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Dr. Santosh Kumar Mishra

Dr. Santosh Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor, Life Science


Dr. Santosh Kumar Mishra working as Associate Professor in the Department of Life Sciences. Dr. Mishra has completed his M.Tech.. in Biotechnology from Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow U.P., and his Ph.D. research work from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. He has received his Ph.D. Degree from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. He has more than 19.5 years of teaching, research, and academic administration experience. Before joining Sharda University he was associated with IMS Engineering College Ghaziabad. He has supervised 8 M. Tech student's dissertation work in the different areas of biological sciences. He has published his research in international peer-reviewed journals and has presented his work at various national and international conferences. Dr. Mishra is a dedicated and passionate teacher committed to research and innovation. He has rich experience in NBA and NAAC accreditation processes and also served as a member of IQAC. Dr. Mishra has served as a reviewer in prestigious international journals. He has also worked as Editor in Chief of a Bi-annual student magazine.

  • 19.5 Years
  • M.Sc. (Chemistry), M.Tech.(Biotechnology), Ph.D.(Biotechnology)
Award & Recognition

  • Member Board of Studies Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Luckow.
  • Life member of Biotech Research Society, India (BRSI).
  • Received Excellence in Teaching award by Society for Bioinformatics and Biological Sciences (SBBS) in recognition of outstanding scientific contribution in the field of Biotechnology for the year 2017
  • Supervised a team of students on the project entitled Bioplastic production working model and this team won First prize in an institute-level technical fest of all engineering branches “Technovation 2019” and “Technovation 2018”
  • Chaired a session at the National Conference on “Recent Trends & Advances in Biotechnology” on 26th November 2016, at the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) University Courses Campus, Ghaziabad. 
  • Delivered a carrier counseling session and motivational speech in the program “Science Wizard” Grand finale organized by Dainik Jagran Media and IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad..


