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Dr. Monika Rani

Dr. Monika Rani

Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Applications (CSA)


Dr. Monika Rani earned Ph.D. Degree in Information Technology from IIIT-Allahabad and M.Tech. Degree in Information Technology from YMCA Faridabad. She has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of her core competencies of Research, Teaching, and Technical Assistant. Her research interests are in the field of Semantic Web & Ontologies, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

  • 10+ years
  • Ph.D., M.Tech & B.Tech

List of Publications:

  • M. Rani, R. Nayak, and O. P. Vyas, "An Ontology-based Adaptive Personalized e-learning System, Assisted by Software Agents on Cloud Storage". Knowledge Based Systems, Vol. 90, pp. 33-48, 2015. (SCI Index Elsevier Journal). 
  • M. Rani, A. K. Dhar, and O. P. Vyas. "Semi-automatic Terminology Ontology Learning Based on Topic Modeling". Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 63, pp.108-125, 2017. (SCI Index Elsevier Journal). 
  • M. Rani, K. V. Srivastava, and O. P. Vyas. "An Ontological Learning Manage ment System". Computer Applications in Engineering Education 24, no. 5, pp. 706-722, 2016. (SCI Index Wiley Journal). 
  • M. Rani S. Kumar, Rajkumar, A. Saini, "Adapted Rank Order Clustering based Test Case Prioritization for Software Product Line Testing". Journal International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms, 2019.
  • M. Rani, R. Vyas, and O. P. Vyas, "OPAESFH: Ontology-based Personalized Adaptive E-learning System Using FPN and HMM". In IEEE Region 10 Conference, TENCON, pp. 2441-2446, 2017. 
  • M. Mittal, M. Rani, S. Srinivasan, and O. P. Vyas, "Type-2 Fuzzy Ontology Based Multi-Agents System for Wireless Sensor Network". In IEEE Region 10 Conference, TENCON, pp. 2864-2869, 2017. 
  • A. S. Patel, M. Ojha, M. Rani, A. Khare, O. P. Vyas, and R. Vyas, Ontology based Multi-Agent Smart Bike Sharing System (SBSS), "IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing (SMARTCOMP)", pp.417-422, 2018. 
  • M. Rani, M. K. Muyeba, and O. P. Vyas. "A Hybrid Approach using Ontology Similarity and Fuzzy Logic for Semantic Question Answering". In Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics, Vol. 1, Springer, Cham, pp. 601-609, 2014. 
  • M. Rani, S. Alekh, A. Bhardwaj, A. Gupta, and O. P. Vyas. "Ontology based Classification and Analysis of Non-emergency Smart-city Events". In IEEE,International Conference on Computational Techniques in Information and Communication Technologies (ICCTICT), pp. 509-514, 2016. 
  • M. Rani, and O. P. Vyas. "Smart Bike Sharing System to Make the City Even Smarter". In Advances in Computer and Computational Sciences, Springer, Singapore, pp. 43-55, 2017. 
  • M. Rani, A. Kumar, D. Maurya, S. Mishra, S. Sonker, U. Saxena and O. P. Vyas, "Ontology-based Bitmasking Approach for Smart e-tourism System". In Pervasive Computing: A Networking Perspective and Future Directions, Springer, Singapore, pp. 111-126, 2019. 
  • S. Kumar, M. Rani, "Collaborative Filtering-based Test Case Prioritization and Reduction for Software Product-Line Testing". In IEEE Region 10 Conference, TENCON, pp.498-503, 2019. 

Area of Interest

  • Semantic Web & Ontologies, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence