Dr. Sangeeta Gupta

Assistant Professor, Mathematics


Able to work efficiently and carefully, hard worker and organized, responsible and honest friendly and cheerful, disposition, hospitality and excellent service spirit. I have more than 14 year experience of teaching in graduate and post graduate level.

 As my basic functions I consider to have in me cultural team work as quality and culture on productivity, domain of techniques and strategies in selling planifications and the most important to work on determination of goals.


  • More than 14 years
  • Ph.D
Award & Recognition

  • PARS F- 2016 Level 1.
  • PARS F- 2015 Level 2.
  • Students feedback- 2016 Secured more than 95% feedback in SBSR.
  • Appointed as a judge at Kendriya Vidyalaya Greater Noida, 23/10/17 to 25/10/17 for the team of child scientists in “A Programme of National Council for Science & Technology Communication Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.
  • External paper setter of TMU, Moradabad.
  • Reviewer of the journal “International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts”.
  • Reviewer of the journal “International Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering & Multidisciplinary Present-day Sciences”.
  • Board member and reviewer of International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology.
  • Reviewer of the journal "International Journal of Engineering Research".
  • Reviewer of the journal “European Journal of Operational Research”.
  • Received VISHISHT SHIKSHAK PURASKAR on teachers day for excellent performance in the academic session 2007-08.


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  • Introduction to Applied Biostatistics Statistics for Medical Research 6 weeks course end 28 March 2017.
  • Data Science Orientation 6 weeks course end 31 Dec. 2016.
  • Combinatorial Mathematics 12 weeks course end 30 Dec. 2016.
  • Discovery Precalculus A Creative and Connected Approach  15 weeks course end 16 Dec. 2016.
  • Introduction to Differential Equations  11 weeks course end 2 April 2015.

Area of Interest

  • Operation Research, Transformation Techniques, Real Analysis, Matlab.