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Dr. Lipika Sharma

Associate Professor, Law



Professional with 19+ experience in academia, industry, and research. LL.B from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi, LL.M. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, M.A( Pol. Sc) the University of Delhi, Diploma In Environment (IGNOU), Diploma in Corporate Laws and Management(Indian Law Institute), Certificate in IPR (Indian Law Institute). Awarded AS Best Female Teacher in Innovative Law teaching. Worked with UNDP and the Ministry of Health (AYUSH). Authored 2 books with Lambert Publishing Germany and All India Reporter respectively. Working on the chapter for Springer, New York.

  • 19 Years Plus
  • Ph.D.
  • LL.M
  • MA (Political Science)
Award & Recognition

  • Best Women Educator in Innovative Law Teaching


2 Books and More than 20 Publications in the International, National, and UGC approved Journals.


  • EBOOK for All India Reporter (AIR) on “Environment Law” which is available on their online portal lawspice.com (OCTOBER 2019)
  • ‘Geographical Indications in India: Law and Procedure” (January 2015) Lambert Academic Publishing.  Germany, 2015.   - ISBN: 978-3-659-80011-5


  • Indias efforts to combat climate change      the research journal of social sciences Impact Factor: 5.250, UGC and ISSN Approved - International Peer Reviewed Journal, Refereed Journal, Indexed in COSMOS Journal, ISSN-0025-1348 1st March 2019
  • National Mission for Sustaining Himalayan Ecosystems Linking traditional knowledge and climate change (December 2018), Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, Impact Factor: 5.87,
  • UGC and ISSN Approved - International Peer Reviewed Journal, Refereed Journal, Indexed Journal, ISSN: 2349-5162
  • Traditional ecological knowledge and climate change: A relationship (December 2018) International journal of research and Analytical reviews, Impact Factor: 5.75 UGC and ISSN Approved - International Peer Reviewed Journal, Refereed Journal, Indexed Journal, E-ISSN 2348-1269, P- ISSN 2349-5138
  • Role of Traditional Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation: Journal Law Research Volume 10, ISSN:2181-9130 (International Journal) 2017
  • Recent Regionalism in UK and USA: A Legal and Economic Analysis, Socio-Economic Challenges, Volume 1, Issue 4, 2017, ARMG publishing, December 2017 (International Journal)
  • Restorative Justice System: A comparative analysis, International Journal of Law, ISSN 2455-2194, RJIF 5:12, May 2017
  • Right to Sanitation: Human Right Associated with Human Dignity, International Journal of Advanced Research, ISNN: 2320-5407, CrossRef Indexed Journal, April 2017
  • The relevance of Intellectual Property for Fashion Industry and World Class Organisations, Lex Revolution, ISSN 2394-997X May-June 2017,
  • Role of Traditional Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation, Under publication in AIR JOURNAL, June 2017
  • Traditional Knowledge A Potent Weapon to Achieve Food Security in The Era of Climate Change, Under Publication in Amity Law Journal         
  • Climate change and international efforts on mitigation and adaptation, AIR Journal September 2016
  • “Social and Judicial Response to Bollywoods Freedom of Expression”, published in the Indian Journal of Legal Philosophy, ISSN 2347-4963, Dec 2015.
  • “National Judicial Appointment Commission and collegium system in India: Comparative Analysis” published in IJPSS, ISSN-2249-5894, December 2015.
  • “Online Arbitration: Relevance and Importance in present times” published in International Journal of Law, ISSN 2346-4861.Dec 2015.
  • “The Role of Civil Society Organisations in Combating Trafficking in Transgender” published in Law Mantra, ISSN  2321-6417, June 2015.
  • “Traditional Knowledge” published in an International Journal of Law, ISSN 2346-4861.Dec 2014.
  • Freedom of Information: Comparative Analysis among SAARC Nations and a Road Ahead, published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences ISSN: 2278-6236 2016
  • Human rights and environmental law at crossroads, Lex Revolution, July-September, ISSN 2394-997X Sept 2016


