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Dr. Palak Mishra

Assistant Professor, Agricultural Sciences



Dr. Palak Mishra is a research professional in the field of agriculture extension with research and teaching experience with different organizations. Her doctoral research work focuses on documentation, standardization and assessment of the utility of indigenous agriculture practices. She has worked on the various aspects of agriculture extension and conducted activities like kisan goshti (farmer talks), kisan mela, interaction with women farmers at different villages of Rajasthan. In her previous assignment she actively coordinated with various Krishi Vigyan Kendras across the country for Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) training of the students and steered the READY (Rural Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana) program for industrial and experiential learning programme training for students with different organizations working in the field of agriculture in Rajasthan.

Prior to joining Sharda University, Dr. Palak worked as Asst. professor at Dr. K.N .Modi University, Tonk, Rajasthan and as a senior Research Fellow at Directorate of Extension Education, S.K.N Agriculture University, Jaipur, under the project of Agriculture Technology Management and Quality Improvement Centre (ATMQIC). She holds a Ph.D. degree in Agriculture extension from Shri Karan Narendra Agriculture University Jobner, Jaipur (Rajasthan) and has done her B.Sc. (Agriculture) and M.Sc. (Agri. Extension) degrees from Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Gwalior.


  • 3 Years
  • Ph.D.  (Extension Education)
  • M.Sc. & B.Sc. (Hons.) in Agriculture

  • Palak Mishra and S.K. Badodiya 2015. Role Performance of Rural Women in Agriculture Activities. Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable Development Vol. 10(2), 206- 208, July- December, (2015).
  • Palak Mishra and Rajendra Rathore Documentation of Indigenous Knowledge about Agriculture Practices in Rajasthan. International journal of current Microbiology and Applied Sciences Vol. 9 No.5 (2020).
  • K.K Chaurasiya, S.K. Badodiya, Prashant Maratha and Palak Mishra. Study and Analysis on Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Dairy Farmers. Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Partika Vol. 31(4),296- 301,(2016).
  • Seema Yadav, N.K. Sharma, Vikas kumar, Palak Mishra and Sohan lal Choudhary. Role of Rural Women in Agriculture Activities in Jaipur District of Rajasthan India. International journal of current Microbiology and Applied Sciences Vol. 7 No. 02 (2018).
  • Seema Yadav, K.C. Sharma and Palak Mishra “Relationship between Socio-economic characteristic of Beneficiary Farmers and their Awareness about National Horticulture Mission. Indian Journal Of Extension Education Vol. 56,No. 4 (2020).

Book Chapter

  • A Book Chapter titled - “Doubling Farmers Income in the book – “Extension Strategies for Doubling Farmer Incom Published by Bio Tech Books. Pp 71-77. ISBN 978-81-7622 (2020).



  • 3 days training on “Mushroom Production Technology” held from September 27- 29, 2018 under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana Project „Creation of training facilities for capacity building of scientists, students and rural youth. ‟
  • 21 days National Training Course on “Preparing and Management of Result Oriented Research Projects in Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Allied Sectors” held from 26-5- 2020 to 15-06-2020 under National Agriculture Development Cooperative Ltd. (NADCL)
  • 12 days International online short course on “Precision Agriculture: A Technology for Income Augmentation & Entrepreneurship Development” organized by Multi-Technology Testing Centre & Vocational Training Center, College of Fisheries, Central Agricultural University (Imphal) India, held from07 to 18 July 2020.
  • 10 days online MOOCs Program on “Gender in Agricultural Development” held from 27th July 2020 to 5th August 2020 Organized by National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE) Hyderabad, India.
  • 10 days online MOOCs Program on “Market- led Extension” held from 14th August 2020 to 23rdAugust 2020 Organized by National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE) Hyderabad, India
  • 21 days National Training Course on “Advances in Fodder Production, Utilization and Conservation for Improving Livestock Health, Productivity and Environmental Sustainability” held from 20-8-2020 to 09-09-2020 under National Agriculture Development Cooperative Ltd. (NADCL)
  • Two weeks training course on “The Virtual Climate Pathshala held from 14thto 26th September 2020 under State Knowledge Management Centre on Climate Change (SKMCCC), Environment Planning and Coordination Organization (EPCO), Department of Environment, Government of Madhya Pradesh & School of Energy & Environment Management (SOEEM), RGPV, Bhopal.
  • Five days National training programme on “Extension Strategies for Doubling Farmers Income” held from 7-11 June, 2021 under National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Hyderabad.
  • Two weeks Refresher Course/ Faculty Development Programme on “Managing Online Classes & Co- creating MOOCs 9.0” from 8-22 November, 2021 under Teaching Learning Center, Ramanujan College University of Delhi under the aegis of Ministry of Education Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching.
  • Four weeks Induction/Orientation Programme on “Faculty Universities/Colleges/Institutes of Higher Education” from 20 December, 2021 – 19 January, 2022 under Teaching Learning Center, Ramanujan College University of Delhi under the aegis of Ministry of Education Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on teachers and training.