International journal

  • Ashutosh Khaswal1, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Neha Chaturvedi, Prabir Kumar Paul, Ravi Kant Singh, Arpita Roy, Chetan Pandit, Vaseem Raja, Devvret Verm (2023), Optimization of process parameters using response surface methodology (RSM) for laccase enzyme production using Aspergillus nidulans in solid state fermentation utilizing agro-industrial waste,  J. Integr. Sci. Technol. , 12(4), 777
  • Joyeeta Mitra , Santosh Kumar Mishra &  Prabir Kumar PauL(2023), Ergosterol influences activity of succinic dehydrogenase in tomato and barley, South African Journal of Botany, 156-131-143 (Elsevier)
  • Ashutosh Khaswal, Neha Chaturvedi, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Priya Ranjan Kumar & Prabir Kumar Paul (2022).Current status and applications of genera Geobacillus in the production of industrially important   products- a review. Folia Microbiologica, 1-16( Springer nature)
  • Santosh Kumar Mishra, Priya Ranjan Kumar,,Ravi Kant Singh, Ajay Kumar Singh (2020).  Agro-Industrial Residues as Solid Substrate for α-Amylase Production Using Solid State Fermentation by Filamentous Fungi: A Review. Biosci. Biotech. Res. Comm , Vol-13 (2), 550-555
  • Vatsla Gupta, Nishant Veer Vikram Singh, Aarushi Shukla , Namita Singh, Santosh Kumar Mishra (2020). Sustainable Biofuel Production using Lignocellulosic Biomass as a Raw Material, Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci (2020) 9(7):3339-3350
  • Santosh K. Mishra, Shashi Kumar, Ravi Kant Singh Surendra Kumar.(2016) Mathematical modeling of microbial growth and production kinetics for -amylase production using mustard oil cake as solid substrate. Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications, 9(3), 489-494
  • Mishra, S.K., Kumar, S., Kumar, S., Singh, R.K. (2016). Optimization of process parameters for α-amylase production using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) on agricultural wastes. Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy, 10, 248-260.
  • Mayipanda, S., Srivastava, D., Mishra, S.K., Kumar, P.R. (2016).  Statistical Studies of Different Cancer Causing Protein Sequences. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, 7, 533-538.
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  • Anil Kumar Gupt, Santosh Kumar Mishra and Priya Ranjan Kumar.(2015). Homology modeling and docking studies of japanese encephalitis virus proteins like envelope protein and ns1 protein ,International Journal of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Technology, Volume-6, Issue-2, 126-131.
  • Sanat Rath, Ajay Kumar Singh, Harison Masih, Yashab Kumar, Jyotsna Kiran Peter, Pankaj singh ,Santosh Kumar Mishra.(2014). Bioethanol production from waste potatoes as an environmental waste management and sustainable energy by using cocultures Aspergillus niger and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, International Journal of Advanced Research ,Volume 2, Issue 4 ,553-563.
  • Ajay Kumar Singh,Dipuraj, Harison Masih, Yashab Kumar, Jyotsna K. Peter, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Lalit Saxena.(2014). Optimization of production parameters and evaluation of shelf life of Rhizobium biofertilizers, Elixir Bio Tech. 67,21787-21795.
  • AK Singh, H Masih, P Nidhi, Y Kumar, JK Peter, SK Mishra.(2013). Production of Biofertilizer from Agro-waste by using Thermotolerant Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria, International journal of Bioinformatics and Biological Science 1 (2), 227-244.
  • Yashab Kumar, Benazir Chisti ,Ajay Kumar Singh,Harison Masih, Santosh Kumar Mishra. (2013). Isolation and characterization of lactobacillus species from fish intestine for probiotic properties, International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences, 4(1): (B) 11 – 21. 
  • Ajay Kumar Singh ,Abhas Kumar Maharana, Harison Masih, Yashab Kumar,Santosh Kumar Mishra. (2012). Production, optimization and purification of bacterial cellulase by solid state bioprocessing of agro biomass, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences,3(2) 977-989.
  • Harison Masih, Ajay Kumar Singh, Yashab Kumar, Aviral Srivastava, Ravi Kant Singh, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Kumar Shivam.(2011). Isolation and optimization of metabolite production from mutant strain of Bacillus sp. with antibiotic activity against plant pathogenic agents, Journal of Pharmacetical & Biomedical Sciences, 11(10), 1-4.
  • Ravi Kant Singh, Santosh K. Mishra, Narendra Kumar, Ajay K. Singh.(2010). Assessment of DNA Damage by Comet Assay in Lymphocytes of Workers Occupationally Exposed to Petroleum fumes” International Journal of Genetics, 2 (1), 18-22.( 2010)
  • Ravi Kant Singh, Santosh K. Mishra, Narendra Kumar.(2010). Optimization of α-amylase production on agriculture byproduct by Bacillus cereus MTCC 1305 using solid state fermentation, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, 1 (4), 867-876.
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Book Chapter

  • Santosh Kumar Mishra, Avinash Singh, Krishna Bihari Dubey, Prabir Kumar Paul, and Vijai Singh, (2024), Role of Bioinformatics in Data Mining and Big Data Analysis in Advances in Bioinformatics,, Springer Nature.
  • Santosh Kumar Mishra, Prabir Kumar Paul, Dhirendra Kumar, Rupesh Maurya, Vijai Singh & Indra Mani (2023). Genetic Manipulation of Crop for Enhanced Food Quality and Nutrition Toward Sustainable Production. in Sustainable production of Biomolecules, Springer Nature
  • Santosh Kumar Mishra, Indu Bhatt,  Prabir Kumar Paul(2023).Bacillus subtllis cell factory in Sustainable production of Biomolecules, Springer Nature
  • Indu Bhatt, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Prabir Kumar Paul (2023). Challenges and Opportunities in Biomanufacturing in Biomanufacturing for Sustainable production of Biomolecules, Springer Nature
  • Mohit Kumar, Ashutosh Khaswal, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Abha Vashistha, Indra Mani (2023). Genomic islands in marine bacteria in Microbial Genomic Islands in Adaptation and Pathogenicity, Springer Nature
  • Neha Singh, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Priya Ranjan Kumar, Narendra Kumar &  Dheerendra Kumar(2021). Role of Endophyte Metabolites in Plant Protection and Other Metabolic Activities in Bacterial Endophytes for Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Management, Springer Nature.
  • Priya Ranjan Kumar, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Sarika Srivastava (2021). Computational Metabolomics. Computational Metabolomics of Advances in Bioinformatics, Springer Nature.
  • Santosh Kumar Mishra, Priya Ranjan Kumar,Ravikant Singh (2020).Transgenic plants in phytoremediation of organic pollutants. In Bioremediation of Pollutants (Elsevier), June 2020, pp 39-55.  
  • Ravi Kant Singh, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Priya Ranjan Kumar, Balasubramanian Velramar (2020).  Development of biologically based activated carbon for advanced water and wastewater treatment process. In Bioremediation of Pollutants (Elsevier), June 2020, pp 215-223.
  • Santosh Kumar Mishra.(2019). Biomass, Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.
  • Santosh Kumar Mishra.(2019).Acclimatization, Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.


