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Dr. Sujata Pandit Sharma

Dr. Sujata Pandit Sharma

Assistant Professor, Life Science


Dr. Sujata Pandit Sharma has a rich experience of over 16 years in teaching and research, including over 13 years as a Professor of Food Science and Nutrition. She has expertise to Formulate and supervise organizations policies relating to the field of Food and Nutrition. Dr. Sujata Pandit Sharma obtained her Ph.D. degree from Agricultural University Palampur (HP), in Food Science and Nutrition Dr. Sujata Pandit Sharma obtained Merit Scholarship during her PhD and awarded Doctorate in 2007 with First Division. Dr. Sharma has started her professional journey working as Research Fellow with International Project FOSRIN and as Research Associate with National Agricultural Innovative Project (ICAR –Funded for Live-hood Security of Tribes Community). Dr. Sujata Pandit Sharma has vast expertise with Food Industries. She has more than 7 Years of Industrial experience as Research & Development –Head with Organisation FICCI- Research and Analysis Centre  She has expertise to Formulate and supervise organizations policies relating to the field of Food Science and Nutrition. Coordinated and stimulate operational research programmer and demonstrated in Food Safety field. She has working experience with Organizations e.g. IGNOU as a Programme Coordinator. She has Industry as well as academic work experience She is a researcher/trainer/extension worker/Mentor/PI and Assistant/Associate Professor. In association with Food Industries she has been able to execute problem solving solution to food manufacturing industries. She has developed new products and new processes of Food Fortification. She has work experience as Research and Development Head and she has executed pilot production of Supplementary Feeding Formulations, Energy Food and Fortified Foods like RUTF (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food) and weaning foods. RUTF have been prepared for SAM Severely Acute Malnourished Children and RUSF (Ready to Use Supplementary Food) Moderate Acute Malnourished Children. She was the Project Head and transferred technology to Industrial Partners. RUTF is Ready- to-Use-Therapeutic Food with the alterations of micro nutrients as per the UNICEF /RDI and RDA guidelines for age group of 06 months to 3 years children. She has experience to conducted clinical trial with association of PGI Chandigarh for the toxicology studies of product. Product found suitable for children and for the replacement of F-75 and F-100 feeding formulations to rehabilitate MAM children. She demonstrated scientific leadership and skill in research management with board of related field associations. She is the executive board member of Association of Food Scientist and Technologist (I) Delhi Chapter. She is a Life member of IDA (Indian Dietetic Association) Chandigarh Chapter. She is Life member of Nutrition Society of India. Executive member of rice industry and with RICE OUTLOOK magazine.  Administrative experience of Dr. Sharma has been diverse. She is Programme coordinator for Food Science and Technology in Life Sciences, Head Examiner, Placement coordinator, NAAC coordinator, Mentor in Sharda University Dr. Sharma has published more than 20 research papers and book chapters in scopus and peer-reviewed international journals and conference proceedings. She has 08 conference proceedings. Two research students have obtained their doctorate under his guidance and 04 research fellows are carrying out their research work under his guidance.  Dr. Sharma is a reviewer of several international journals and has attended many national and international Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Short-Term courses. She has also organized International Conferences in New Delhi, India (2012) FICCI –FRAC and in Sharda University, India (2020), Dr. Sharma has successfully completed three Research Projects sponsored by the Industries and mentor 2 projects funded by UGC (Govt. of India), New Delhi. Two patents from Dr. Sharma have so far been published along with his collaborators Her ORCID ID is


16 Years+

Academic Experience

  •  Assistant Professor, Sharda University, (July 2017- Continuing)
  • Programme Coordinator-(Food Quality and Management System)IGNOU-ODL

Administrative Experience

  • Board of Studies Member, Sharda University (July 2017 – till date).
  • People Soft Champion, Sharda University (July 2019 – till date)
  • Head (Research and Development) FICCI-FRAC(2011-2017)
  • Programme Co-ordinator- IGNOU (2014)
  • Ph. D.  In Food Science and Nutrition, Agricultural University- Palampur (H.P) 
Award & Recognition

