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Dr. Ajay Kumar

Dr. Ajay Kumar

Assistant Professor, Management


Ajay Kumar holds Ph.D. in Business Management (Marketing). He did MBA in Marketing from STEP-HBTI Kanpur. He has qualified NET - JRF in Management.

He has published 11 research papers in journal of repute (Scopus, ABDC Journals). He has teaching interest in Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour, Business Research Methods, Marketing Analytics.

  • 4 Years
  • Ph.D.
  • MBA (Marketing)
  • M. Sc (Mathematics)
Award & Recognition

  • NET
  • JRF


  • Zaidi, N., Kumar, A., Tyagi, P. and Ahuja, V. (2023). Influence of motivation and vlogger characteristics on information adoption: A mediating role of flow experience. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising. (Scopus, Accepted)
  • Gupta, A., Kumar, A. and Melese, E. (2023). Young Consumer Engagement at the Bottom of Pyramid: Applying S-O-R Framework in E-commerce Context, Young Consumer. (Scopus, ABDC-B)
  •  Kumar, A. and Melese, E. (2023). Intellectual Structure of Export Orientation in International Marketing: A Bibliometric Coupling. BBR. Brazilian Business Review ((Scopus, Accepted)
  • Kashyap, A. K., Sahu, I. and Kumar, A.  (2022). Artificial intelligence and its applications in e-commerce-a review analysis and research agenda. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 100(24), 7347-7365. (Scopus)
  • Kumar, A. and Kashyap, K. A. (2022). Understanding the Factors Influencing Repurchase Intention in Online Shopping: A Meta-analytic Review. Vision: The Journal of Business Perspectives, ISSN: 0972-2629, Online ISSN: 2249-5304. (Scopus)
  •  Kumar, A. and Kashyap, K. A. (2021). Role of Mall Attractiveness in Shaping Fashion Shopping Orientation of Apparel Shoppers: A Segmentation Approach. Research Journal of Textile and Apparel, 2022. (Scopus)
  • Daultani, Y., Goswami, M., Kumar, A. and Pratap, S. (2021). Perceived outcomes of e-learning: identifying key attributes affecting user satisfaction in higher education institutes. Measuring Business Excellence, 25(2), 216-229. ISSN: 1368-3047. (Scopus, ABDC-B)
  • Kumar, A., Kashyap, A.K. and Bhagwat S. (2021). An exploratory analysis of mall attractive dimensions from the perspective of tier-II Cities customers. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 25(1), 78-93. ISSN- 1751-0260.
  • Kashyap, A. K. and Kumar, A. (2019). Measuring information potential to understand shoppers acceptance for online shopping. Int. J of Business Innovation and Research, 20(2), 179-193. ISSN-1751-0260. (Scopus)
  • Kashyap, A.K. and Kumar, A. (2019). Understanding Customer Perceived Mall Values-A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Approach. International Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing and Management (IJCRMM). 10(3), 21-34. ISSN- 1947-9247. (Scopus)
  • Kumar, A. and Kashyap, A.K. (2018). Leveraging utilitarian perspective of online shopping to motivate online shoppers. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 46(3), 247-263. ISSN-09590552 (Scopus, ABDC-A category) (Scopus, ABDC-A)

Area of Interest

  • Marketing 
  • Consumer behaviour 
  • Online shopping behaviour, Motivation,
  • Digital transformation