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Dr. Mohammad Junaid Alam

Dr. Mohammad Junaid Alam

Assistant Professor, Management


Dr. Junaid is an eminent academician with over 18 years of teaching, training research and corporate experiences in India as well abroad.  His scholastic is surrounded to the agricultural finance, statistics & business area. Dr. Junaid has expertise in outcome based curriculum development. His research area is dominantly agricultural sustainability and agricultural finance.   
My academic career is decorated with the active & applied researches to support the ground level policy making for the benefit of humanity. Academically, I have contributed in the curriculum development and up-gradation from time to time. Have fair bit of experience in developing academic reference standards, intended learning outcomes, program specification, course specifications etc.

  • 18 Years (5 Years Corporate)
  • Ph.D. (Economics)
  • MBA (Marketing)

07 – International Publications & 05 – National

  1. Khalid A.  Asiry, Junaid Alam,  Naimah A. Al-Anazi,  Ihsanullah Daur, Sami Saeed M. Hassan and Vajid N. Veettil, in Advances in Bio Research, s., Vol. 10 (1) January 2019 01-08, ISSN 0976-4585; Online ISSN 2277-1573,  Title ‘Agricultural Pesticides Current scenario, Regulation and Sustainable Marketing prospects in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Alam, M. Junaid, Accepted to Publish in December 2018, in edited book of a National Seminar Preceding of Department of Geography, AMU Aligarh. Entitled “Socio-Economic Impact of E-governance on Agricultural Growth in India, A Case Study of Western Uttar Pradesh”.
  3. Alam, M. Junaid, (October-2017), “International Journal of Innovative Knowledge and Concepts‟, ISSN No. 2454-2415, Issue-10, Vol-05, “Gender Sustainability through Muslim Women Empowerment in India; Efforts and Achievements of Government”.
  4. Alam, M. Junaid, (December2015) “International Journal of Scientific Research‟ ISSN No. 2277-8179, Vol-4, “Possibilities of Optimizing the Pesticides for the Alternative Agricultural Sustainability in India”
  5. Alam, M. Junaid, (June 2014)  “International Journal‟ “Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development”, ISSN No. 2224-4433, Print ISSN 2304-1455, Vol-8, “Factors Affecting Agricultural Sustainability–A Case Study of Hail Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.
  6. Alam, M. Junaid, (September 2015)  “Excellence International Journal of Scientific Research‟ ISSN No. 2394-4242, Vol-2, “Organic Agriculture in India an Alternative and Pro-Environmental Practice”
  7. Alam, M. Junaid, (February 2010) ‘COMDEX TIMES, a monthly Journal on Management Ideas, published by ‘Biztantra, vide Vol. XVI, RNI Regn. No. 62381 / 95 – Postal D. No. DL(C) -05/1262/2009-11, entitled “Contemporary HRM; the Challenges & Strategies”  

Area of Interest

  • Agricultural Sustainability
  • Agricultural Finance