  • Shariq M, Quadir N, Alam A, Zarin S, Sheikh JA, Sharma N, Samal J, Ahmad U, Kumari I, Hasnain SE, Ehtesham NZ. The exploitation of host autophagy and ubiquitin machinery by Mycobacterium tuberculosis in shaping immune responses and host defense during infection. Autophagy. 2023 Jan;19(1):3-23. 
  • Selvapandiyan A, Puri N, Kumar P, Alam A, Ehtesham NZ, Griffin G, Hasnain SE. Zooming in on common immune evasion mechanisms of pathogens in phagolysosomes: potential broad-spectrum therapeutic targets against infectious diseases. FEMS Microbiol Rev. 2023 Jan 16;47(1
  • Quadir N, Singh J, Alam A, Malik AA, Rahman SA, Hira S, Ehtesham NZ, Sundar D, Hasnain SE. Evolution of SARS-CoV-2: BA.4/BA.5 Variants Continues to Pose New Challenges. Viruses. 2022 Nov 23;14(12):2610.
  • Sheikh JA, Malik AA, Quadir N, Ehtesham NZ, Hasnain SE. Learning from COVID-19 to tackle TB pandemic: From despair to hope. Lancet Reg Health Southeast Asia. 2022 Jul;2:100015. 
  • Ahmad F, Rani A, Alam A, Zarin S, Pandey S, Singh H, Hasnain SE, Ehtesham NZ. Macrophage: A Cell With Many Faces and Functions in Tuberculosis. Front Immunol. 2022 May 6;13:747799. 
  • Shariq M, Sheikh JA, Quadir N, Sharma N, Hasnain SE, Ehtesham NZ. COVID-19 and tuberculosis: the double whammy of respiratory pathogens. Eur Respir Rev. 2022 Apr 13;31(164):210264. 
  • Singh J, Rahman SA, Ehtesham NZ, Hira S, Hasnain SE. SARS-COV-2 variants of concern are emerging in India. Nature Medicine, 2021, 
  • Roy D, Ehtesham NZ, Hasnain SE. Is Mycobacterium tuberculosis carcinogenic to humans? The FASEB Journal 2021 DOI: 10.1096/fj.202001581RR 
  • Ehtram A, Shariq M, Ali S, Quadir N, Sheikh JA, Ahmad F, Sharma T, Ehtesham NZ, Hasnain SE. Teleological cooption of Mycobacterium tuberculosis PE/PPE proteins as porins: Role in molecular immigration and emigration. Int J Med Microbiol. 2021 Apr;311(3):151495. doi: 10.1016/j.ijmm.2021.151495. 
  • Shariq M, Quadir N, Sharma N, Singh J, Sheikh JA, Khubaib M, Hasnain SE, Ehtesham NZ. Mycobacterium tuberculosis RipA Dampens TLR4-Mediated Host Protective Response Using a Multi-Pronged Approach Involving Autophagy, Apoptosis, Metabolic Repurposing, and Immune Modulation. Front Immunol. 2021 Mar 4;12:636644. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2021.636644. PMID: 33746976; PMCID: PMC7969667. 
  • Ali S, Ehtram A, Arora N, Manjunath P, Roy D, Ehtesham NZ, Hasnain SE. The M. tuberculosis Rv1523 Methyltransferase Promotes Drug Resistance Through Methylation-Mediated Cell Wall Remodeling and Modulates Macrophages Immune Responses. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2021 Mar 12;11:622487. 
  • Singh J, Samal J, Kumar V, Sharma J, Agrawal U, Ehtesham NZ, Sundar D, Rahman SA, Hira S, Hasnain SE. Structure-Function Analyses of New SARS-CoV-2 Variants B.1.1.7, B.1.351 and B. Clinical, Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Public Health Implications. Viruses. 2021 Mar 9;13(3):439
  • Chakaya J, Khan M, Ntoumi F, Aklillu E, Fatima R, Mwaba P, Kapata N, Mfinanga S, Hasnain SE, Katoto PDMC, Bulabula ANH, Sam-Agudu NA, Nachega JB, Tiberi S, McHugh TD, Abubakar I, Zumla A. Global Tuberculosis Report 2020 - Reflections on the Global TB burden, treatment and prevention efforts. Int J Infect Dis. 2021 Mar 11:S1201-9712(21)00193-4. 
  • Shariq M, Quadir N, Sheikh JA, Singh AK, Bishai WR, Ehtesham NZ, Hasnain SE. Post translational modifications in tuberculosis: ubiquitination paradox. Autophagy. 2021 Mar;17(3):814-817. doi: 10.1080/15548627.2020.1850009. Epub 2020 Nov 24. PMID: 33190592; PMCID: PMC8032244 
  • Ramos J, Yoo C, Felty Q, Gong Z, Liuzzi JP, Poppiti R, Thakur IS, Goel R, Vaid AK, Komotar RJ, Ehtesham NZ, Hasnain SE, Roy D. Sensitivity to differential NRF1 gene signatures contributes to breast cancer disparities. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2020 Nov;146(11):2777-2815. 
  • Sheikh JA, Ehtesham NZ, Hasnain SE. Revisiting BCG to control tuberculosis: mucosal delivery and delipidation? Lancet Infect Dis. 2020 Mar;20(3):272-273.
  • Chakaya JM, Marais B, du Cros P, Ntoumi F, Mfinanga S, Kapata N, Hasnain SE, Nathavitharana R, Zumla A. Programmatic versus personalised approaches to managing the global epidemic of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Lancet Respir Med. 2020 Feb 27 
  • Pandey V, Singh P, Singh S, Arora N, Quadir N, Singh S, Das A, Dudeja M, Kapur P, Ehtesham NZ, Elangovan R, Hasnain SE. SeeTB: A novel alternative to sputum smear microscopy to diagnose tuberculosis in high burden countries. Sci Rep. 2019 Nov 12;9(1):16371. 
  • Kumar A, Alam A, Grover S, Pandey S, Tripathi D, Kumari M, Rani M, Singh A, Akhter Y, Ehtesham NZ, Hasnain SE. Peptidyl-prolyl isomerase-B is involved in Mycobacterium tuberculosis biofilm formation and a generic target for drug repurposing-based intervention. NPJ Biofilms Microbiomes. 2019 Jan 15;5:3. 
  • Grover S, Sharma T, Singh Y, Kohli S, P M, Singh A, Semmler T, Wieler LH, Tedin K, Ehtesham NZ, Hasnain SE. The PGRS Domain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis PE_PGRS Protein Rv0297 Is Involved in Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Mediated Apoptosis through Toll-Like Receptor 4. mBio. 2018 Jun 19;9(3). 
  • Battu S, Afroz S, Giddaluru J, Naz S, Huang W, Khumukcham SS, Khan RA, Bhat SY, Qureshi IA, Manavathi B, Khan AA, August A, Hasnain SE, Khan N. Amino acid starvation sensing dampens IL-1β production by activating riboclustering and autophagy. PLoS Biol. 2018 Apr 5;16(4):e2005317. 
  • Ahmad J, Farhana A, Pancsa R, Arora SK, Srinivasan A, Tyagi AK, Babu MM, Ehtesham NZ, Hasnain SE. Contrasting Function of Structured N-Terminal and Unstructured C-Terminal Segments of Mycobacterium tuberculosis PPE37 Protein. mBio. 2018 Jan 23;9(1). pii: e01712-17.