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Bal Krishna Saraswat

Bal Krishna Saraswat

Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)


A quality-oriented professional with nearly 10 years of experience in Academics, and 05 years of experience in Sales and Marketing Operations. Proficiency in handling the administrative activities entailing event management like training, seminars and upholding of the institutions motto. Experience and skills in developing curriculum to accommodate different learning styles and maximizing students comprehension; conducted various Workshops, Training and Seminars and organized various conferences. Acknowledged for developing various publications like Paper Publications, Conference Proceeding Publications. Experienced manager with skills in leading direct reports as well as cross-functional teams, managing a product line from cradle to grave, justifying new product development investments, determining and documenting new product requirements, developing sales forecasts and product pricing, and launching new products to the marketplace. Proven ability to manage key account relationships and large-scale projects. Experience with presenting to senior management, representing senior management in discussions with others in the company, and meeting with customers, training and assisting dealers, and coordinating the activities of zonal managers.ndly provide in the brief introduction in about 500 words.

  • 18 Years
  • B.Tech, M.B.A., M.Tech Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Award & Recognition

  • Awarded with “SUPER HEROS AWARD” By Bharti Airtel Limited for exhibiting the Jobs Never Done Before Attitude - October, 2010
  • Awarded with the CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION, by SRM Institute of Science & Technology, NCR Campus for exemplary achievements and outstanding accomplishments in placing students - April, 2021
  • Awarded with the BEST TEACHER AWARD, by SRM Institute of Science & Technology, NCR Campus - September, 2022


  • Bal Krishna Saraswat, Manish Bhardwaj, and Analp Pathak. “OPTIMUM EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS OF AODV, DSDV & DSR ROUTING PROTOCOL IN GRID ENVIRONMENT.” Procedia Computer Science 57 (2015): 1359-1366 (Scopus Indexed Journal).
  • Bal Krishna Saraswat, Raghuraj Suryavanshi, D.S. Yadav. “A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF CHECKPOINTING ALGORITHMS FOR DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS.” International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 118 (2018): 1595-1603 (Scopus Indexed Journal)
  • Bal Krishna, Raghuraj Suryavanshi, and Divakar Yadav. “FORMAL SPECIFICATION AND VERIFICATION OF CHECKPOINT ALGORITHM FOR DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS USING EVENT - B.” International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology 69.4 (2021): 1-9. (Scopus Indexed Journal)
  • Bal Krishna, Raghuraj Suryavanshi, Divakar Yadav. “FORMAL DEVELOPMENT OF A FAULT TOLERANT DISTRIBUTED CHECKPOINT PROCESS USING EVENT-B.” Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education 12.11 (2021): 2748-2762. (Scopus Indexed Journal)
  • K. Karnavel, G. Shanmuga Sundram, Satish S. Salunkhe, V. Kamatchi Sundari, M. Shunmugathammal and Bal Krishna Saraswat “ACTUATOR FLUID CONTROL USING FUZZY FEEDBACK FOR SOFT ROBOTICS ACTIVITIES”. Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing 32.3 (2021): 1855-1865. (SCI Indexed Journal)
  • Shahanaz Ayub, Rajasekhar Boddu, SHarshali Verma, Sri Revathi B, Bal Krishna Saraswat, and Anandakumar Haldorai “HEALTH INDEX ESTIMATION OF WIND POWER PLANT USING NEUROFUZZY MODELING”. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine (2022). (SCI Indexed Journal)
  • V. Kalpana, Divyendu Kumar Mishra, K. Chanthirasekaran, Anandakumar Haldorai, Srigitha. S. Nath, Bal Krishna Saraswat ON REDUCING ENERGY COST CONSUMPTION IN HETROGENEOUS CELLULAR NETWORKS USING OPTIMAL TIME CONSTRAINT ALGORITHM. Optik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics (SCI Indexed Journal)
  • Bal Krishna, Raghuraj Suryavanshi, Divakar Yadav. “FORMAL DEVELOPMENT OF A QUASI SYNCHRONOUS CHECKPOINT ALGORITHM FOR DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS USING EVENT-B”. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (Submitted - Under Review SCOPUS Indexed Journal)
  • Rama Sree Sripada, Markkandan S, Pankaj Agarwal, Suraya Mubeen, Manoj AshokWakchaure, Bal Krishna Saraswat, MohdWazih Ahmad “INTEGRATED LEARNING ALGORITHMS-BASED EPILEPTOLOGIST ASSISTIVE TOOL FOR SEIZURE DETECTION AND PREDICTION”. Soft Computing - Springer (Accepted - SCI Indexed Journal)

Area of Interest

  • DDBS, FORMAL METHODS, Distributed Systems