  • Lifetime Achievement Award Conferred by Centre of  Food Quality Assurance , New Delhi (2020).
  • Intellectual Quality Excellence Award Conferred by Indian Journalist Compendium, New Delhi (2017).
  • Best Teacher Award conferred by IITT Dehradun (2021).
  • Top Poster Award (National Institute of Nutrition) ICMR 2018 (by ICMR, Govt. of India and ICDA U.S)
  • Merit Fellowship Ph.D CSKHPKV-PALAMPUR
  • Selected by CQFS India, to represent India at National level” CQFS Food Safety award “New Delhi on World Food Safety Day 2021.
  • Academic Leader of the Year Award-2020 from IITT Dehradun
  •  Honored Certificate from Sharda University 


Research Projects Undertaken

  • Carried out research on Maternal and Child health specially working for Severely Acute Malnourished children. Product Developed and validated as Ready-To-Use –Therapeutic food (33 lakh Indian rupees) Technology Transfer to NU-Flower private limited Gurgaon
  • Industrial project with Quantum Naturals Pvt. Ld (Dubai Based) for Product development of therapeutic Diabolite cookies with low glycemic index for diabetic patients (20 lakh Indian rupees). Now commercially available product in Apollo pharmacies.
  • Ready-To-Use premixes project (30 lakh rupees funded) and technology transfer for Industrial Scale up to Interlink Foods Private Limited. Pattratu (Ranchi)
  • Product development Badam Kesar Fortified milk formulations project(25 lakh rupees) funded by Gopal ji Foods Pvt.Ld Sugarcane juice preservation without added preservative for three months (20 Lakh Indian Rupees) funded project from Nutricane Juice and beverages private Limited N-Delhi
  • Co-PI to entitled project “Optimization/Validation of ready to cook recipes developed” completed with PI Dr.Anupma Sandal (Food Science and Nutrition Department CSKHPKV- PALAMPUR (H.P)(2011-2016).
  • Co-PI to entitled project “Development of appropriate formulation for Nutritional Rehabilitation of Sever Acute Malnutrition in Children and research and development of alternate recipes for Mid day meal Schemes/ICDS and dehydrated food products.” (Nov 2011- Dec 2012). PI- Dr.Devina ,Y.S.Parmar Horticulture and Forestry University Sloan (H.P) Food Science and Technology Department.
  • Mentor-UGC funded Innovative Project to Bhaskracharya college of applied sciences (University of Delhi) entitled project “Development of cookies with biodegradable packaging material for diabetics ‘(2015-2016) PI-Dr. Eram Rao
  • Mentor-UGC funded Innovative Project to VC (101) to Vivekananda Collage (University of Delhi)
  • Assessment of turmeric juice effect on smokers (Co- Investigator with Dental Sciences(Sharda University)1. 30 L(2019 – 2020)
  • Lok Chetna Manch, Almora Physical analysis of selected cooked recipes of Alamora for nutritional evaluation Co- Investigator 1.05Lac(2020 – 2021

Patents Published

  • International Patent- 1) G12075DE-  A system for studying the relationships between tropical soil biodiversity, the agricultural intensification and ecosystem functioning (Ein System zur Untersuchung der Zusammenhänge zwischen der Biodiversität des tropischen Bodens, der landwirtschaftlichen Intensivierung und der Funktion des Ökosystems

National Patent

  • Commercialized Patents
  1. Diabodelite Cookies For Diabetic Patients (Quantum Naturals Pvt Ltd)

         2) Fresh Sugar Cane Juice (Nutricane Beverages Pvt.Ltd ) Brand Name-Oh My Ganna (Omg)

