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Dr. Noopur Srivastava

Dr. Noopur Srivastava

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Experienced in design and synthesis of antitubercular molecules, lead identification and optimization of new chemical entities (NCEs) as antitubercular agents, multistep synthesis of biologically important antitubercular hybrids and development of new synthetic methodologies for the synthesis of bioactive and pharmaceutically important molecules.

Earlier associated as Research Scientist with the Synthesis Division of  a leading CRO for  2 years where she was actively involved in the designing and synthesis of biologically important scaffolds, intermediates and reference compounds.


14 years of teaching & 2 yrs of industry experience

  • No. of B.Sc/M.Sc. dissertation guided : 18
  • No. of PhDs guided : 02(ongoing)
  • NET(CSIR-UGC), PhD Central Drug Research Institute(CDRI, CSIR) Lucknow
Award & Recognition

  • Best Teacher Award by Sharda University
  • Reward of INR 10,000 twice on successful completion of online NPTEL courses in Chemistry for higher education faculty on Swayam portal. 
  • Reviewer of Peer reviewed Journals


  • Yogesh, R., Srivastava, N. and Mulik, B.M., 2023, February. Efforts to Replace Methylene Chloride in Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry. In Macromolecular Symposia (Vol. 407, No. 1, p. 2100502).
  • Design, Synthesis and Anticancer Activity of Novel Methoxycyclohexyl Nicotinamides, B. Mulik, N. Srivastava, D. Pendharkar( accepted in Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry)
  • Yogesh, R., Srivastava, N. and Abbas Bukhari, S.N., 2022. COVID-19 Challenge: A Quest for Effective Vaccine Strategies Against Circulating and Emerging SARS-CoV-2 Variants. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 28(35), pp.2901-2913.
  • Some recent advances in Nitrogen and Sulphur containing antituberculars Noopur Srivastava, Baban Mohan Mulik, Dhananjay Pendharkar, Volume 3, Issue 2,December, 2022, Anvesha, 11-16, e-ISSN 2582 6719,
  • Biochar – Environmental Effects and applications: An Overview, Noopur Srivastava, Priya Yadav, Nisha Saxena, Volume 3, Issue 2,December, 2022, Anvesha 17-130, e-ISSN 2582-6719,
  • Sonicated chemical synthesis for energy efficient production of Hexahydro-1H-quinazolin-2-thiones, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2022, Nisha Saxena, Anupama Anjali, Abhay Nanda Srivastava, Noopur Srivastava, Riya Middha,
  • Adoption of green methodology in industry for the synthesis of Sildenafil citrate & Celecoxib: A case study Materials Today: Proceedings 2022, Nisha Saxena, Noopur Srivastava, Amar Kumar, Anupama Anjali.
  • Saxena, N., Rastogi, K. and Srivastava, N., 2022. Development of industrial efficient asymmetric synthesis of endothelin-A antagonist ABT-546: A case study based on green chemistry perspective. Materials Today: Proceedings, 49, pp.3388-3391.
  • Recent Advances in Tetrazole Derivatives as Potential Antiviral Agents Asian Journal of Chemistry; Vol. 33, No. 11, 2021, 2599-2607, Ruchika Yogesh, and Noopur Srivastava,
  • The Chemistry of Tetrazoles: An Important Pharmacophore for Many Leading Drugs and Future Drug Candidates, Nisha Saxena, Noopur Srivastava, Usman Mubarak Mahmoud, Saudat Muhammad Abubakar, Kapil Rastogi, Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Vol. 31 - Number 2 (Apr-Jun 2021) 155-175,
  • An Overview of Fungal Co-infection Events Associated with Covid-19, Ruchika Yogesh, Noopur Srivastava, Anvesha, Volume 2, Issue 1, June 2021, e-ISSN 2582-6719,
  • The Drug Discovery Development for Treatment of Tuberculosis Nisha Saxena, Noopur Srivastava, Poonam Shukla, Govind Kumar Tripathi, Journal of Drug Delivery & Therapeutics. 2019; 9(3-s):802-819,
  • Srivastava N., Gaikwad A., Sinha S., Dikshit D.K. Synthesis and antitubercular activities of benzofurochromen-6-one derivatives: Antiinfective Agents, 2012, 10, 6-14).
  • Kumar A., Srivastava N., Dikshit D. K., Synthesis and Antitubercular activities of BenzoFuro-Chromene-6-one derivatives: Medicinal Chemistry Research, 2010, Vol 19, S50-51.
  • Srivastava S., Srivastava N. and Dikshit D. K. Synthesis of (2R, 5S, 7S)-7-
  • Amino-8-Oxo-1-Aza-3-Oxa-Bicyclo--Octane-2-Carboxylate:A novel bicyclic 5,5-Fused λ-lactam. - Medicinal Chemistry Research, 2003, Vol 12, No.6/7 399.

