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Career Counseling and
Development Centre (CCDC)


At Sharda University, we understand the need of ever demanding and amalgamated society and always thrive for the betterment of our students. As the world is moving towards Industrial 4.0, to match the needs of society, the Career Counseling and Development Centre has been set up to provide in-house support and counseling sessions to combat the professional/ career related snags of students. CCDC helps them to road map the future journey of their dream career. The students at different stages of life get stuck in mazes to find the successful career option as per their abilities and the skill sets they own. With a variety of career-oriented activities, CCDC helps the students to illuminate their path in such difficult situations by providing guidance and helping them to acquire the skills as needed.


  • To provide professional guidance to enhance the employability of students and to encourage their future career growth.
  • To partner with university schools, departments, and faculties to coordinate tailored services to meet the needs of students of diverse academic backgrounds and career interests.
  • To conduct the survey on student’s needs and suggestions regarding career-related activities.
  • To develop the awareness of the competitive world among the students and to equip them with the essential skills for future success
  • To provide them guidance for higher education at National and International institutions.
  • To expand student employment opportunities by providing in-house and external internships platforms to connect and interact with targeted careers.
  • To enhance the global perspective and social consciousness of students, and to form responsible citizens who can contribute to and lead the global community
  • To raise awareness of organizational competence and ethics and to foster best practices amongst students.


Overview of the Services of CCDC

Guidance for Higher Education
  • National Institutions
  • International Institutions (In collaboration with International Relations Division, SU)
  • Any Other
Preparation for placements
  • Preparing Resume
  • Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Business Writing
  • Facing the interviews
  • Mock interviews
  • Leadership
  • Any other
Providing Internships
  • In-House
Career Counselling
  • Choosing the career of choice
  • Help navigate through different career options
  • Guidance related to interdisciplinary career opportunities
  • Any other
Entrepreneurship Guidance
  • Imbing a sense of Entrepreneurship
  • Guiding through Steps of Journey of Entrepreneurship
  • Creating awareness about various Govt Schemes
  • Interaction with Alumni Entrepreneurs
  • Interaction with established Entrepreneurs
  • Any other
AatmNirbhar Cell
  • Identification of the local problem
  • Designing the problem into project
  • Interdisciplinary grouping
  • Assigning of the mentor (School where that major is running)
  • Execution of the project


Professor Geeta Durga Chairperson

Chairperson's Message

Career may be a term for many people who relate it to employment or the total number of jobs that one holds during the lifetime. However, if we limit it to occupational standpoint, it would be narrow and hence needs to be discerned in a broader and life- encompassing approach. It starts with the subjects one chooses at college/university and embraces all the decisions taken in direction of his/her social, educational, economic, and spiritual aspirations. The results thus realized are reflected in one’s personality and basic life values.

While you begin working in the direction of career making, you may get out of the track especially in today’s distractive and dynamic world. I believe that a career can be developed while working in a scientific manner which involves occupational awareness, exploration, self-assessment, decision-making, and implementation. We at CCDC, SU are committed to provide you with the personal counselling and to help you make decisions for the career that complement your personal attributes and bring personal satisfaction.

Dr. Radhika Gupta Vice-Chairperson

Vice-Chairperson's Message

As we all are part of a rapidly changing scenario, and moving from a VUCA world to a DisRUPT (Rapid, Unpredictable, Paradoxical, and Tangled) world, the education sector is also not left untouched. The need for counselling and guidance has become critically important for higher educational institutes. Thus, Career Counselling & Development Centre , at Sharda University has been formulated to assist students in making & implementing informed educational and occupational choices. It acts as an anchor to give directions to the students and make well-informed choices with respect to career transition from higher education to occupations.

We at CC& DC strongly believe that young minds need to be trained not only to fill out positions in the organisations but take on responsible roles in society. And that’s why our focus is to bring about the holistic development of the students not in academic terms but also in terms of skills and aptitude thereby imbibing a sense of professionalism.

CC & DC through its various initiatives such as skill development, language training, enhancing communication skills for employability and instilling a sense of entrepreneurship is phenomenal in taking lead in this regard. Our constant endeavours is to prepare our students for the challenges of the real world and make them future ready. As we at CC 7 DC, “Understand that success is not an accident, but a planned event.”

Ms. Jyotsna Seth (Core member and Incharge Internship Cell)

Core Member and Internship Cell Incharge

Sharda University has always nurtured the dreams of ambitious students. But there are certain aspects of professional development that cannot be effectively taught in the classroom environment . These facets can only be learned by exposure to real life situations and on-the-job experience working under the guidance of professionals and experts in the field.

With this important point in mind ,Carer Counselling & Development Centre has launched its Flagship Internship Cells to bridge the gap between the professional world and the academics. With its focus on extending the program of education and evaluation beyond the classroom of a university or institution, it seeks out on many latent attributes, which do not surface in the normal classroom situations such as intellectual ability, professional judgment & decision making ability, skills for data handling, ability in written and oral presentation, sense of responsibility, etc.

The Internship Cell CC & DC, also takes its cue from the Skill India Initiative of Government of India has launched its Internship cell which acts as a platform to provide an extensive range of in-house internship to undergraduate and graduate students coming from varied backgrounds. It helps students by presenting them with hands-on experience in multiple domains, under the guidance of the highly trained and experienced professionals, which not only prepares them for future challenges but also provides a better realization of their desired domains.