Research Publications

  • Antimicrobial activity of potential probiotic lactic acid bacteria against Methicillin- Resistant Staphylocococcus Aureus(MRSA)-Advances in Science,Technology and Engineetring System Journal ISSN:2415-6698
  • A study on Nutritional Efficacy of Pineapple Juice in the treatment of Bronchial Asthma-International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications;2015(5)Vol- 1;37-43 ISSN-2250-3153
  • Immunotherapeutic Properties of bovine milk and human milk:A Qualitative and Quantitative estimation- International Journal of Stress management and allied sciences;2012(1) ;12-14 ISSN-2278-7771
  • Nutritional composition and oil fatty acids of Indian winter melon Benincasa hispida(ThunbSeed)-International Food Reaserch Journal;2012(20) Vol-3;34-43 ISSN-1151-1155
  • "Pesticides contamination in potatoes and associated health risk to population with respect detection limits".- International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition ISSN: 2455-4898
  • “Microbiological Monitoring of Food Waste Biodegradation- Journal Of Critical Reviews Issn- 2394-5125 Vol 7,Issue 9, 2020
  • Nutritional Composition And Quality Evaluation Of Products Prepared From Wild Peach (Prunus Persica)- International Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences e-ISSN: 2320-7876
  • Nutritional composition and quality evaluation of products prepared from wild apricot (Prunus armeniaca)- International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition ISSN: 2455-4898
  • Evaluation Of Antagonistic And Aggregation Property Of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated From Bovine Milk- International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research ISSN 2277-8616
  • Extraction and characterization of silica from rice husk for use in food industriesInternational Journal of Food Science and Nutrition ISSN: 2455-4898
  • A review on impact of carbonated milk beverages on human health; International Journal of Health Sciences;2022;6(1); 6309–6318 ISSN 2550-6978 E-ISSN 2550-69X
  • Effect of Sea buckthorn in preventing cardiovascular diseases in human beings; Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research;2021;12(6); 215-224 ISSN:0975-3583,0976-2833
  • A review on instant controlled pressure drop technology – a strategic tool for extraction of bioactive compounds; International Journal of Food Science and Technology;2021; 57(11); DOI/15408 e1365-2621
  • Preparation and physico-chemical characterization of mushroom juice;2022; Journal of Postharvest Technology; 10(2); 28-34; ISSN: 2348-4330
  • Nano emulsions: An Advanced Approach to Developing Active Packaging for Food Application( 2023)  Foods and Raw Materials ISSN 2308-4057 (PRINT) / 2310-9599 (ONLINE)
  • Effect of Varieties and storage on the quality parameters of nectarine( Prunus persica)- based intermediate moisture food(IMF) products; Journal of Applied and Natural Science;14(1),216-224(2022) ISSN: 0974-9411(Print),2231-5209(online
  • Anti-Bacterial Activity of Substances Produced from Lactic Acid Bacteria in Meta Ayib(Traditional Ethiopian Spiced Fermented Cottage) June 19,2020
  • Probiotics And Its Health Benefits: A Review; Biotechnology Society; ISSN-0974-1453
  • Nutritional module of Seabuckthon: A review; Food Science Research Journal(FSRJ/08/21)
  • Alkaline Pre-treatment of Lignocelluloses for Bio Fuel Production; Journal of Critical Reviews; DOI-10.38


  • Technical Bulletin FOSRIN(PL032055) RECIPES OF RICEBEAN
  • Recent Trends in Food Packaging-Springer(ISBN:9789811623820) ISBN-10:9811623821
  • Food Quality Assurance In Food Industry


  • Laboratory role in strengthening quality Control-RICEOUT LOOK 2015(4);38-39 ISSN-2455- 1325
  • Brighter Rays of Hope in Rice Cultivation- RICEOUT LOOK 2016(2);36-37 ISSN-2455-1325
  • Radio Talks(All India Radio)Delhi;Title - Cellulite Causes and Care
  • Radio Talk(All India Radio) Delhi ;Title-OLD AGE and Diet.




  • Mooc Course

Area of Interest

  • Food Safety/Food Quality/Food Technology and Nutrition