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Dr. Rishibha Bhardwaj

Dr. Rishibha Bhardwaj

Associate Professor, Dental Sciences


I am Dr. Rishibha Bhardwaj BDS , MDS in Orthodontics. Currently I am working as Associate Professor in Sharda school of Dental Sciences. I have an experience of around 7 years both academically and clinically. I am a keen learner and keep myself updated with all the advanced techniques pertaining to the field of Orthodontics.

  • 7 years
  • MDS
  • BDS
Award & Recognition



  • Kumar GS, Kashyap A, Raghav S, Bhardwaj R, Singh A, Guram G. Role of text message reminder on oral hygiene maintenance of orthodontic patients. J Contemp Dent Pract Jan 2018, 19(1):98-101.
  • Singh RR, Verma P, Pradhan D, Bhardwaj R, Kour S. To evaluate the relationship between maxillary and mandibular apical base lengths and the severity of dental crowding or spacing present in class II malocclusion subjects: An in-vitro study. J Clin Exp Dent Jan 2019, 11(1):e49-e54.
  • Yadav RS, Mahajan T, Sangur R, Singh N, Sahare P, Chauhan M, Matsyapal C, Bhardwaj R. Computer Aided Photogrammetric Analysis of the Dental and Facial Midline Relationship: A Clinical Study. Int J Scient Stud Dec 2014, 2(9):79-82.
  • Yadav RS, Mahajan T, Sangur R, Chauhan M, Sahare P, Bhardwaj R. Life like silicone thumb prosthesis- overcoming a social stigma: A case report. Int J Enhan Res Med Dental Care Nov 2014, 1(9):1-7.
  • Pratik, Arora A, Sachan A, Parihar A, Singh A, Bhardwaj R. Evaluation of pharyngeal airway dimension in different maxillomandibular sagital relationship- A cephalometric study. Int J Scient Res Mar 2016 ,5(3):672-5.
  • Pratik, Singh RR, Bhardwaj R, Tuteja G, Harsimran, Bhadauria AS. Prevalence of malocclusion among Kanpur adoloscents. Int J Scient Res May 2016, 5(5):331-3.
  • Bhardwaj R, Singh A, Thakral R, Shukla P, Verma P, Yadav S. Evaluation and comparison of different skeletal and dental parameters in patients with class II malocclusion: a cephalometric study. J Res Adv Dent 2019, 9(3):158-61.
  • Bhardwaj R, Jain S, Raza , Dhanare P, HasanS, Jha U Assessment of prognosis of self drilling orthodontic mini implants : an observational study. J Res Adv Dent 2020;10:4:168-71.
  • Singh A, Pattabiraman V, Mohammed L, Bagga DK, Shahi PK, Bhardwaj R. Serum osteocalcin levels compared with cervical maturational stages as growth indicators: An in-vivo study. Int J Health Sci 2022; 6(S3):12008–19.
  • Agarwal P, Shahi PK, Gangadharappa P, Bhardwaj R, Singh A Defining periodontology in eras. Int J Health Sci 2022; 6(S5), 2672–6.
  • Ashutosh W, Verghese Y, Mohammed A, Devanna R, Bhardwaj R, Sahu A, et al. A comparative evaluation of nickel-titanium wires and clear aligners in the management of mandibular incisor crowding. J Orthodont Sci 2023;12:21.
  • Singh A, Bhardwaj R, Raza M, Jain S, Kothari R, Singh B. Evaluation Of Leptin Concentration With Orthodontic Tooth Movement. Res Militaris ,2023 13(3) : 1022-7.

Area of Interest

  • Self ligation Bracket System (damon)
  • Clear Aligners