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Dr. Jabir Ali

Dr. Jabir Ali

Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)


Brief Profile: Dr. Jabir Ali is working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Sharda University since 2022. He has more than 11 years of teaching experience with different educational institutes. He has guided 5+ post graduate students. He has 2 Ph.D. scholars under his guidance also. He has published 8+ SCI/SCIE/Scopus indexed journals and 5+ Conference/Book Chapters.

His research interests are Machine Learning, Data Science, and Brain Computer Interface.

  • 11+ Years
  • Ph.D., M.Tech, B.Tech

  • 15+ SCI/SCIE/Scopus/Conferences/Book Chapters

International Journals (SCI/SCIE Indexed)

  • Jabir Ali* et al. “A Hybrid Intuitionistic Fuzzy-MEREC-RS-DNMA Method for Assessing the Alternative Fuel Vehicles with Sustainability” Perspectives. Sustainability. 2022; 14(9):5463.  Published
  • Jabir Ali* et al. "Assessment of performance of telecom service providers using intuitionistic fuzzy grey relational analysis framework (IF-GRA)." Soft Computing 25, no. 3 (2021): 1983-1993. Published
  • Jabir Ali* et al.  "An Integrated Single-Valued Neutrosophic Combined Compromise Solution Methodology for Renewable Energy Resource Selection Problem." Energies 14, no. 15 (2021): 4594.  Published

International Journal (Scopus Indexed)

  • Jabir Ali et al., “A lightweight buyer-seller watermarking protocol based on time-stamping and composite signal representation” ”, in International Journal of Engineering & Technology (UAE), ISSN 2227-524X, Volume 7 (4.6) (2018) pp. 39-41, Published.
  • Jabir Ali, Satya Prakash Ghrera, “CWEA: A Digital Video Copyright Protection Scheme”, in International Journal of Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications. ISSN 2150-7988 Volume 10 (2018) pp. 009-017. Published.
  • Jabir Ali, Satya Prakash Ghrera “A novel method for copyright protection of digital videos using SWEA and  ZPA technique”, in International Journal of Engineering & Technology (UAE), ISSN 2227-524X, Volume 7 (2.9) (2018) pp. 90-96. Published.
  • Jabir Ali et al., “Road Accidents Analysis Using Comparative Study & Application of Machine Learning Algorithms”, WSEAS Transaction on Computer Research, ISSN: 1991-8755, July 2021 Accepted

International Journals (UGC Approved)

  • Jabir Ali et al. “Real Time Facial Expression Detection Techniques Using Pixels Values”, International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology-2011. (IJCSIT), ISSN 00975-9646, Volume 2(5) (2011), pp. 2293-2296  Published.
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  • Saima Iram, Jabir Ali, “Performance Enhancement of Edge Detection Methods for Human Bone Fracture X-ray Image Using Graphical Processors”, in International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, E-ISSN: 2347-2693, Volume-6, Issue-7, July 2018, pp 888-894. . Published.

International Conference Papers

  • Jabir Ali and Satya Prakash Ghrera “A secure method of copyright protection for digital videos using Split Watermark Embedding Algorithm”, in Fourth International Conference on Image Information Processing (ICIIP-21-23 DEC 2017) ,  pp. 569-573,2017.Jaypee University,Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India Published
  • Jabir Ali and Satya Prakash Ghrera“A robust approach of copyright protection for digital videos using zero padding algorithm technique” in International Conference on Futuristic Trends in network and communication Technology (FTNCT-09 -10 Feb 2018)Jaypee University, Solan, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Jabir Ali et al.  “An Efficient Way of Flooding For Multimedia Content Delivery by Using Passive Clustering and RRDBFSF” in proceeding of First International Conference on Computer Applications – 2010,doi:10.3850/978-981-08-7304-2_1614,ISBN: 978-981-08-7304-2.  Published

Area of Interest

  • Machine Learning, Data Science, and Brain Computer Interface