  • Poster presentation on Barriers in Transfer of Oilseeds Technology at “International Seminar on Oilseed Brassica” held during February 23rd to 27th 2017 at Jaipur (Rajasthan).
  • Poster presentation on Role and performance of rural women in Agriculture Activities at “International conference on Advances in Agricultural and Biodiversity Conservation for Sustainable Development “ held during October 27th -28th 2017 at Meerut (U.P).
  • Participation on National Conference on Agriculture and Rural Innovations for Sustainable Empowerment (ARISE-2016) held during May 21st -22nd ,2016
  • Participation on National Seminar on ‘Horizons of Skill Development held on 17th December,2017 at Jabalpur (M.P.)
  • Participation on National Seminar on ‘Empowering Students through Effective Teaching –Learning Practices held on 16th December,2017 at Jabalpur (M.P).
  • Participation on 4th  National Youth Convention on ‘Federating Agri-Youth in Business Group for Remunerative Agriculture” held on February 15-16,2019 at JNKVV Jabalpur  ( M.P)
  • Participation on 2nd National Agricultural Convention on Agricultural Skill Development for Doubling Framers Income held on 7th October 2017 at Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Science, Bikaner (Rajasthan )
  • Participation on International Conference on Global Research Initiatives for Sustainable Agriculture & Allied Sciences held on 02-04 December 2017  held at Maharana  Pratap University and Technology, Udaipur (Rajasthan )
  • Participation on “Quiz for Seed Certification” organized by National Seed Project, Swami Keshwanand Rajasthan Agricultural University,  Bikaner (Rajashan) India on 27-5-2020 and scored 79%.
  • Participation on National Webinar “Challenges, Opportunities and Future of Agri and Allied Research and Education: Post Covid  Era” conducted by All India Agricultural Students Association from 30th – 31st May, 2020 on ZOOM platform.
  • Participation on National Webinar “Traditional Agriculture: Self – reliant Bharat organized by Kshitij Foundation and Agri vision from 20-21 June,2020.
  • Participation on National Webinar “Problem and Prospects of Agriculture during the Regime of Maharana Pratap” conducted by Maharana Pratap Shodh Peeth, Department of Extension Education, Rajasthan College of Agriculture, MPUAT, Udaipur on 06-07-2020.
  • Participation on National Webinar “Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services Amid COVID-19 Pandemic” organized by College of Agriculture, Agriculture University Kota Rajasthan on 24-07-2020
  • Participation on Digital Discourse Series- 2020 on “Gender and Pendemic: Challenges and Opportunities” organized by ICAR-ATARI, Bangaluru and Farmer FIRST Programme (FFP) on August 10-12,2020

Area of Interest

  • Climate change communication strategies in agriculture
  • Indigenous Technical Knowledge
  • Sustainable Agriculture