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Dr. Harikrishnan M

Dr. Harikrishnan M

Assistant Professor, Education


Dr. Harikrishnan M was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Education University of Kerala and holds a Doctorate in Education (2019) from the University of Kerala. Participated and presented a paper in national and international seminars in capacitance as author and resource person for educational psychology. Currently working in School of Education, Sharda University, Greater Noida

  • 5 years
  • Ph.D. (Education)
  • M.A.(Sociology)
  • M.Sc.(Chemistry)
  • M.Ed. (Science Education)
Award & Recognition

  • UGC Junior Research Fellowship and Senior Research Fellowship Department of Education University of Kerala.
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship Department of Education University of Kerala
  • Mawdev Laurel Award



  • Authored Translated Poetry work of Rajeev Puliyoor into English from Malayalam.  Seven Seas and Uncountable stars ISBN: 978-93-5473-279-9 available in Amazon Kindle and KDP
  • YOGA: An Effective intervention Strategy for Reducing Anxiety and Depression ISBN 978-93-93306-03-6 Confidence Publishers
  • Theories of Public Administration. A Basic Read ISBN 9786203856514 Available in More books
  • “A BOOK FOR B.ED STUDENTS PHYSICAL SCIENCE EDUCATION” ISBN 978-93-5407-367-0 Confidence press Trivandrum

Edited books

  • International Edited book Performance Appraisal of Public Transport System of Kerala (KSRTC) Project with Potential Recommendations ISBN 9786200427211 Lambert Publishers, Germany
  • Edited book on ‘Perspectives of Higher Education  by orange books publication  ISBN 978-93-90837-66 available in Amazon
  • Papers
  • Published paper entitled “Relationship Between Attention and Visuo-Spatial Working Memory Among Prospective Teachers in Kerala” in International Peer reviewed UGC journal Education Times APH Publishing Corporation Jan 2018 ISSN : 2319-8265
  • Published a paper entitled “Multiple Intelligence and Psychosocial Adjustment of Higher Secondary Learners” 2018 IJCRT | Volume 6, Issue 2 April 2018 | ISSN: 2320-2882  UGC care listed journal
  • Published a paper entitled “Leadership Potential and Psychosocial Adjustment of Higher Secondary Learners” in GCTE Journal of research and Extension in Education vol. 13 issue 1 January 2018
  • Published paper on Technological Evolution and Digital Environs In education for Digital Learners and Teacher Educators In UGC Approved Research Discourse Journal with Impact Factor 2.47 June 2017
  • Published a paper entitled “Relationship Between Perception and Episodic Working Memory of Prospective Teachers In Kerala” in Edu World International peer reviewed refereed journal UGC recognized journal Vol. XII No 4 April 2018
  • Published an article entitled “Scientific Expositions in Soundarya Lahiri” in the peer reviewed and refereed journal Excellence international journal of scientific research from Aligarh Muslim University.,1 (4)p 7-11 ISSN 2394-4242
  • Published paper entitled “Fostering Scientific Temper In Indian Society: Role of KSSP & Conferences” in international academy of science engineering and technologys journal International journal of humanities and social science (IJHSS) ISSN(P): 2319-393X; ISSN(E): 2319-3948 Vol. 3, Issue 5,sep 2014, 95-100
  • Published Paper Entitled “Edifying Quality In Teacher Education Through Reforms” in the IMPACT: International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature (IMPACT: IJRHAL) ISSN(E): 2321-8878; ISSN(P): 2347-4564 Vol. 2, Issue 8, Aug 2014, 35-40
  • Multiple intelligence and Psychosocial adjustment of higher Secondary learners 2018 IJCRT | Volume 6, Issue 2 April 2018 | ISSN: 2320-2882

 Edited Book Chapters

  • Contributed an Edited book chapter on ‘Value Education For Indian Publisher Vishwaprakashan Agra
  • ‘Covid 19 pandemic a Litmus test for  education Bestow publisher Mumbai ISBN
  •  Women empowerment challenges and strategies  Booksclinic publishing ISBN  978-81--943829-2-8
  • ‘ICT in Education A Rhetoric Chapter in Technology Learning for Next Generation Edited by Chetan Jayanthibai Bharathi, Krishna Publication House Gujarat ISBN 978-81-947388-3-1
  • ‘Educational Apps the future and present An Overview in the book Innovations in Digital Learning Edited by Dr A Catherien Jayanthy Krishna publication Gujarath ISBN 978-81-947388-7-9
  • ‘Extent of Use of Online Resource Among Prospective Teachers in book Teaching Learning Online- Strategies and Select Concerns Editor Dr Sameer Babu M APH Publishing Corporation ISBN 958-93-89875-90-4
  • ‘Sustainable Development for the Future in Management Strategy of Natural Resources editor Prem Sonwal ISBN 978-93-84534-54-3
  • An Edited book Chapter “ Perspectives of Vocational Education “ in the book ‘An Introduction to vocational Education by  APH Publisher, NewDelhi ISBN 978-93-89875-95-9


  • SET(Sociology)
  • SET (Chemistry)
  • CTET
  • KTET
  • DCA

Area of Interest

  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Sociology
  • Educational Technology
  • Educational Administration
  • Ethnography and cultural Education