Training,Workshop,Certification//FDP attended

  • Attended 6  days  ATAL FDP  on “Precision Farming and Health Technology” at Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology from 18/12/2023 to 23/12/2023.
  • Participated in five days online FDP on “Waste to Bioenergy: A Sustainable Solution” organized by NIT Andhra Pradesh from 13-17 September 2021.
  • Completed AICTE Training & Learning (ATAL) academy online FDP on “Agri Entrepreneurship" from 23/08/2021 to 27/08/2021 organized by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmadabad.
  • Completed AICTE Training & Learning (ATAL) academy online FDP on “Design of experiments and artificial neural network" from 16/08/2021 to 20/08/2021 at Faculty of Engineering & Technology, M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly
  • Successfully completed the online Faculty Development Programme on Entrepreneurship sponsored by Dept. of Science and Technology conducted by The National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development from 04 January 2021 to 16 January 2021
  • Successfully completed the online course  “The Health Effects of Climate Change” a course of study offered by HarvardX, an online learning initiative of Harvard University on 06.03.2021
  • Successfully completed the online Diploma in Statistics by Alison courses on 12.07.2019
  • Attended TEQIP-III short-term course on “System thinking and environmental engineering for sustainable decision making” held during 3-7, June 2019, at Chemical Engineering Department, IIT Roorkee.
  • Attended AICTE sponsored Short Term Course on Advances in Bioprocess Engineering at IIT (BHU) Varanasi from 19-24th June 2017 
  • Attended Five days advanced Training of Trainers (ToT) program on “Organizing IP Creation & Management in HEIs” conducted by the IPR Chair, Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee from September 13th -17th , 2016
  • Attended the Faculty Development Program on “Human Values and Professional Ethics” organized by the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam  Technical University & Conducted by Value Education cell and AKGEC, Ghaziabad, From 17th June-24th June, 2016.
  • Attended one day International Conference on 20th sep.15, Innovative Research in Engineering , Science and Management(ESM-15) organized by Academic Science at Jawaharlal  Nehru University , New Delhi and presented a paper ( Proceeding Published by Tata McGraw Hill Publication)
  • Attended  Two days  workshop at IIT roorkee in Department of Management Studies entitled “Considering industry stake-holding in Lab research” 11-12 oct 2014 
  • Attended one day workshop on  Commercialization of Biotechnology (DBT  sponsored and organized by BCIL) , March 12th 2012
  • Attended Faculty Development Programme on Intellectual Property Rights from 18th - 22nd July 2011, at Department of Management Studies, I.I.T. Delhi.
  • Attended two days workshops on Human values & Professional Ethics organized by Value education cell , UPTU, Lucknow at ABES Engg. College, Ghaziabad,  from 27th April- 28th April 2010
  • Attended AICTE sponsored Short Term training programme on Nanotechnology: Current research Scenario  at SVNIT Surat from 18th -22nd  January 2010
  • Attended AICTE/MHRD sponsored “Orientation program for technical teachers” at NIT , Hamirpur held from 29th June -03rd  July 2009
  • Attended  DST sponsored Workshop on “Microbial fermentation and microbial inoculants Preparation for Organic Farming” at Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, held from 6th -10th February 2009
  • Attended DBT sponsored “Hands on Training Programme on Biotechnological Techniques for Monitoring Quality, Multiplication and Conservation of Medicinal Plants” at TERI, New Delhi, held from 30th June-11th July  2008
  • Attended 5 days AICTE sponsored  QIP- FDP on IPRs Organized by IIT Delhi, 24th march-28th March 2008

Area of Interest

  • Bioprocessing and Down Stream Processing
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Phytochemical isolation and purification
  • Computational Biology