Book Chapters

  • Book name – “Antidiabetic Plants: Properties and Applications” by Nova Science Publishers , Chapter 8. Assessment of the Antidiabetic Properties of Zanthoxylum Armatum
    Noopur Srivastava, Nisha Saxena and Chhaya Dagar, 2023
    ISBN: 979-8-88697-957-2
  • Book name – “Antidiabetic Plants: Properties and Applications” by Nova Science Publishers , Chapter 10. Azadirachta Indica as an Antidiabetic Plant: Current Status and Future Prospects, Noopur Srivastava, Nisha Saxena and Chhaya Dagar, 2023
    ISBN: 979-8-88697-957-2
  • Book name - "Microbial Fuel Cell: Electricity Generation and Environmental Remediation" by Nova Publishers, USA, 2022, 23-56, Removal of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons Using Microbial Fuel Cells, Ruchika Yogesh, Noopur Srivastava,,  
  • Book name - "Microbial Fuel Cell: Electricity Generation and Environmental Remediation" by Nova Publishers, USA, 2022, 157-192, A Detailed indisght towards the role of Microbial Fuel Cells for Pharmaceutical Watewater Treatment, Ruchika Yogesh, Noopur Srivastava, 
  • Book name - “Nanotechnology-based Sensors for Detection of Environmental Pollution”  by Elsevier, Pharmaceuticals and other emerging contaminants detection by nanotechnology-based sensors, Noopur Srivastava, Mridula Guin, Sarita Srivastava, (under publication)
  • Book name - The Wellness Molecule:Bioactive Compounds and their
    Health Benefits by SAAR Publications, Quinolines in the Treatment of Malaria, Usman Mubarak, Noopur Srivastava, Nisha Saxena, ISBN – 978-81-958117-8-6, Edition – September 2023
  • Book name - The Wellness Molecule: Bioactive Compounds and their Health Benefits Bioactive Compounds for Skin and Beauty, Nisha Saxena, Anupama Anjali & Noopur Srivastava, ISBN – 978-81-958117-8-6, Edition – September 2023


MOOCs certificate –

  • Completed 12 weeks NPTEL course titled “Reagents in Organic Synthesis” from Sept 14th 2020 to December 4th, 2020
  • Completed 12 weeks NPTEL course titled “Principles of Organic Synthesis” from July 29th to October 18th, 2019
  • Completed 4 weeks NPTEL course titled “Bioreactors” Jan-Feb 2019.
  • Completed 2 weeks edX course on “Steel” June 2015.

Refresher Course & Induction Program -

  • Completed ARPIT Refresher Course in Chemistry for Higher Education, 2020 with A Grade
  • Completed "Online Induction Training/Orientation Programme" for Faculty in Universities/Colleges/Higher Educational Institutions (held from 04th June 2020 to 01st July 2020) by Teaching Learning Centre (TLC), Ramanujan College, University of Delhi with A+ Grade
  • Teachers e-kit(MOOC prepared) -
  • Friedel Crafts Reaction : Mechanism and Applications – a Teachers e-kit(e-content in four Quadrants format) in Chemistry at GAD-TLC of MHRD under PMMMNMIT, 2020

Membership -

  • Lifetime membership of Indian Society of Chemists & Biologists(ISCB), LF1128/2021
  • Lifetime membership of Indian Science Congress (Membership No. L43283)
  • Lifetime membership of Indian Association of Nuclear Chemists and Allied Scientists(IANCAS), BARC, (Membership No. LM-1818)
  • Lifetime membership of Society for Material Chemistry(SMC), BARC, (Membership No. LM 1891)
  • Member Editorial Board Anvesha a biannual multidisciplinary journal.

Seed Fund -

  • “Synthesis of Size Selective Azamacrocycles for removal of Heavy Metals ions from Aqueous Medium” Noopur Srivastava(PI), 2019, Sharda University

Area of Interest

  • Experienced in multistep organic synthesis, lead identification and optimization of new chemical entities (NCEs) of biological importance, scaffolds, intermediates and reference compounds.