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Career Counseling & Development Centre (CCDC)

Soft Skills :Career Counseling Centre

Sr.No. Name of the capability enhancement program Date of implementation (DD-MM-YYYY) Name of the agencies/consultants involved with contact details (if any) Event Calender Link
1 Workshop on ''Interviewing Skills for Success'' 01-07-2021 Career Counseling Centre, Sharda University View
2 Research Project from Inception to Execution 16-07-2021 Career Counseling Centre, Sharda University View
3 5-DAY Workshop on "Introduction to Data Analytics for Data Driven Decision Making" 25-06-2021 Career Counseling Centre, Sharda University View
4 Workshop on Cutting Edge Skills for Young Adult 13-08-2021 Career Counseling Centre, Sharda University View
5 Webinar on Soft Skill Training Program 08-04-2020 School of Nursing Science and Research, Sharda University, and Sharda Skills: Shalini Anand View
6 Soft Skills Development 14-12-2020 Dr. Reena Nigam Associate Professor Head of the Department of Amity Skills Institute Amity University Haryana View
7 The Code Break Competitive Programming Competition 02-11-2020 School of Engineering and Technology, Sharda University View
8 Lecture on Code of Conduct 26-10-2020 Department of Art and Design, School of Architecture and Planning, Sharda University View
9 Interview Skills 20-01-2021 Sharda Skills, Sharda University: Shalini Anand View
10 Soft Skills for Budding Managers 11-09-2020 Times Education View
11 Guest Lecture on Behavioural Economics 29-01-2021 Dr. Thiagu Ranganathan Associate Professor Centre for Development Studies Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala View
12 Public Speaking Anxiety: Conquer Your Fear 15-10-2020 Ms. UpekshaJayasuriya Lecturer in English, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka View
13 Gradual Women Empowerment: Women and print media in the early 20th century 02-10-2021 Dr. Smita Sehgal, Associate Professor, Lady Sri Ram College, University of Delhi View
14 Time Managment in Clinical Trial Project Management 12-12-2020 Dr. Sujit Jha Director with Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Obesity at Max Hospital, Gurgaon View
15 Time Management 15-03-2021 Ms Prerna , Coordinator Room to Read View
16 Mindset for Happiness ,Success and fulfillment / Language Skills 03-01-2021 Swami Mukudanand, Swami Mukundananda IIT-Delhi and IIM-Calcutta alumnus and Motivational Speaker View
17 Skill Enhancement as Entrepreneur 15-02-2021 Mr. Vipin Mahan, CEO Leather Company , Gtr Noida View
18 Soft Skill Enhancement 18-01-2021 Mr. Pradeep Sharma, CEO Shri Jgdamba Plastic View
19 Wokshop on Teaching through Performing Arts 28-01-2021 Sharda University in association with Spic Macay (Ms. Shikha Sharma) View
20 Boot Camp 23-11-2020 T & P Cell/ECE View
21 Soft skill development 30-01-2021 School of Allied Heath and Science, Sharda University View
22 Virtual Assessment in the Present Context and Followup 08-08-2020 Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra Honorary Chancellor of KIMS Deemed to be University), Karad, Pro-Chancellor Datta Meghe lnstitute of Medical Sciences (Deemed to be University), Nagpur View
23 Creating Harmony and Success in Life During Pandemic 29-07-2020 Sharda University in Collaboration with Brahmkumaris: "Dr Mohit D Gupta Professor, Department of Cardiology, G B Pant Hospital New Delhi View
24 Medical Ethics 10-03-2020 Dr Anurag prasad Professor, Department of Medicine, SMS&R View
25 Soft Skills in Dentistry 07-01-2021 Dr. Ankit Chaudhari, Sudha Rustagi Dental College, Faridabad View
26 1-Day Online Workshop on Interviewing Skills for Success 07-01-2021 Career Counselling and Centre and School of Agricultural, Sharda University View
27 Inculcating Soft Skills: A Step Towards Excellence in Career 23-07-2021 Sharda Skills and School of Pharmacy, Sharda University View