  • Presented a paper at International Conference titled ‘Socio-Economic Justice after Seventy Years of India's Independence: Domestic and Global Challenges, titled as “ Right To Sanitation: Human Right Associated With Human Dignity” on 20th November 2016, at Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.
  • Presented a paper at the National Seminar on "Strengths and Weaknesses of Indian Environmental Laws: A Critical Analysis" titled as “ Indias Effort To Combat Climate Change” on October 22, 2016, at Hidayatullah National Law University, Naya Raipur.
  • Presented paper at International Conference on UN @70 titled as “Impact of UN on International Law During last 70 Years
  • Presented a paper at Delhi Metropolitan Education Conference on Environmental Jurisprudence in India, titled as “Raising the Concern: Modern Environmental Protection: Enclosure of Social Work and Insertion of Responsibilities”, on 12th November 2016.
  • Presented paper at International Seminar held at NLU Delhi titled as “ Freedom of Information comparative analysis among SAARC nations a road ahead”, March, 2016.
  • Presented a paper at International Seminar on Interface between Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Law and Traditional Knowledge, Titled as “Need for Sui Generis Protection for Traditional knowledge” March 2015.
  • Presented Paper at International Conference held at Amity University, Delhi titled as “Human Rights and Environment Law at Crossroads” March 2014.
  • Presented a Paper at the National Seminar on “Judicial Activism and Judicial   Self Restraint” , titled as  Judicial Activism: Meaning and implications. November 2012” at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.
  • Presented a paper at INBUSH, Amity Business Schools  International Research Conference titled as “Relevance Of Intellectual Property For Fashion Industry And World-Class Organisations”.


  • Organised BCI moot Court Competition (2017)
  • Organised National Workshop of Intellectual Property Rights (2017)
  • Organised series of Guest Lectures
  • Participated in 2-day seminar on Changing Landscape of Scholarly Writing and Publications, 24-25 March 2017
  • Participated in the First Asia Pacific Workshop on Empirical Methods in Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition., 9-11th March 2017
  • Attended International Conference on Transparency and Accountability in Governance: Issues and Challenges, held on  13-14 October 2012, Organized by National Law University, Delhi.
  • Attended Workshop on Legal Academic and Creative Writing at Amity University, Noida, May 2015
  • Attended Advance Level Workshop on Intellectual Property Laws and Conference on legal education, Rule of Law and Governance held on 26-27 February 2012 at Faculty of Law, university of Delhi.
  • Participated in National Seminar on “The Critical Role of the Civil Society Organisations in Combating Trafficking in Human Beings” on 10th January 2015
  • Participated in National Seminar on Electoral Reforms in India: Prospects and Challenges held on 23rd January 2015, Amity law School
  • Participated in National Seminar on “Rethinking of Juvenile Justice System in India: from Welfare to Rights”, 14th October 2016, Amity Law School Centre-II
  • Participated in National Seminar on “Law religion and Politics in India: The Travesty of a Secular Nation”, 8th April, 2015, Amity Law School Centre-II
  • Organized International Conference on “Human Trafficking: A socio Legal Facet of Modern World” 14th October, 2014, Amity Law School Centre-II
  • Participated in 3rd Amity international Med-Arb Competition, 2016, 9th August, 2016, Amity Law School Centre-II
  • Participated in 3rd International Mott Court Competition-2015, 12th to 14th March 2015, Amity Law School Centre-II
  • Participated in 2nd Hindi Moot Court Competition-, October 9-10 2014 Amity Law School Center-II
  • Participated in 3rd Hindi Moot Court Competition, 15-16 October -2014 Amity Law School Centre-II
  • Participated in Faculty Development Programme on “Amity Academic Structure and System”


Diploma in environmental law from WWF-IGNOU (2011-2012 with 75% aggregate, specialized diploma and a certificate in Corporate Laws and Management and Intellectual Property Rights respectively from Indian Law institute and a diploma in Journalism, from YMCA, Delhi.

Area of Interest

  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Environment Laws