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Dr. Richa Tomar

Dr. Richa Tomar

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Dr. Richa Tomar is working in Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, School of Basic Sciences and Research of Sharda University. As always appreciated by her teachers and being the topper of her college in M.Sc., she always keeps her dream big. She bears the potential to inspire students to work hard and to reach at a level of dignity.  According to her view point teaching is not only a big responsibility but its a joy of imparting best to your students.

Dr. Richa worked in the field of materials science during her Ph.D and her research work was on synthesis and Characterization of complex perovskites to study their electrical properties. She has been to a number of National and intenational conferences and presented paper in the same.

  • 8 Years
  • Ph.D – Materials Science (University of Delhi)
  • NET-JRF (Chemical Sciences)
  • M.Sc.  (Physical Chemistry)
  • B.Ed.  (Regional Institute of Education)
Award & Recognition

  • M.Sc. Project student working under my guidance received 2nd prize in ANVESHAN- Student Research Convention, North Zone 2023-24. We presented our work on “Antimicrobial coatings for Hospital walls”.
  • Received outstanding paper presentation award at an International Conference organized by Chandigarh School of Business, Mohali on 22nd and 23rd Aug 2022.
  • Received Best Oral Presentation award in Transdisciplinary International Conference on Integrated Approach in S&T For Sustainable Future held at Nagpur during 26th and 27th Feb 2022.
  • Certificate of Honor received from Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Sibaram Khara Ji, in the field of research and innovation on 16th Feb 2022.
  • Received Best Oral Presentation award in an International Conference on Applied Sciences and Engineering at Roorkee Institute of Technology, Roorkee on 20th and 21st Feb 2021.
  • Received the International Women Researcher Award, SHEN Research awards 2020, Approved and Registered by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Govt. of India.
  • Best Poster presentation award in National Conference on Solid State Chemistry and Allied Areas, S. K. Porwal College, Kamptee, Nagpur in association with ISCAS, 20-21st Dec 2019.
  • Obtained overall remark B+ in third party assessment (Paradigm Consultant).
  • Reward of INR 10,000 twice on successful completion of online refresher course in Chemistry for higher education faculty on Swayam portal.
  • Received senior research fellowship from University Grant Commission, India from 9th March 2013 to 8th March 2016.
  • Received junior research fellowship from University Grant Commission, India from 9th March 2011 to 8th March 2013.
  • Qualified joint CSIR-UGC test for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and National Eligibility for Lecturership (NET) in Chemical Sciences, June 2010.
  • Certificate of excellence in M.Sc. as being the topper of the college.
  • Consistent good students feedback (Avg.>85%).


  • Reviewer of Peer reviewed Journal- Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier ; Polymer International, Wiley; Macromolecular Symposia, Wiley and Oriental Journal of Chemistry.
  • Judge in National Childrens Science Congress, intra-regional level-2019 held in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sec 23, Noida from 7th Nov to 8th Nov 2019.
  • Reviewed book chapters of Mc Graw Hill Publication and received recognition in July 2019.
  • Judge in National Childrens Science Congress, intra-regional level-2018 held in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Greater Noida from 3rd to 5th Nov 2018.


  • Successfully held the responsibility of resource person in seven days "Continuing Education Program" Organized by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, SBSR, Sharda University from 8th July to 14th July 2020. Gave Training to teaching and Non-Teaching staff members on Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Google applications.
  • Speaker- “How to prepare Question Bank”, of Two Days Workshop on ‘Outcome Based Education organized by SBSR on 23rd and 24th July 2018.