28 Poster and Slogan Competition commemorating World Nature Conservation Day 28-02-2021 Department of Life Sciences , School of Basic Sciences, Sharda University View
29 Workshop - Learn the Tips for Self-Motivation and succeed in life 24-06-2021 Sharda Skills,Sharda University View
30 Worskhop - Learn the Skills of Effective Leadership to Succeed in Professional Life 02-06-2021 Dheeraj Sharma, Director, Sharda Skills, Sharda University View
31 Workshop - Learn the Skill of Taking Responsibility & Building Accountability in your Team 26-06-2021 Sharda Skills, Sharda University View
32 Workshop: Online Interaction on "Problem Solving Skills" 29-06-2021 Anchal Gupta, Sharda Skills,Sharda University View
33 Online workshop on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. 07-01-2021 Anchal Gupta, Sharda Skills View
34 Workshop on Learn the Art of effective Inter-personal and Team skills 18-06-2021 Vaishnavi, Sharda Skills, Sharda University 8800109777 View
35 Master the art of 'Time Management' and pave your pathway for success 21-06-2021 Samudra Bagchi, Sharda Skills 8795550655 View
36 Online Workshop on How to Improve Personality Development 23-06-2021 Anchal Gupta, Sharda Skills 9650390383 View
37 Tolerance & Harmony in Face of Cultural & Communal Diversity 06-09-2021 Sharda University: "Mr Samir Jolly, International Faculty,The art of living, Motivational speaker" View
38 "Public Speaking & Presentation Skills" 15-06-2021 Sharda Skills, Sharda University View
39 Mastering the Art of Professional Communication with Conflict Management Skills 15-06-2021 Sharda Skills, Sharda University View
40 The Art of Employability and Soft Skill 22-06-2020 Department of Sharda Skills, Sharda University View
41 Aptitude Building Workshop 29-09-2020 Career Counseling and Development Centre, SU View
42 One Day online Workshop on Advance Excel for MBA Final Year Students 31-10-2020 Career Counseling & Development Centre in collaboration with School of business studies, SU View
43 5-Day Online Workshop on “Competitive Exam Preparation: Mathematical Aptitude and Logical Reasoning” 04-12-2021 Career Counseling Centre, Sharda University View
44 2- days Workshop on Tableau for Data Analysis & Visualization 06-10-2021 Career Counseling Centre Sharda University : Mr. Gaurav Shekhar Assistant Professor of Instruction Information Systems, Director MS Business Analytics Program University of Texas, Dallas View
45 Resume Writing 18-06-2021 Career Counseling Centre, Sharda University View
46 Self Directed Learning 16-04-2021 Sharda University: Prof.Suresh B. Kondaveeti, Department of Biochemistry, Symbiosis Medical College, Pune View
47 Mock Interview 30-10-2020 Department of Mechanical Engineering, SET, Sharda University View
48 Leadership for Excellence 11-10-2020 Prof (Dr.) Manju Chhugani Head of Department Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing and Paramedical Science Jamia Hamdard New Delhi View
49 Webinar on 24 hours Management of Myocardial Infarction 29-09-2020 School of Nursing Science and Research, Sharda University View
50 Chart and model making competition 13-08-2021 Dr Krishna Garg, Former professor, Lady Hardinge medical college, New Delhi View
51 3-Day Workshop on Are You Recruitment Ready? 22-11-2021 School of Basic Science and Research View
52 MOOC Interview Process (MIP) 24-05-2021 to 11-06-2021 Department of Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering, SET, Sharda University View
53 Portfolio Making 25-12-2020 to 26-12-2020 School of Architecture and Planning,Sharda University:Ms. Parool Chauhan & 9997003734 View
54 Industry Interface - Tips and Tricks of Microsoft Excel 27-10-2020 School of Business Studies,Sharda University:Md. Naved Designation-Master Trainer , ICA Edu Skills Pvt Ltd View
55 Online Workshop on Business Decisions using Excel 12-11-2020 School of Business Studies,Sharda University:Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Kumar, Professor, Chaudhary Bansilal University, Bhiwani, Haryana View