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  • Dr. Mohammad Saad

    Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
    CCDC Program attended or any other career counseling services availed E2S meet, Guidance for NEET Exam Feedback

    Firstly I would like to thank Career Counseling and Development Centre, School Of Dental Sciences, Sharda University for conducting such amazing programs which help us students learn more and get a platform to clear our doubts .

    I attended the E2S Meet, Guidance for NEET Exam program and was very happy that I did because I learnt so much about the NEET exam and some new rules and regulations and tips on how to crack it and also I got to know other career options after BDS.

    All my doubts were cleared. I am very thankful to CCDC and SDS for their guidance and support.

  • Mr. Ashish Kumar Pathak

    BSc. (Hons) Agriculture Sem 5
    CCDC Program attended or any other career counseling services availed Workshop on Agricultural Entrepreneurship: Challenges and perspectives on 6/12/2021 Feedback

    The event gave me deeper insight into agricultural entrepreneurship. I got to understand the challenges and perspectives of entrepreneurship in broader perspectives. I look forward to more such events in future.

  • Ms. Arshi Khan

    BSc. (Hons) Agriculture Sem 7
    CCDC Program attended or any other career counseling services availed Entrepreneurial opportunities for students in agriculture and allied sector on 13/10/2021 Feedback

    The workshop was very informative. I got the clarity on the fact that Start-up could be a good career option when one has an innovative idea in mind. The speaker clearly conveyed the importance of interdisciplinary approach for bringing innovative technologies.

  • Ms. Prabha Kumari

    BSc. (Hons) Agriculture Sem 2
    CCDC Program attended or any other career counseling services availed 1-Day Online Workshop on Interviewing Skills for Success on 1/7/2021 Feedback

    The workshop was very attractive and full of information. The resource person gave us hands-on training on developing confidence while facing interviews. We look forward to more such sessions in future.

  • Mr. Deepak Chauhan

    Master of Physiotherapy(Sports) -II year
    CCDC Program attended or any other career counseling services availed Feedback

    The Career Counselling session held in University helped me immensely in decision making, setting up career goals and ways to achieve it, and managing the work in a way to get the optimized results. I am a more clear, confident and enthusiastic person after the counseling session. The counsellor was great and ways to address individuals were commendable, from listening to one's doubt to providing great suggestions, everything worked for me and I am sure also for others too.

  • Ms. Hansika Bansla

    Bachelors of Nutrition and Dietetics
    CCDC Program attended or any other career counseling services availed Feedback

    I have enrolled myself in Sharda University for a Nutrition and Dietetics course. Here they held career counseling sessions to explore the opportunities that exist in the real world. It gave me the strength to focus on my interest and how to pursue that interest as a career. The guidance was simple and realistic. Today I am working in MNC for health and wellness, planning to start my own venture as well very soon.

    Thanks Sharda University and Our Faculty Members

  • Mr. Aman Sisodia

    BBA (2018-2021)
    CCDC Program attended or any other career counseling services availed Study abroad program and how to excel in a job interview. Feedback

    I actually understood how things go in reality and what actually the hiring managers are looking for in an interview. I also have my plans for studying abroad in Canada so when I had attended this seminar for study abroad so I actually got a reality check of what actually management schools are looking for in students and how to build up the set profile that a B-school is looking for. All the sessions were amazing and were very informative which actually helped me in my career.

  • Ms. Naomi Oyiza Yusuf

    Btech (Electrical and electronics engineering)
    CCDC Program attended or any other career counseling services availed Personal Counseling Feedback

    The career counselling department was very informative and beneficial. I got the necessary assistance I needed”

  • Mr. Harpreet Singh

    BBA (2018-21)
    CCDC Program attended or any other career counseling services availed How to build a correct resume for a job, How to crack a job interview, Study abroad program and various other sessions on personality development. Feedback

    Career counseling development cell was much of a helpful source for developing my career and personality as a whole. I had attended various seminars and all these seminars have been really helpful in shaping my personality and got me to understand the actual real requirements in the real corporate world. I am thankful to the career counselling development centre for providing such valuable opportunities.

  • Mr. Akash singh

    MBA (2018-2020)
    CCDC Program attended or any other career counseling services availed Feedback

    Career counseling development cell was very much fruitful to shape my career track. With the help of seminars I got guidance to develop overall skills which are very much required in corporations.

    I am currently working as a HR in Paramount health services and insurance TPA PVT LTD. I feel greatFull to be part of a career counseling development cell seminar as with the help of their guidance I am able to handle my job responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

  • Mr. Gulshan Kumar

    B.Ed.-II Year
    CCDC Program attended or any other career counseling services availed Feedback

    The Career Counselling session was a very interactive and resourceful session. The 21st century is an age dominated by technology and digital tools. I came to know about different online tools that can be used in the classroom to make learning a joyful one. I also came to know about certain aspects of vlogging. Overall, it was a wonderful session and resource persons were very helpful. Certain activities were also conducted within the session. Such workshops will keep future teachers like me updated with the innovations and help us to use them accordingly in the classroom. After gaining certain insights out of such sessions, I have started using some online platforms to make my learning experience joyful and convenient. I would love to have more of such sessions.

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