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Dr. Geeta Durga

Dr. Geeta Durga

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Dr. Geeta Durga is currently working as a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. In addition to this she has recently been given the additional responsibilities of Chairperson, Career Counseling Centre of Sharda University. She has total experience of about  20 years of teaching chemistry and has been associated with Sharda group since the beginning. She has been the founder Head of the Department and successfully completed her tenure till February 2019. 

Being a passionate teacher, she believes that teaching is not merely restricted to making the students understand the underlying concepts of a course but also to learn new techniques, develop critical thinking and evaluate alternate approaches for problem-solving. She always try to be approachable to the students by being available outside the classroom for meaningful academic and personal discussions. She always put her efforts towards the overall developments of her students. She has convened/organizing more than 50 co-curricular/Extracurricular events for the benefit of students in the past 5 years.

Administratively, besides being the founding HOD for  a long time,  she has remained an active member of various committees such as ICC, anti ragging, flying squad, library committee, proctorial board and Coordinator of coding Committee, coordinator of Time-  Committee, coordinator of Cultural Committee, coordinator of Mentoring committee of the school and many others from time to time.

As a Researcher, she keeps keen interest in areas of polymer Chemistry, Biomaterials and optoelectronic materials for various applications. She has published various papers in Journals and book chapters in books of international reputes. She has guided a number of M.Sc. dissertations and B.Sc. projects. She is also guiding 3 Ph.D. students.

  • 20 Years
  • Ph.D.-Polymer Chemistry GGS Indraprastha University, 2013.
  • UGC-CSIR (NET) Qualified for lectureship in May 2000.
  • Post Graduate Diploma  in Computer Applications, 2004.
  • Bachelors of Education (B.Ed), 2001.
  • M.Sc.-Organic Chemistry, 2000.
  • B.Sc.-Botany, Chemistry, and Zoology, 1998.
Award & Recognition

  • Obtained half month salary as reward for good "PARS-F"(Performance Appraisal for faculty) for the session 2013-14 and 2014-2015.
  • Obtained a letter of appreciation from Sharda University for best teaching
  • Consistent good students feedback (Avg.>85)


Research Articles:

  1. A. H. Mijinyawa, G. Durga, and A. Mishra Ultrasonic assisted synthesis of taro polysaccharide-g-PAM/bentonite hydrogel for efficient MB dye adsorption from aqueous Solutions, (Submitted)
  2. G. Durga, P. Kalra, V. K. Verma, Kanjur Wangdi, and Anuradha MishraIonic liquids: From a solvent for polymeric reactions to the monomers for poly(ionic liquids), J. of Mol Liq, (IF=5.065)
  3. G. Durga, V. K. Verma, R. Tomar, R. Prajapati, V. Chauhan and N. Aggarwal, Optoelectronically Active Luminescent Valine-Substituted Perylene Diimide: Structure-Property Correlation via Spectroscopic and Density Functional Approaches, J. Phy. Org. Chem., (IF=1.536)
  4. A. H. Mijinyawa, G. Durga and A. Mishra, Cationic Dye Removal using a Newer Material Fabricated by Taro Mucilage-g-PLA and Organobentonite clay, Mater. Today: Proceedings (2019)
  5. A. H. Mijinyawa, G. Durga and A. Mishra, Evaluation of thermal degradation and melt crystallization behavior of Taro mucilage and its graft copolymer with poly(lactide), SN Appl. Sci., 1 (2019) 1486.
  6. A. H. Mijinyawa, G. Durga and A. Mishra, A sustainable process for adsorptive removal of methylene blue onto a food grade mucilage: Kinetics, thermodynamics, and equilibrium evaluation. Int J. of Phytorem, (2019) DOI:
  7. V.K. Verma, G. Durga, S.P Jagannath, R. Kumar and R.K.Verma, Selenium bearing 24- and 28-membered macrocyclic schiff bases: syntheses and electrochemical behavior, Int. J. Curr. Adv. Res., 8 (2019) 16943-16945.
  8. A. H. Mijinyawa, G. Durga and A. Mishra, Isolation, Characterization, and microwave assisted surface modification of Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott mucilage by grafting polylactide. Int. J.  Bio. Macro., 119 (2018) 1090-1097. (IF= 5.162)
  9. G. Durga and A. K. Narula, Synthesis and Characterization of Diamide–Diimide–Diamines Based on p-Amino Benzoic Acid and Their Curing and Thermal Behavior with Epoxy Blends Containing Phosphorus/Silicon in the Main Chain, J. App. Polym. Sci., 124 (2012) 3685–3694. (IF= 2.52)
  10. G. Durga and A. K. Narula, Curing and Thermal Behaviour of Diamide-Diimide-Diamines based on L-phenylalanine with Epoxy Blends Containing Phosphorus/Silicon in Main Chain, J. Therm. Anal. Calori., 109 (2012) 345-353. (IF= 2.731) 
  11.  G. Durga and A. K. Narula, Curing kinetics and thermal stability of epoxy blends containing phosphorous-oxirane with aromatic amide-amine as curing agents, Chin. J. Polym. Sci., 2012, 30 (2012) 694-704. (IF= 3.154)
  12. G. Durga, P. Kukreja, and A. K. Narula, Studies on curing kinetics and thermal behavior of phosphorylated epoxy resin in the presence of aromatic amide-amines. J. Appl.  Polym. Sci., 118 (2010) 3612–3618. (IF= 2.52)
  13. G. Durga, D. Singh, P. Kukreja  & A. K. Narula, Synthesis, characterization, curing and thermal studies of phosphorylated epoxy resins, Ind. J.Eng. & Mater. Sci., 16 (2009) 133-139.

Book/Book Chapters published:

  1. A. H. Mijinyawa, G. Durga and A. Mishra, Preparation and Application of Chitosan-based Membrane: Focusing on Dye Removal, In: Membrane based Methods for Dye Containing Wastewater: Recent Advances, Springer, 2021 (In Press).
  2. G. Durga and A. Mishra, "Ionic Liquids: Industrial Applications" for the Sustainable Inorganic Chemistry volume, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,2016, pg. 221.
  3. G. Durga, D. Goyal and A. Mishra, Applications of Ionic Liquids in Metal Extraction, In: Green Materials for Sustainable Water Remediation and Treatment, Royal society of Chemistry, London, 2013,chapter 8, Pg. 155.
  4. D. Goyal, G. Durga and A. Mishra, Nanomaterials for Water Remediation, In: Green Materials for Sustainable Water Remediation and Treatment, Royal society of Chemistry, London, 2013, chapter 7, pg. 135.


  • "Synthesis and testing of Organic-inorganic hybrids as novel matrix materials for high temperature composites applications" Dr. Geeta Durga (PI), Dr. and Dr. Munendra Singh (CO-PI) awarded for SU seed fund (Phase-II, 1902).



Area of Interest

  • Biomaterials for water remediation
  • Optoelectronic materials as organic electronics, and Fibre reinforced polymers matrix composites for various applications