  • Successfully finished One-Week online Faculty Development Program on SAFER AND GREENER CHEMISTRY LABS organized by Guru Angad Dev Teaching Learning Centre National Resource Centre of Chemistry S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, University of Delhi from July 19, 2022, to July 25, 2022.
  • Successfully finished the Refresher Course on Advanced Materials Chemistry organized by Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), Bombay from 14th June to 29th Sep 2021.
  • Successfully finished the One Week FDP on National Education Policy “Institutional Development plans for academic excellence” organized by Sharda University from 20th Aug to 27th Aug 2021.
  • Successfully organized the 7 days online National FDP on “on Strengthening Academic & Research Pursuit in the 21st Century, in collaboration with GAD-TLC, SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi  from 28th June to 4th July 2021.
  • Successfully finished the Refresher Course on “Enhancing Quality of Chemistry Education in India” organized by Guru Angad Dev Teaching Learning Centre, a centre under PMMMNMTT, Ministry of Education, Government of India from 25th Feb 2021 to 03rd Mar 2021.
  • Successfully finished the 5 days online International workshop on “Intellectual Property rights″ organized by Deen Dayal Upadhayay College, University of Delhi from 9th Feb to 13th Feb 2021.
  • Successfully finished the Two Weeks FDP on “Advanced Concepts of Developing MOOCs” organized by Ramanujan College, University of Delhi from 2nd July to 17th July 2020.
  • Successfully finished the 7 days E-FDP on Human Values and Ethics organized by School of Engineering & Technology, Sharda University from 6th-11th July 2020.
  • Successfully finished the 7 days FDP on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) organized by Department of public health dentistry, School of Dental Science and IQAC, Sharda University from 30th June to 7th July 2020.
  • Successfully finished the 4-Weeks Faculty Induction  Programme in  Universities/Colleges/Institutes of  Higher Education organized by Ramanujan  College,  University of Delhi from 4th June to 1st July 2020
  • Attended Two weeks FDP on “ Managing Online Classes and Co-Creating MOOCS 2.0” organized by Ramanujan College, University of Delhi from 18th May to 2nd June 2020.
  • Successfully finished the 16 weeks “online refresher course in Chemistry for higher education” on Swayam portal (MHRD) from 1st Sep 2019 to 31st Dec 2019.
  • Attended FDP on “Fostering Human Values and Professional Ethics” organized by Sharda University from 15th July to 20th July 2019.
  • Attended MOOC on “What Why and How” organized by Sharda University on 30th March 2019.
  • Successfully finished the 40 weeks “online refresher course in chemistry for higher education faculty” on Swayam portal (MHRD) of from 1st Nov 2018 to 28th Feb 2019.
  • Attended FDP on “Outcome Based Education” organized by Sharda University from 4th to 8th June 2018.



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  2. Richa Tomar, Yogita Bisht, Abhilah Pullanchiyodan and M. Thirumal, Enhanced dielectric properties of Ba3ZnTa2-xNbxO9 in microwave region using tungstic acid, Phase Transition, 93 , 2020, 175-182.
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  11. Bharti Sangwan, Shreya Mathela, Pawan Singh Dhapola, Pramod K Singh, Richa Tomar*, Ionic liquid incorporated polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) doped with ammonium iodide (NH4I) doped solid polymer electrolyte for energy device, Materials Today: Proceedings 49 , 2022, 3306-3309.
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  15. Bharti Sangwan, Sushant Kumar, Abhimanyu Singh, S. P. Pandey, Pramod K Singh, Ram Chandra Singh, Richa Tomar, Modified Poly(vinyl alcohol) based polymer electrolyte for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs), Macromolecular Symposia, 2022. (Accepted)
  16. Harshit Sharma, Richa Tomar, Subhrajit Konwar, Pramod K. Singh, Ram Chandra Singh, Sushant Singh, Abhimanyu Singh, Daksh Agarwa, M.Z.A. Yahya, Highly efficient ionic‐liquid based solid polymer electrolyte for energy device (RAFM 2022), High Performance Polymers, 2022. (Accepted)


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  10. Richa Tomar and N B Singh, Inorganic-Inorganic mixed nanocomposites as anti-corrosive coatings, In: Smart Anticorrosive materials: Trends and Opportunities, Elsevier, Chapter 17, 2022. (Submitted) Book Chapter


SEED FUND PHASE-3 (1902) received from Sharda University, Greater Noida.

Title: Multifunctional studies of mixed valent spinels.

PI- Dr. Richa Tomar, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Co-PI- Dr. Mohit Sahni, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Environmental Science.

