How would you evaluate a media personality – a person blessed with name, fame, and money? Wouldn’t you? Judging a TV personality with such parameters is not at all wrong as a successful career in media leads you towards a glamorous life. But ruling the realm of electronic media calls for sheer dedication, hard work, and being the face of a television channel – the way Sudhir Chaudhry is to Zee News and Arnab Goswami was to Times Now. First of all, ask yourself if you have the potential to carve your identity as a media personality. Such a self-assessment will help you know if tomorrow’s ‘media mogul’ is hidden within you or not.

If yes, then let’s proceed with the tips on becoming a media personality:

Be eligible for a media job with right education

The initial step is to prepare for media-centric education i.e. Mass Communication, Advertising, TV Journalism & Anchoring courses. Along with the theoretical training, the study of media includes the training of AV equipment, DSLR, teleprompter, and other tools. Hence, only an institution equipped with state-of-the-art facilities must be your first choice to attain the media education where you can learn all the nitty-gritty of electronic media.

Make your personality spellbinding

Looks might be god gifted but it completely depends on you how you appear among a group of people. You will have to learn the art of enchanting people everywhere and it is only possible with the way you present yourself. It is the most imperative factor to inculcate the magic of beguiling the people in your overall appearance. Work on your postures, gestures, and pronunciation to add an exclusive touch to your personality.

Standout in the crowd

If we talk about the media job aspirants, then the number would reach the millions. But how many of them get successful in acquiring the job and how many of them get successful in becoming the media personality? Very few! Don’t let this ‘very few’ disappoint you. Develop the skills that make you stand out in the crowd. Watch the top media people closely and observe how they engage the audience. Why people love Arnab saying ‘the nation wants to know’ and why they admire Rajat Sharma for exceptional interviewing skills? Explore your signature style.

Distinguish the difference between ‘story reader’ and ‘storyteller’

Why do people engage more with a news programme that creates sensation and drama, rather than watching a regular news bulletin? The answer is simple – now they want a storyteller, not a news reader. Are you good at sensationalizing an incident like a story? If yes, then you have taken the right path as media welcomes people with great storytelling skills.

Become the ocean of general knowledge

Shake hand with the newspapers and news channels to remain updated with latest worldwide happenings. You need to develop a news encyclopaedia within you to secure a job with a prestigious news channel. Irrespective of the fact that you are interested in sports or fashion, you will have to gain adequate knowledge in every field to become a versatile media person.

Wrapping up now

The strength of a building lies within its foundation and your college acts as a foundation of your Career in mass Communication. Experience of the faculty members, facilities in the college, emphasis on practical training, etc. are few of the aspects that need to be pondered if you are seeking for a mass communication college. Jimmy Dean once said, “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Don’t be afraid of the stiff competition in the media industry, but always keep on preparing yourself to rule as a media personality.