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Dr. Dayanand Sharma

Dr. Dayanand Sharma

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering (CE)


Dr. Dayanand Sharma is presently working as an assistant professor at Sharda University, prior to this, he worked as a faculty at National Institute of Technology, Patna. He has finished his one year postdoctoral research work from Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (ARO), Israel. He has completed his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from SV National Institute of Technology, Surat. He has published various research papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences. He has published Five -IPR in which one patent two design IPR was granted and two patent has published.

  • 6 years
  • Ph.D. 
Award & Recognition

  • Received two best paper award from two prestigious international conferences. 
  • Received postdoctoral research fellowship from ministry of agricultural rural development, Israel.


11 SCIE/ 4 Scopus/ 3 Patent Granted/ 2 patent Published/ Book Chapter- 8/ Conferences- 11

Pear Reviewed Journals

1. Sharma D, Ghatadiak DM, Yadav KD (2017) Composting methods and co-composting of organic substrate: A review. Ecology, Environment, and Conservation. 23 (2), pp (749-756).

2. Sharma D, Varma VS, Yadav KD, Kalamdhad AS (2017) Evolution of chemical and biological characterization during agitated pile composting of flower waste, International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture. 6, pp (89-98).

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8. Sharma D, Pandey A, Yadav KD, Kumar S (2021) Response surface methodology and artificial neural network modelling for enhancing maturity parameters during vermicomposting of floral waste, Bioresource Technology. 324, pp, 124672.

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11. Prasad R, Sharma D, Yadav KD, Ibrahim H (2021) Preliminary study on greywater treatment using water hyacinth. Applied water science, 11(88). doi: 10.1007/s13201-021-01422-4

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14. Nema A, Prasad R, Sharma D, Yadav KD, Christian RA, Ibrahim H, (2023) "Performance evaluation of macrophytes in small-scale vertical flow constructed wetlands for greywater treatment using principal component analysis, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. 101 (3), 1321-1334.

15. Prasad R, Sharma D, Pandey AK, Yadav KD, Kumar S, Ibrahim (2023),  “Effect of plant density and hydraulic retention time on phytoremediation of greywater using water hyacinth and validation of its optimized result using artificial neural network” The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering.


1. Sharma D, Yadav KD. Co-composting and vermicomposting of industrial sludge waste management. International conference on Geo-engineering and climate change Technologies for Sustainable Environment Management (GCCT-2015). October 9-11, 2015 MNNIT, Allahabad, India. 40 (183), pp 101.

2. Sharma D, Yadav KD (2016) Disposal and Management of Solid Waste of Surat city: A case study. International Conference on Recent Advances in Civil Engineering. Department of Civil Engineering, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, Kerala India. January 14-16, 2016. ISBN: 978-93-80095-72-1 pp (188-194).

3. Sharma D, Yadav KD (2016) Potential of flower waste for waste to energy concept. International Conference on Sustainable Municipal Waste Processing Technology for Developing Nations. Organized by Surat Municipal Corporation, Surat India. February (18-19). Vol 1, pp (34-38).

4. Sharma D, Yadav KD (2016) Rotary drum composting of flower waste and ranking using analytical hierarchy Process. International Conference on Waste Management, Recycle 2016. Organized by Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, Assam India. April 1-2, 2016. Vol 1, pp 1. Published in Geology Ecology and Landscape (Best paper award)

5. Sharma D, Raj C Vimal, Yadav KD (2017) Assessment of maturity and quality of compost through evolution of aerobic and anaerobic composting of flower waste.  International Conference on Solid Waste Management, ICONSWM-2016, Jadavpur University, Kolkata India. 24-26 Nov 2016. Vol 11, pp 1

6. Sharma D, Yadav KD (2017) Vermicomposting of flower waste:  Optimization of maturity parameter by response surface methodology. International Conference on clean water, air and soil, Bangkok, Thailand, August 25-27, 2017. Published in Malaysian journal of sustainable agriculture, 1(1), 2017, pp 15-18

7. Yadav KD, Sharma D, (2017) Vermicomposting of textile industries dyeing sludge by using Eisenia foetida. 19th International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Environmental Engineering, London, November 23-24,2017. Published in International journal of agriculture and biosystems engineering. Vol 11, pp 758-761 (Best paper award)

8. Sharma D, Yadav KD (2018) Disposal method for the degradation of garden waste, Fourth International Conference on Reuse and Recycling of Materials (ICRM- 2018), Mahatma Gandhi University. Kottayam, Kerala India. 9-11 March – 2018. 4 (1), PP 10-16.

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11. Kishore U.N, Sharma D, Maurya N.S, Quaff A.R (2021). Systematic study of leachate generated with effect on groundwater from newly constructed landfill site at Patna city: A Case Study. International conference on advances in sustainable research for energy and environmental management 2021, August 06-08, 2021, SVNIT, Surat

Book Chapters

1. Veluchamy C, Loganath R, Sharma D, Gowd SC, Rajendran K, Varma VS “Recovery of Value-added materials from waste water”, Current developments in Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2021, PP 175-196. ISBN- 978-0-12-821009-3

2. Nema A, Zacharia KMB, Kumar A, Singh E,  Varma VS, Sharma D  “Challenges and opportunities associated with solid waste management”, Current developments in Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2021, PP 231-258.

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4. Yadav KD, Sharma D, Prasad R “Challenges and opportunities for the disposal of floral waste in developing countries by using composting methods”, Advanced organic waste management, sustainable practice and approaches, 2022, PP- 55- 76. ISBN- 978-0-323-85792-5

5. Radhakrishnan L, Mary JS , Sweta K, Anuj Jee A, Maurya NS, Nema A, Sharma D “Occupational health hazards associated with E-waste handling, treatment, management, and case studies”, Global E-waste Management Strategies and Future Implications, 2023, PP- 153-181. ISBN: 978-0-323-99919-9.

6. Sharma D, Nema A, Prasad R, Sweta K, Sonaviya DKR, Karmakar S, “Global E-waste management: consolidated information showcasing best available practices”, Global E-waste Management Strategies and Future Implications, 2023, PP- 289-314. ISBN: 978-0-323-99919-9.

7.  Sharma D, Mathew A,  Kondusamy D,  Nema A,  Prasad R, Mritunjay,  Radhakrishnan L,  Dagwar PP “Renewable Energy Directives and Global Policies for Different Generation of Biofuel”, Biofuels, 2023. ISBN9781003197737.

8. Nema A, Prasad R, Kumar R, Sharma D, Sonaviya DKR,  Maurya NS,  Kumari A,  “Conventional and the Recent Advances in Technologies for the Production of Different Generations of Biofuels”, Biofuels, 2023. ISBN9781003197737.

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Granted

1. Design

Sl. No.

Name of design

Design No.

Date of Award/ Application

Awarding Country

Co-Awardee, if any








Dry Leaves Cutting Machine






2. Patent

Sl. No.

Name of patent

Patent No. / Application No.

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Co-Awardee, if any


A system for composting of flower waste and a method thereof






A composter for organic waste

202311021936 A





A system for treatment of greywater and a method thereof

202311036041 A




Area of Interest

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment
  • Air and Noise Pollution
  • EIA