Co-PI- Dr. Pankaj Gupta, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.


  • Dr. Richa Tomar, Dr. Soumya Pandit, Prof. P.K.Singh, Dr. Piyush Gupta, Dr. Mohit Sahni. “A Microbial Desalination Cell Comprising a Perovskite Oxide Catalyst For Oxygen Reduction Reaction”, Application Number 202211021312, published on 15th April 2022.


  1. Life time member of Indian Association of Nuclear Chemists and Allied Scientists (IANCAS). Life Membership No is LM-1832.
  2. Life time member of Society of Materials Chemistry (SMC), Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai. Life Membership No is LM-1213.
  3. Life time member of Indian Association of Solid State Chemistry and Allied Sciences (ISCAS), Jammu. Life Membership No is LM-413.
  4. Community Member of American Chemical Society (ACS), US. Membership No is 32309198.


  1. M.Sc. Dissertation (5)
    1. Synthesis and Characterization of Sn doped BaTiO3. (2017-18)
    2. Bi and Sn doped BaTiO3 - Review. (2018-19)
    3. Synthesis and Characterization of Na and K doped Barium Titanate. (2019-20)
    4. Alkali metals doped BaTiO3 for solar cell applications. (2020-21)
    5. Studies on Ionic liquid doped polymer electrolyte for energy storage device. (2021-2022)
  2. B.Sc. Projects (4)
    1. Offshoot of light snack food. (2017-18)
    2. Synthesis and applications of Sn doped BaTiO3 in dye degradation. (2018-19)
    3. Adsorption of toxic metal ions on the surface of PMCA. (2019-20)
    4. Synthesis and Application of Nanomaterials as Hydroelectric Cell. (2020-21)
    5. NaI and ionic liquid doped polymer for DSSC applications. (2022-23)
    6. Preparation and application of ionic liquid doped polymer electrolytes. (2022-23)


  1. One day hands on training as “Industry in campus” was planned and organized for all the students and Anton Paar is invited in the campus with their instrument van on 19th Mar 2021.
  2. Coordinator of Capacity Building Program on Code of Conduct: Professional Ethics conducted on 30th January, 2021.
  3. Organized a webinar under the title Leap- from Stress to Success on June 9, 2020.
  4. Organized an online workshop "SAKSHAM" to develop best performers on 1st June 2020.
  5. Organizing secretary of One Day Symposium on Recent Advances in Science and Technology jointly organized by Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, RTDC and Department of Physics on 19th Oct 2019.
  6. Member of the organizing committee of the DST Inspire Science camp-2019 organized from 29th July to 2nd Aug 2019 and actively involved School students in doing chemistry practicals and clarified their doubts. 
  7. Organizing member of 2nd In-house Symposium (CiHS-2019) on April 25, 2019.
  8. Organizing member of DAE BRNS-IANCAS National Workshop “Radiochemistry and Applications of Radioisotopes” held on 4th to 8th February 2019.
  9. Coordinator and Speaker of Two Days Workshop on ‘Outcome Based Education by SBSR on 23rd and 24th July 2018.
  10. Organizing member of 1st Chemistry in-House Symposium (CiHS-2018) on April 20, 2018.
  11. Organizing member of Workshop on ‘ACE The Interview by Department of Chemistry – SBS&R on 21st March 2018.
  12. Member of Organizing Committee of International Conference on Science and Engineering of materials (ICSEM 2018) held on January 6-8, 2018.
  13. Member of Organizing Committee of National Workshop on Thin film Deposition Techniques (NWIFD-2017) held on 17th and 18th February 2017.
  14. Organizing member of 2nd National Conference on Functional Materials (NCFM-2017) held on 31st Mar - 1st April 2017.


  • Patent Cooperation Treaty distance learning course offered by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
  • General Course on Intellectual Property distance learning course offered by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) from 27 July to 21 Sep 2020.

Area of Interest

  • Materials Chemistry.
  • Nano Materials.
  • Composites.
  • Water Remediation.
  • Hydroelectric Cells
  • Energy Storage Devices