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Amrita A Sivasanker

Amrita A Sivasanker

Associate Professor & Head of the Department, Nursing Sciences


Amrita A. Sivasanker is working as an Associate Professor in Child Health Nursing department. Completed  Under graduation and Post Graduation from Delhi University and MMU, Mullana respectively. Currently pursuing Ph.D from Sharda University. Dedicated, resourceful and Goal driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the academic growth and development of every student in the class.

  • 10 Year 8 Month
  • PhD(Pursuing)
  • RN
  • RM M. Sc Nursing
Award & Recognition

  • Received Best Asian Teacher Award-2023 presented by Eduved Foundation of Academics & Research
  • Head of Department child health nursing
  • Organizer for 3rd International conference on” Current Trends In Nursing Perspective: A Leading Pathway To Quality Care” on 17th & 18th March, 2023
  • Author “Comprehensive Nursing Procedure Manual” published by Evangels publishers.
  • EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER in science world  publishing  under current trends in medical and clinical case reports journal 
  • REVIEWER with  Elseviers “ Indian Journal of Pediatric Nursing”  
  • RESEARCH REVIEWER  with Asian Journal Of Nursing Research Journal


  • Author “Comprehensive Nursing Procedure Manual” published by Evangels publishers.
  • Contributing Author in 3rd South Asian Edition for “ Wongs Textbook of Pediatric Nursing” by Elseviers publishers
  • Contributor in “A quick review for Nursing Entrance Exam” by Lotus publishers.
  • Contributor in “Textbook of Pediatric Nursing” by CBS publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
  • Reviewer in  “ Essentials of  Nursing Research & Statistics” by Notion Press publishers


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  • Singh A, Upreti D, Sivasanker A, Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology. A Descriptve Study to Assess the Prevalence of Obesity and Its Risk Factors among Menopause Womens In Bisrakh Village, Noida. April 2022.15(1); 2710-2733
  • Sivasanker A, Sharma K, Diwakaran C. Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology. Child Abuse, Prevalence and Barriers Reporting It: A Review Article. April 2022.15(1); 2752-2759
  • Sivasanker A, Kumar S, Brari N, Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology. Benefits and Challenges of Online Learning during COVID 19 from Students Point of View: An Original Research Study. April 2022. 15(1);2744-2751
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  • Saini Amrita, Sarin Jyoti, Kodi Malar .International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development. “Which Thermometry is Comfortable for Children?” May 2017.2 (5); 299-301
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  • Saini Amrita , Kaur Parvinder, Sarin Jyoti, , Kaur Herbaksh.  International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research and Development .”Effectiveness of Demonstration in terms of skills regarding assessment of capillary refill time in newborns among nursing students”, Sept 2015.2(9): 600-602
  • Kaur Parvinder Saini Amrita, Sarin Jyoti, Kaur Kuldeep, Kaur Herbaksh.International Journal of Health Sciences and Research. “Skills of Nursing Students Regarding Breastfeeding Practices” .Oct 2015.5(10):195-199
  • Saini Amrita , Kaur Parvinder, Sarin Jyoti, Kaur Kuldeep. International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research and Development.” Bag and mask ventilation in neonates-A key towards reducing neonatal mortality”. Sept 2015.2(9):561-564


  • Member, Indian Academy of Neonatal Nurse (IANN).
  • Research scholar in Eduoxia Research university
  • Lifetime Member of National Neonatology  Forum (NNF)
  • Delhi Nursing Council

Area of Interest

  • Teaching
  • Research  and Clinical